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Robert has a conflict and needs to be in DC Saturday. To allow for a relaxed full webinar, it will  take place today starting at noon Eastern time TODAY (Friday), for 90 Minutes and will be viewable in archive thereafter. Beginning next week, ONE question per person per week and NO questions on investments, personal problems, or anything answered already — search PBI first please.

Questions to be answered below the fold. 30 minutes chat interactive after.

(P) Savin This isn't worth taking time on the call. I'm curious why the (P) after Juan O Savin? I've searched the site and can't find an explanation. Thanks.
12th Amendment Since the 12th Amendment requires any VP candidate to meet the same qualifications as a presidential candidate – viz father a natural-born US resident, per the foundational English Natural Law definition – why haven't any of our legal gurus challenged the issue? Just because Obama got by with it doesn't make it Constitutional by illegal precedent.

The degree of historically-illegal tradition established in American govt. dashes all hopes of patriotic corrections here in Trump's final week.

20th No Show Trump Robert – Trump has reportedly tweeted the following at 10:44 this morning – “For those of you who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 2oth”. What do you think this means? That the Inauguration will be delayed until a later date? Something else? I thought his Twitter account had been suspended.
20th Scenarios PLEASE explain in the highest detail you can, on how we went from Trump will expose it all and Biden will NEVER be president, to Biden will be president but we will win it back in 30-45 days! This will be shattering for many many people.
5G Robert , what are we to do about keeping ourselves and loved ones safe from this 5G rollout?
Alamo Remarks Robert – if the short 2:40 video I just watched of Trump's remarks at the border wall is real, what do you make of his reference to the Biden Administration? I was very surprised to hear this seeming acceptance of the steal
Arrests w/o Protest? if many prominent and high level people have been arrested and removed why isnt their circle of people being vocal about the disappearing act? wouldnt people vanished go viral and the rest of us would hear about it?
Awakening Primer Would you suggest a one through ten list/suggestion for a primer on the sort of global awakening (satanic pedophelia, banks, alien disclosure, …all of it) in terms of a best reading list or set of video archives?  I guess am looking for the roadmap to more quickly grow out of my newbie pants on the great breadth of topics and information. Would you recommend a beginners guide for dummies??
BigTech So many things you predicted about censorship of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, came true in Janu ary. Could you please name some of the online news sites and social medias that we can switch to?
(Thank goodness for alternative open sources!)
Capitol Crisis Actors Have you seen the Parler post from Lin wood this morning where he shows the shooting of the young woman in slow motion? Wood is suggesting this was entirely staged and the woman is alive and well.  ***NOTE****  I know someone who personally knew this woman
Civilization I ask you to give us a broad description of the relationship that has existed and exists between human civilization and extraterrestrial civilizations with all its consequences, and how it will change.
Congress No Grants Since the Const. prohibits grants (giving away the people's money to anyone for any purpose at any time) it seems a logical move for a finance-minded President to cut off all grants to all recipients, beginning with the UN. Since most grants are funded un-Constitutionally by our US Congress, the President should cancel all grants on Constitutional grounds.

I have composed a 2 pg article “A Redeclaration of Independence” which lists the blatant corrections needed to restore our Founders' intent. If you would like a copy, I would need an email address.

DC AG Moron District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine has declared that he is considering arresting President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks with inciting the “violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol,” do you expect such arrests by DC police could be “imminent” or not?
Dueling Computers If we Patriots and followers of you, Ward and Parkes Et Al are hearing all of your great intel about what the white hats have planned then, aren’t you concerned that the black hats are undoubtedly listening to you as well, and that they are using your info to try to stay one step ahead of the good guys?
Freemasons If, as suggested, subversive Masons on both sides of the Atlantic set up America to simply be a colony of GB then where do the founding fathers who crafted the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution fit into this plot and how should we view them in historically?
Giuliani to Prison? Shouldn't Rudy Giuliani be in prison instead of on the president Trumps staff ? When I was reading in the fourth pedophilia book , I had to do a double take . Am I reading this wrong ? I have read it several times to make sure I was reading it right. He has always creeped me out before I read this.
IG Process I have been a Civ employee in a DoD intel agency, who do I trust to talk about shenanigans within? I think some of my colleagues may have been in league with DS and still there.
Interregium During this interregium period, will Donald Trump remain in the White House as our president?
Interview Would you be available for a 1-hour video (Zoom) interview and Q&A on Thursday, Jan. 28th, 6:00 PM MT? The website is If the answer is “no”, would you please email me at so I don't continue to reach out. Thanks in advance. – John Seville
Iran Please explain the US-Iran-Israel connection/relationships (or lack thereof).

Given that the establishment in Israel (the Zionists, Mosad etc.) is part of the Cabal, how/why is it that Obama (Deep State) gave money to Iran while Israel is seemingly so anti-Iran?

Jerusalem Why did POTUS move the US Embassy to Jerusalem? How does that support his anti-Cabal crusade? Is that playing a role in current events?
Joint Chiefs Letter Robert – have you seen the supposed letter Jim Stone has posted from the Joint Chiefs that acknowledges Biden will be inaugurated on the 20th? What do you make of this?
MedBeds What is the technology of the medbeds, frequency/resonance etc? Who makes them?
Military-Biden Is the Military going to support Biden
Q PSYOP? Is it possible Q and all this about the military intelligence saving us from all the evil — is really only a psyop to control the true patriots and keep us from organizing effective resistance? I want to believe, but nothing ever really happens. Now wait till March or April??
Sheriffs Are these two concepts actually the same thing but just confusing terminology? Why hasn't President Trump or Q told the public to join a militia via the county sheriff? Does Sheriff Mack have any idea why that hasn't happened? Maybe Lynn Wood or Sidney Powell could do that.
Why hasn't Sheriff Mack posted your interview with him on CSPOA website?
BTW when I search for CSPOA the site that comes up , the menu does not open but when I use the link you provided, the menu does open
Trump Conceding Is Trump conceding? if so we are screwed. We will never again have a conservative elected.

I thought he had more guts than to surrender our country to the evil we see. Has he been comprised.

Vatican My understanding is that Vatican is a principality of its own, with its own police, accountable to NO country and no laws of any exterior country. We hear and read of “the pope's arrest” and whatnot. It sounds like dis-mis-information for dummy and dummies swallow it. Your take on it, please.
Web 3.0 Can't we ditch annoying “Sheeple” Social Media and communicate directly by text and e-mail? I know it can work as there is constant requests for $'s on both.





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