Pastor Brown: Did We Idolize Donald Trump & Lose God’s Blessing?

Cultural Intelligence

There is something to this but I and my flock continue to believe that Donald Trump has been and will continue to act toward empowering the public by restoring the Constitution and the Republic.

The Dark Pool Anointing: Prophesying by the Light of Idols

Response to the Prophetic Debacle over the 2020 Trump Election Defeat

We must look rather at the setting of the heart. And if the setting of the heart reveals idols throughout the prophetic flow, if the heart is set on a man, a nation, a country and a culture, then you know what you are looking at. You know what you are hearing. You are hearing illusion, and if persisted in, becomes Spirit-filled delusion. (For more on this, see my article “The Holy Spirit of Delusion”).

God is in process of replacing America as we know it—it’s banking systems, its legal systems and its cushy church systems (to which the prophets themselves are all anchored to the hilt). These are just a couple examples.

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