#UNRIG Video (20:20) Harry Vox from Brooklyn: Deep State Has Won, Israel Rules America

Interviews BY Robert

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His original talking points are below the fold.

1) Our “special Relationship” with Israel and all the US military and Intelligence top brass who “service” that special relationship. 
My Points will be:
a. Are these top brass so numb that they cannot read the many documented facts of history like the USS Liberty incident, or the many thousands of reports and studies documenting Israel’s long history of spying and stealing US military technology and now computer technology? (Raytheon “ partnership lead to our military secrets now in teh possession of Israel) (Intel partnership led to teh chip having so many backdoors that there’s not enough room left for the chip) If these top brass cannot read about recent history we need to direct them to the many videos and ask them what exactly is the purpose of the special relationship?
b. Our special relationship serves no function and it has not served any functions for decades. The oil paradigm has shifted and the locus of power has shifted long ago to the Asia Pacific China region. The Middle East is nothing more than an ugly expensive vestigial quagmire where is little to no strategic benefit.
c. We need to force these people to disclose how much money they are getting, we need to demand they register as foreign agents , we need to shame them. And we need to revoke their citizenship and request that they move to Israel.
d. While we service our Israeli “Special Relationship” no other nation has a similar PARASITIC entity attached to its body sucking the blood out of it so this will mean the collapse of the US economy which I claim is intended because the assets have already mostly been stripped, there’s not much more to steal and that is why Israeli Intelligence is going after the last of our surviving industries “military technology” to steal that and then broker that technology to their Chines partners, because Israel is selling our secrets to their new partner – China.
e. And we see story after story in teh Israeli press asking teh question, “Do we really need the USA any more?” There are too many voices in Israel betting on their role as the tech leader with their Chinese partner making the hardware for the Israeli tech (that they stole from the US) mostly surveillance and control technology. Essentially Israel is planing on building a panopticon for us all with their software and intellectual ownership of the technology and with China building the hardware for this human prison.
2) The Israeli Intelligence control of the “security” of the infrastructure of the US power grid, intelligence and military computer systems, water supply, internet.
My points on this topic will be twofold;
a. The products and services of Israeli Unit 8200 military intelligence who brag about the leading the way in technology would not exist if subjected to market choices – they only exist and every penny comes from Israel’s ability to bribe US politicians to engage in contracts to funnel US taxpayer money to these tech companies for their “services” but left to a free market there is nothing that Israeli Tech produces that is useful.
b. Its treasonous that our political class has sold us out to a foreign adversary. We need to have only American companies, staffed with persons who have demonstrated responsibility and loyalty to America. There need to be some indication that we don’t have moles, agents, foreign assets or people with questionable ideological loyalties in charge of teh vital infrastructure – maybe some sort of regulation to assure that no foreign countries, interests, assets or agents have made their way into our infrastructural security.
3) The Virus and Vaccines appear to have specifically designed to possess this ANTIBODY DEPENDENT MECHANISM – Which I have called a “Back Door”
a. Reports that this rushed vaccine testing has entirely left out known tests which would show this mechanism.
b. The Italian death count was particularly high because of this “Back Door” as a result of using dog viruses to create the vaccine
c. Flu shots in conjunction amplify this back door effect
d. The “Mutation” narrative also plays into this plan because mutations or variants specifically are known to exploit this back door mechanism
4) Blackout will be blamed on Iran and Russian will be responsible for us not recovering.
a. Klaus Schwab and many many others are telling us that we will be in the dark not for days but months. Schwab and the Israeli Companies who attended the WEF cyber pandemic conference are telling us to expect hackers to shut America down for months.
b. This scenario cannot occur unless Israeli intelligence with the help of US intelligence stages explosions and fires at power stations and so when that power goes down, those who have access to teh few remaining allowed channels of communication all of which will contain only establishment approved messages will show images of transformer at power grids on fire, exploding. There needs to be a visual component so the soccer moms and Karens gan be convinces its all true, those evil Russians.

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