Stephen E. Arnold: SolarWinds – Virtual Rats Carrying Virtual Fleas

IO Impotency

SolarWinds Are Gusting and Blowing Hard

In considering some of the “odd” organizations compromised by SolarWinds, there are three reasons for why they might have been targeted:

  • A launch pad for secondary attacks. The idea is that the original compromise was like a rat carrying fleas infected with the bubonic plague (arguably more problematic than the Rona)

  • A mechanism for placing malicious code on the computing devices of administrators, instructors, and students. As these individuals thumb typed away, these high trust individuals were infecting others in their social circle. If the infections were activated, downloads of tertiary malware could take place.
  • Institutions like these would connect to other networks. Malware could be placed in server nodes serving other institutions; for example, big outfits like Rogers Communications, a government ministry or two, and possibly the cloud customers of the beloved Rogers as well as BCE (Bell Canada’s parent) and Telus.

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