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17th Amendment If as you have previously asserted the 17th amendment wasn't actually fully ratified, wouldn't a Presidential announcement of same light a fire under those Republican state representatives/senators as they consider the implications for the importance of their legislative body? Maybe they would see a reason to certify Trump electors (which they should have already anyway!)

5G 5G has been installed nationwide, something that needed our government from the local to the county to the state and federal levels to be complicit and cooperative. Are all of these people bribed or blackmailed? How do you explain this?

6 January False Flag I love the idea of a million Patriots arriving in DC on January 5-6th. I am worried though, that the deep state could do a false flag event and wipe out many of our devoted patriots in on full swoop.
Are these people at high risk if they go?

Alex Jones Is Alex Jones a White Hat or a Black Hat? Is he a CIA shill?
Bearden As you might be aware, Tom Bearden is getting up there in age, now 90. Do you think it might be worthwhile to interview him regarding your open-source ideas? He might well have ideas of his own that are worth capturing.
Ben Fulford I also subscribe to Benjamin Fulford's newsletter. Q. Do you follow his newsletter also? If yes, what stands out to you.

Ben Fulford Robert – for the second time, Fulford speaks of this supposed Swiss based Octagon Group in this week's report, going so far as to say the entire Covid operation is run by it. Are you familiar with this group? He also says a massive National Guard operation is currently underway. Can you corroborate that?

Brainwashing/Masks Hi Robert! I am an active duty Army LTC/O5, and even though I love my coworkers, I struggle with the amount of covid brainwashing and their complete lack of awareness on everything going on that’s not reported on MSM. As much as they frustrate me, I still try to wake people up on a weekly basis. I’m an eternal optimist!! My question for you- Do you have any idea when DoD will get the ok to take off masks and move past the covid nonsense? It would be great to do so before POTUS declares martial law! Any insight or predictions you’re hearing would be greatly appreciated!

Cabal Series Have you watched “The Fall Cabal Series by Janet Ossebaard”? If so what are your thoughts regarding the Material presented. Fall Cabal 10 part series, Covid-19 4 part series, The Sequel to Fall Cabal will be 10 parts, currently 6 published.

Chem Trails I am a fairly new follower. Q; I am still deeply concerned with how the deepstate & military, if it’s them,( Boeing,Lockheed Martin) I believe are bought & paid for. I live in Ga. and have watched the trails triple in our sky’s along with the boats with their dumps of poisons. Destroying our health, natural weather, affecting animals, vegetation etc. AI is even there with nano particles. People will show signs of disease that work with 5g because of the dirty energy and toxic metals. Why do they continue and how long before Trump puts an end to this extreme long term damage.

Civil War After Election Results of Jan 6, 2021, what kind of Disruptions, Chaos, War, [even foreign invasion] should people prepare for?

Civil War If Trump FAILS to exercise his military options, do you expect “American Patriots” may be forced to defend our Constitutional Republic, instead?

Corporations Huge, stateless corporations are the fascism ruling the world but we do not discuss them. Why are we focused on corrupt media and politicians and not the giants that own and control them? How can POTUS deal with these puppetmasters?

Democratic Cheating Why were the democrats so blatant and in your face with the massive cheating? Not organized?

Disappointment Why is it all the things that were said nothing has transpired! I am so confused you said Trump would speak on xmass what happened? you also, said he would be speaking on the Dec 26th what's going on? how can anyone have any kind of hope if nothing is show any signs of change. this is a let down! we all want to support the cause but where is some tangible information

Disappointment What happened? I thought Trump was going to talk to the America?

Giulliani Has Rudy G. (of 9/11 involvement) cut a deal with President Trump? Has he now become a White Hat (and done penance for his 9/11 role)? Can he be trusted?

Inflation How much inflation can we expect if $100.000,000.000,000 is dumped into circulation? Especially with our national production in freefall decline due to Covid 19 and that traitor Fauci?

Insurrection Act I'm afraid that Trump is wasting precious time by not having invoked the Insurrection Act by now. The deep state is swarming our country like an army of killer ants, in the sense that said ants are gaining momentum in our government, federal, state, and local. What can be done to get Trump to take military action to deal with the deep state? If he won't listen to General Flynn or Sydney Powell, for instance, who will he listen to? I'm so afraid he's going to lose too many battles to be able to win the war!

Insurrection Act did “they” slime in some restrictions to the issurect' act in one of the last two Bills? I heard rumors.

Military Powers Do you expect Trump will exercise any of his Military powers BEFORE Jan 20, 2021?

Military Powers Do you think rules of evidence in military justice allow NSA data?

Military Powers If Trump is being gaslighted and isolated, shouldn't the Secret Service and.or the Marines break through and form an inner protective barrier?

Moon & Mars Am I correct in remembering that you made a statement asserting humans are living on Mars? Please explain how this can happen. Sources? Are we on the moon? Did we travel to the moon as portrayed in the 60's? Were any portions of the moon landings ‘staged'?

