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6 January 2021 SOF Was 6 January an Antifa false flag or a SOF false flag? What really happened? Did the woman really die? Did media announce breach before it happened? President’s reaction?

6 January 2021 Robert, the question needing an answer is this: “who paid the hoodlums to disrupt this peaceful protest?”

20 January 2021 If President Trump is not inaugurated on January 20th, what would stop Nancy Pelosi from taking over as interim president?

21 January 2021 Who do you expect the occupant of the White House to be on Jan 21, 2021?

APT Tax If the transactional tax goes upward from the local level, does it replace sales and property taxes?

Armstrong Are there any plans to periodically feature further updates of the Armstrong conferences, although the last report was vey rich in content?

Biden If Biden is playing his role, when will he concede vs head to Gitmo
Books How and where can I order this book? And what is the price?

Concession Has our president shit in his nest? Why was his speech all about him instead of America? Where are you on this night when we need answers?

Concession Robert – I just read a report that Trump is conceding, is this accurate? Have we all been had? It’s beginning to look like Trump was the one playing his part in this Wrestlemania drama. I feel like my guts have been ripped out.

Cosmos Do you hold any suspicion that the generally-accepted view of the universe is false and perpetuated to eliminate the need for God? Is the earth a spinning globe? Any notion that this may not be true and, in fact, the earth might be still?

Declassification Q stated that declassification will destroy the democrat party. Do you expect this to occur in the next 10 days? How many republican traitors do you foresee joining them?

Demonic Possession There are Jewish stories of demonic possession. Zuckerberg is the first I have seen. Debunk. Pence could not possibly be stupid enough to cross Trump. His acting is polished. Maybe 60% on this.

DT. Feeling and humanity are unexpected in a rich dude. A real Christian.
Electoral Reform Do you think the time is right to make Electoral Reform a major NEW party coming out issue? We at the Common Sense Party in California, a party in-formation are wondering and I would like to get your opinion and discuss.

ETs Thanks for your wonderful work. It appears “benevolent” ET’s now in orbit around Earth observe our challenges. Most ET’s prefer a Trump win. Question: Is it possible to engage in immediate discussions with ETs?

Final Act Robert, how can we believe that the white hats are in control and we are watching wrestle mania and that many in the DS are cooperating, but we see Pelosi win the Speakership, and the DS win in GA? Please explain it better than Juan did. Is it to enrage us more? Warm up the engines like Juan said?

Foreign Interference Why all the talk (Sydney Power, Congressmen and Senator’s) about Foreign meddling in the Election and ZERO mention of the Fraud….called the DNC and their lackeys? The MEDIA, the TECH Companies? They did just as much Meddling if NOT MORE. When, if ever, will they be taken down and whipped like they should be? Thanks for all the great work you do.

Future As someone actively involved in defending my country also (Singapore) I am keen to find resources I can access that can help me understand the magnitude of the task ahead and hear any advice you may be able to give. Thank you for all you do.

Haspel Is Gina Haspel dead or alive? In israel with Braverman and Epstein? Not interested about Braverman or Epstein, never directly supported by my taxes, but Haspel was on MY direct payroll.

Insurrection Act According to Joanna Martin’s video, and I agree FWIW, DJT will lose w/o the imposition of the Insurrection Act. Your thoughts?

Italy / Vatican Robert – I feel a little better after watching Simon Parkes’ new video posted this morning. What are your sources telling you about the Leonardi satellites run out of Italy and controlled by the Vatican that were used to steal the election?

Kim Goguen and Tank (of Life Force) seem to be getting very high level intel. Do you know if they are real?

Lee Wanta I read your info on Lee Wanta. Has anything further materialised with regard to the $27.5 trillion accumulated during Ronald Reagan’s presidency?

Live vs Archived Is this only available live, or is a copy also available to watch?

Mark Levin What’s with Mark Levin? He’s over the top pro-Israel and hates the NY Times for their having “covered up” the holocaust. Also, he doesn’t want to hear any “inside job” talk about 9/11 even from the President. Is he a gate keeper like his radio mentor Rush Limbaugh to ultimately protect the Bush/Cheney crime family cabal?

Mercers Please talk about the Mercers, who they are, what their orientations are, the source of their money and power, etc.

Muslim Patriots Do you agree the time has come for more Muslim activists to come forward and join Patriots you interviewed to show the real heart of the American people to live in peace and fellow good hearted Muslim Activists to declare Abrahamic Accords and that the Deep State made the West Evil and played both sides people’s of against each each other and Unrigging the USA will reverse that and show real will & love of the great American people?

Nashville If knowledgeable reports are true, and Nashville was attacked by a CIA MQ9 Reaper drone, then we absolutely must know where the drone was launched. Why haven’t airborne forces captured the airfield, and arrested the instigators? Also, how did our Space Force Command fail to recognize a hostile aircraft?

NESARA I suspect Trump as a businessman intends to confiscate their real estate on corruption or other grounds. NESARA requires balanced books.

Next Week What we are going to wake up at tomorrow morning?

Pelosi If the white hats have all the NSA data and this is a wrestle mania drama and folks like Pelosi are wearing ankle bracelets, why in the world would they allow her to be re-elected as Speaker?

Pence I would be willing to believe Pence values the opportunity of continued sodomy over his life except that the whole thing looks so scripted. He is too high level and in the loop to be acting childish. We will see who gets executed. Trump’s reverses are unnaturally perfect.

Pence If Mike Pence were to vacate his office before 1/6/21, how would that affect the electoral process?

Pence, Doubles Assuming most of the Deep State bad actors have been arrested or executed in the last 18 months, who is now in control of their replacement doubles/ clones? And in particular, VP Pence?

Schofield Bible What is wrong with the Schofield Bible.? Why don’t you like it? I can’t find a Christian scholar to disparage it. Does it deny Christ somehow?

Singapore I have a little gold stored in Singapore but I learned the government is very authoritarian should I be worried about any economic ties to the Chinese CCP or Singaporean government confiscation risk?

Trump’s Comments After Trump’s stupid comment that was recorded last Sunday I don’t believe he will become president again. The question is do you consider yourself safe from being blackballed by the Biden administration?
Truth We understand we get so little high-level truth so as not to reveal the truth to idiots or traitors but… Are we on our own? Or is there another truth?
White Hat Military Is there a White Hat Mil. Intel. Backing/supporting POTUS? (or) is this just BS to keep us believing in the Patriot movement?

Zionists Please explain who are the Zionists in Israel that you are referring to as cabal, since there is a semantic misunderstanding about Zionists. Many Israelis like me support Trump with all our Heart and are praying for the Fall of the Rothchilds and their friends… but we call ourself Zionists because we support the existence of Israel. Also we live here with Palestinians that are our Doctors and nurses and sellers in stores etc, so the genocide that you describe is hidden from us here. Many on both side wish for peace.

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