Martin Geddes: Observation on US Military, “President Biden,” & The Final Triumph

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

You asked me to comment on the Joint Chiefs of Staff letter and the possibility that Biden might actually be inaugurated in some fashion.  This is what I have  to say about that:

The “President Biden Show” is going to be laid on by the military.

We really are watching a movie. Little is real, although there is genuine destruction and damage to people and assets.

Those who accepted the fraud have to be shown the consequences. There has to be chaos. They have to confront the ire of the majority who had their choice usurped. They have to be shown to be fools, as heinous crimes by those they “elected” are exposed. Everyone has to see that a Bolshevik revolution has begun and is real and undesirable.

Only under a “President Biden” can the military do what it needs to with the optics necessary. The hardcore authoritarianism and contrast to Trump will awaken those who casually swallowed the propaganda, and can be used as a cover to move military around and do the mass arrest job.

Then we will be brought back from the brink, and unity can begin to occur under the rest of the 4 year Trump admin. But he will have been in command all the time.

Trump is a super-genius. Maybe even an ultra-genius. Greatest military strategist in all of history.

It will be a different world by April/May.

Martin Geddis is the author of the ten-essay series on Q, and of Open Your Mind Change: A Guidebook to the Great Awakening.

ROBERT STEELE: I see this as follows:

First, Martin is for me the highest authority, along with Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Juan O. Savin (P), and Patrick Byrne, followed by Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes and X22 and SGT Report and a few others including Amazing Polly, all being actively shadow-banned as am I.

Second, I embrace the notion that President Trump is using the final hour to completely flush all traitors including the one third or so of our senior military officers, and the balance of the GOP Quislings like Karl Rove.

Third, it is entirely possible the  JCS Memorandum is disinformation. The fourth star for Charlie Flynn, who is likely to become Chief of Staff of the Army, and SOF reporting directly to Acting SecDef, tell me Trump has the military in hand. Reading the Memorandum carefully, it can be read both ways, see for instance:

As Service Members, we must embody the values and ideals of the Nation. We support and defend the Constitution. Any act to disrupt the Constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values, and oath; it is against the law.

Fourth, there is cosmic level trolling going on — and also cosmic positivity. Charlie, Simon, and I have all fallen prey to misinformation at the same time that there is also clearly something going on with Space Force and with stellar civilization that is bigger than the cabal can handle, I will be doing a corrective post and video later today.


Afterthought: very few, even those who support the President for his patriotic commitment to restoring faith, family, and freedom, “get” the genius part. I like to share the below quote from Jack Welsh, as evidence that unlike all prior Presidents after Andrew Jackson, our President is not a politician, but a businessman grounded in reality:

“They can say what they want about him, but I don’t know if any president has been more prepared to sit in that room and talk business. It was like talking to a peer, not a politician. Hell of a meeting.”


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