Charlie Ward: Biden and Pence Down, JFK Jr. as VP?

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Alert Reader summarizes:

At minute 17, Pence stepped down from VP yesterday, according to Charlie Ward. I tested this and it test true for now. There was definitely a deal made.

That means the January 6th will be quite a show with Pence putting Trump in the driver’s seat before he supposedly dies on before January 20th from vaccine complications even though the syringe was empty and the needle supposedly went wide of his arm. Then Charlie goes off the deep end and suggests that JFK, Jr. is going to be VP instead of SOS Pompeo, who you know is dirty too. This is something you predicted a while back as possible.

Biden is supposed to step down, die from COVID 19, for health reasons.  Biden has had a GPS on him for quite a while now and I wondered when something like this was going to be pulled. This may not matter if Trump is holding 9 aces.

We live in interesting times and anything is possible.

The next week is going to be a wild ride, for sure.

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