4 Movies Opening Minds — Update 26 Feb

#Movies by EIN

Four movie documentaries

  1. Lucifer & His Cult — How 1% Have Controlled & Looted the 99% (https://phibetaiota.net)
  2. #UNRIG Elections  (https://unrig.net)
  3. Wall Street Treason & Crime (http://wall-street-crime.org)
  4. Satanic Empire (http://satanicempire.org)

  • 12 raw interviews for each of the three main movies, loaded daily as done;
  • 3 editors harvesting bits and creating story boards toward March-April release
  • Overview movie — a conversation for release by 1 March
  • Sean Stone son of Oliver Stone is the overall executive director and lead for PedoEmpire; Cynthia McKinney is lead for Election Fraud & Reform; Robert Steele is lead for Wall Street Treason and Crime; and Sacha Stone is lead for Lucifer & His Cult.

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Anyone donating $1000 to https://paypal.me/EarthIntel will receive on screen credit for the movie of their choice (Election Fraud, Wall Street Crime, or PedoEmpire). Checks can be mailed made out to EIN to Robert David Steele, 11005 Langton Arms Court, Oakton VA 22124.  Donations are  not refundable because every penny goes out the door as received, I am paying interviewers and editors in advance as part of the deal (people are jumping through hoops on a no notice basis with tight deadline). I am not going to offer $1000 screen credits on the overview movie but those that have donated $3K will automatically be given screen credit on the overview movie.

IRS Letter: EIN IRS 501c3 Letter. Donations are deductible for US taxpayers.

CHANGE: Detailed movie plans at their respective websites. Donor list will remain here at bottom after updates.  To see new RAW videos either visit https://tinyurl.com/BitChute-UNRIG or go to the specialty site. We are also doing transcripts so you can rapidly read the transcript and go to specific sections of each video if you wish. The transcripts are helpful to the editors in rapidly selecting 30 second bits to line up for the final narrative.

FRI 20210226 An investor has confirmed $100K for the Wall Street movie and is trying to get two buddies to agree to match him for $300K.  Sean Stone has agreed to take on Peter Antico and be responsible for both  Satanic Empire and Wall Street Treason & Crime — remember that Sean Stone’s father Oliver Stone did two huge movies on Wall Street which gives Sean Stone both access and cachet. I have  committed $20K to Sacha Stone for heroic team that is filming the conversation today and editing it over the week-end with inserts, so as to publish by 1 or at lastest 2 March.  I just got off the telephone with Juan O. Savin (P) and he assures me that US military has not recognized Biden; that NSA disclosure of data is forthcomiing soon, and that President Trump has not conceded and will not resign once confirmed as the legitimate winner.  Cynthia and I continue our plans for a national tour with all four movies done by the time we start on 1 June, and plans continue for Constitutional Pastors, Constitutional Lawyers, and Constitutional Doctors to join Constitutional Sheriffs as part of our 50 state tour.  I committed $20K to eight top people with past videos on these  topics, from Amazing Polly to the SGT Report, two have responded with tailored clips that help the editors, am waiting to the others to decide if they want their work featured or not.  This just posted:

Sacha Stone: Lucifer & Satan & We Today

WED 20210224 Today I am creating a video page at https://unrig.net to help Cynthia’s editor more easily access past election fraud and reform videos both those by others and those by me, for harvesting clips.  The conversation among us all led by Sacha is scheduled for 26 February and will be live, then edited for posting as a video documentary on 1 March.  Sean Stone is moving ahead on Satanic Empire and may become the supervising director for a much larger Wall Street Treason & Crime movie — you can see all the interviews I have done to date here: https://stopnakedshortselling.org/videos/

TUE 20210223 Sacha Stone has scheduled the Lucifer & His Cult taping for 26 February 2021, with editing and then release on 1 March 2021 as I promised. I am waiting to hear from Cynthia and then we will schedule a director’s webinar for #UNRIG ELECTIONS donors and for Wall Street Treason & Crime donors.  Sacha and Sean will do donor webinars in March.

