Steven Vervaeke: Ecosystem Review Relevant to Web 3.0 Fediverse Development

Autonomous Internet

Ecosystem Review January 2021


This overview of the decentralized social ecosystem is structured by protocols, applications, and topics. The protocols and applications sections contain summaries of existing projects.

• ActivityPub
• Hypercore Protocol (Dat)
• Matrix
• Peergos
• Solid

• Aether
• Blockchain social networks
• Diaspora
• Mastodon
• SSB social networks

The topics section compares how decentralized protocols handle key topics and includes relevant projects not covered elsewhere.

• Data
o Data models
o Mutability
• Discovery
o Curation
o Search
• Governance
o Overview of existing models
• Identity
o Decentralized identity
o In federated applications
o In P2P applications
o Blockchain identity systems
o DIDs
o Key management
o Reputation and trust
o Failure modes
o Sybils and spam
o Impersonation
• Moderation
o Community-based
o User-driven
o Experimental
• Monetization & Business Models
o Application level
o Provider level
o Protocol level
• Network structure
o Federated networks
o Passing messages between systems
o Replicating data between systems
o P2P networks
o Hybrid
• Privacy
o User metadata
o Private accounts
o Direct messages

Written by Jay Graber (@arcalinea)
Contributions from:
• Andre Staltz (@andrestaltz)
• Burak Nehbit (@nehbit)
• Christopher Lemmer Webber (@dustyweb)
• Danny Zuckerman (@dazuck)
• Eugen Rochko (
• Golda Velez (@gvelez17)
• Ian Preston (@Ianopolous)
• Jeromy Johnson (@whyrusleeping)
• Molly Mackinlay (@momack28)
• Matthew Hodgson (@ara4n)
• Mark Nadal (@marknadal)
• Paul Frazee (@pfrazee)
• Rahul Kothari (@BlockchainRahul)
• Sarven Capadisli (@csarven)

PDF (61 Pages): 202101 Ecosystem Review

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