Nashville Was the Nashville Car Bomb a Deep State attack and if so, will this development impact POTUS strategy?

Nashville Why would the Nashville police ask the F B I to investigate the explosion at the A T and T building where the voting machines were being collected. Trump needs honest and loyal persons examining those to determine if they were programmed to favor the opposition. Are These feds to be trusted?

Pence How can Pence, of dubious character, be trusted to play a positive role in the Senate when the electoral vote count issue comes up?
Pence On Jan 6, 2021, do you expect VP Pence to accept electoral votes [based on Fraud for Biden] in violation of VP Pence's Oath of Office?

Pieczenik Can you contact Dr. Steve Pieczenik and get an interview with him? He seems to know a lot about what is going on behind the scenes in Washington.

Pork for Foreigners Do the deep state politicians and Illuminati creeps skim the $ that go to foreign countries via Stimulus acts and foreign aid legislation? If so, how does that work? Thank you for all you do RDS!!!

Powell Is it fake news that Sidney Powell is NOT to be Special Counsel or is POTUS making a mistake or is he playing some trick on the opposition?
Public Access I will gladly continue subscription. But for the sake of making more truth available, is it feasible to release your spy improves and steele reports for and towards educating public further during this crisis time?

Religions & Darkness In reference to your book Sodomy and the Deep State, I'd like to know if Trump's team will consider a constitutional amendment regarding religious practices. Under your constitution people can practice any religion but it gives licence for people who use child sacrifice in their religious rituals to do so in America under section 2 of the constitution – until it is amended to say otherwise. It also allows for the sacrifice of animals in religious rituals. Animals that feel pain. An example is stating a puppy to evoke a dark entity. These darker religions are getting away with a lot of bad things because the constitution as it is right now, gives them protections. Is this something that you could mention to General Michael Flynn so he can convey these concerns to President Trump? Would you be kind enough to touch on those examples that I have just mentioned? Thank you.

Seattle Can you tell us more about the Foiled False Flag Attack on Seattle that Juan O Sauvin mentioned? He talked about this in his last interview but it was stalled or jammed and did not work.

Servers Did the server raid in Germany really happen and if so does the Military have the servers and when will this information be made public?

Sheriffs I would like your thoughts on the concept of our allied Sheriffs taking ownership of all Real Estate liens within his entire county, and titles owned by any bank, and to prevent any foreclosure on such liens to any bank subsidiary to any Central Bank. This should strip oligarchs of power on a sufficient scale.

Social Media With DJT's Speech on Social Media to our Citizens the night of Dec. 26, is this his notice he is about to set upon the “Hessians”?

Stock Market What do you suggest to individual investors who have substantial stock holdings to do in light of all of the current and future instability? Hold or Sell?

Trump Path Robert, I love your #UNRIGGED and Open Source ideas but don't see how they can come to fruition unless the current corruption is ferreted out first. If the electoral college votes for Biden on Jan 6th, do you still see a path for Trump to become President? If so, could you share your thoughts on how this would transpire along with a possible timeframe.

UK Enemy AIM4TRUTH.ORG provides significant evidence that show the British-American Pilgrim Society are trying to destroy America using China as a proxie. AIM4TRUTH.ORG has multiple years of evidence collected and made available to the public to prove their claims. Have you spoke with them?

UK Enemy RDS, can you point me to references about how America is probably a covert British colony? I have no problem believing it, but so far the hardest evidence I can find is interpreting the Paris Treaty through a law dictionary.

UK Pilgrims Society Since you seem to agree that the Pilgrims Society is the real instigator, BLM rank and file need to understand that Soros is Pilgrims and is funding them. The original Pilgrims members were notorious families associated with enslavement of populations, bankers, opium merchants etc. and this might be a wake up call. An inexpensive publicity campaign needs to be devised to educate them. Perhaps your friend Cynthia McKinney could approach the Black Reparations peopke about this? Banners at BLM events? Small planes with banners over their events might get their curiosity? Aim4truth has best write ups on Pilgrims and might work with McKinney?
USS Liberty Do you know the history of the USS Liberty? Can you confirm that LBJ was ready to nuke Cairo until they word came down that the Liberty was still afloat?

Vaccine Any idea why Trump is PUSHING rather than stopping apparant vaccine genocide of US citizens?

WH Chief of Staff Is the White House Chief of Staff a Black Hat and if so why doesn’t POTUS fire him? Why can’t POTUS find honest and loyal staff? After all, there are so many Patriots in the USA.

Zionists Please explain who are the zionists in Israel that you are referring to as cabal, sine there is a semantic misunderstanding about Zionists. Many Israelis like me support Trump with all our Heart and are praying for the Fall of the Rothchilds and their friends… but we call ourself Zionists because we support the existence of Israel. Also we live here with Palestinians that are our Doctors and nurses and sellers in stores etc, so the genocide that you describe is hidden from us here. Many on both side wish for peace.

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