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Pedophilia & Empire:
Satan, Sodomy, and The Deep State

The free online, Kindle, Print series rocking the world!

About the Author

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. After his military experience he earned a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health industry for over 25 years, inclusive of work with children. In recent years he has been an active investigative journalist.

Free Website

The website, offers all chapters free online in full-text that is translatable and readable in many languages using the translation widget. Also at the website are related videos and a TAG CLOUD that shows every person and institution named to date. The top mentions to date are 40 Mossad; 40 Epstein; 39 Lucifer; 36 Maxwell; 35 Catholic Church; 35 Wexner; 34 Cheney; 33 Satan; 32 Illuminati; 32 Freemasons; 29 Israel; 28 Knights of Malta; 27 Jesuits; 26 Zionism; 26 Rothschild; 26 BBC; 25 Hollywood; 22 Rockefeller; 22 Bush; 20 MK-ULTRA; 20 Britain; 17 Greater Israel Project [numbers indicate unique chapters where they appear, actual word count appearance are vastly higher].

Print Books

The books “took off” when Lin Wood made specific reference to Satanic Pedophilia as a core aspect of the Deep State that President Donald Trump is dismantling, and we published Book 4 on North America. Below are the sub-titles for each of the five books. Book 5 is for February. Amazon Links Embedded:

BOOK 1: A Quarter Million Millenia of Human Enslavement, Child Rape and Blood Sacrifice from Antiquity to the Modern Catholic Church

BOOK 2: The United Kingdom – The World’s Pedophilia Epicenter

BOOK 3: The Rothschild Illuminati Bloodline and Ties to More British Scandals

BOOK 4: North America’s Shameful Pedophilia Scandals Like Never Before

BOOK 5: Pedophilia Around the World including Australia, Central Asia, Europe, & The Middle East

Wake up, America!

Hold Congress Accountable for NOT Protecting OUR CHILDREN!


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