Stephen E. Arnold: Google Misses Opportunities?

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Why Google Misses Opportunities: A Report Delivered by the Tweeter Thing

Here’s a Twitter thread from a Xoogler who appears to combine the best of the thumb typer generation with the bittersweet recognition of Google’s defective DNA. In the thread, the Xoogler allegedly a real person named Hemant Mohapatra reveals some nuggets about the high school science club approach to business on steroids; for example:   . . .

Did the Xoogler take some learnings from the Google experience? Sure did. Here’s the key tweeter thing message:

My google exp reinforced a few learnings for me: (1) consumers buy products; enterprises buy platforms. (2) distribution advantages overtake product / tech advantages and (3) companies that reach PMF & then under-invest in S&M risk staying niche players or worse: get taken down.

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