MON 20210222 Am in the process of migrating the Wall Street movie to a professional team under Sean Stone’s direction, several investors who are suing Wall Street firms for stealing billions of dollars have realized the movie could be valuable to them. Cynthia and Sean are moving ahead and Sacha and I are talking about when to schedule the conversation. I have a team loading all the websites and also watching every video across all three topics to pull out 30 second bits.  This is INTENSE.  Thank you for supporting the effort.   Donors updated below.

FRI 20210219 BIG IDEA AND THANK YOU – Last Call for Donors Before Each Director does a private one hour webinar with donors for their movie. I realized this was something we could do that would both thank donors in the near term, and also provide an opportunity for donors — after reading the narrative posted Wednesday, to offer their views on what might be missing. I am still contemplating adding an MSM BigTech treason aspect to the narrative since that was  a big part of the conspiracy to steal the election. YouTube is now deleting videos done by others who have interviewed me, I have two law firms looking at a major lawsuit since now we can provide there is personal targeting of me and we can probably prove ADL or other third part conspiracy.

THU 20210218 Am toying with adding a BigTech aspect to the movies, in part because Satanic pedophilia entrapment and blackmail appears to be one way the mainstream and social media mandarins are kept on the Deep State party line.  If you missed it here is a great cartoon on this point:

WED 20210217 Below is the ugly preliminary narrative table that the editors are starting to work toward (pulling 30 second clips relevant to each aspect). This will also be used by  the directors to ensure interviews cover the gaps. Below subject to change as each Director refines their narrative.

Lucifer & His Cult Directed by Sacha Stone

1. The 1% over the 99% divide
2. Religions as control ops
3. Extraterrestrials trading in human flesh and blood
4. The worship of Lucifer
5. Central Banks are private and how humanity “managed”
6. For the Central Banks to operate must control academia, media, and government at all levels
7. Entire governments are subverted with a mixture of bribery, blackmail, and brainwashing (mind-control) as well as inter-marriage
8. Election fraud has always been foundation for evil
9. Electronic voting fraud was invented to advance fraud
10. The secret intelligence world has always been controlled
11. There are many more higher stellar civilization than there are lesser (evil) ones.God or the Cosmos is a work in being
12. Humanity specifically is an experiment in imagination and good will

#UNRIG Elections Directed by Cynthia McKinney

13. Brief Introduction to Issue of Election Fraud as Distinct from Voter Fraud
14. Brief Discussion of Voter Fraud, Giving Examples
15. Explanation Of Election Fraud as Election Administration Consisting of Election Day Activities and Pre and Post Election Day Processes
16. How’d We Get Here: Past Contentious Elections and the Mechanisms of Fraud Used Historically
17. Florida 2000
18. Electronic Voting Machines and Electronic Voting Fraud
19. Campaign Finance and Reapportionment and Redistricting as Sources of Election Fraud
20. 2020 Election
21. Comprehensive Election (and Campaign Finance) Reform Gives 100% of the Electorate Confidence: Unity for Integrity #UNRIG

Wall Street Treason & Crime Directed by Robert Steele

22. Election fraud combined with the bribery, blackmail, and brainwashing of legislators, executives, and judges at all levels is what makes Wall Street treason & crime possible
23. The federal, state, and local governments are complicit – RICO organizations – in all Wall Street treason (collusion with foreign governments), and crime (naked short selling & money laundering)
24. Congress banking committees, DOJ, FBI, SEC, all are RICO organizations
25. US Attorney for the Southern District, Mayor of NYC, Governor of NY are all complicit in treason & crime
26. Naked short selling is counterfeiting – and t heft from widows & orphans
27. Wall Street launders money from child and drug trafficking other illicit
28. NSA – we have it all
29. All of this illicit wealth is subject to confiscation

Satanic Empire Directed by Sean Stone

30. Brief coverage of all major pedo scandals worldwide
31. Growing enormity of scourge, 40 million trafficked
32. History of child sex abuse/blood sacrifice practices
33. Perps include government (all levels), law enforcement, religions, Hollywood – ALL
34. Pedo cabal overlords: bloodlines also behind all war, economic depression, false flag terrorism, Wall Street theft
35. Luciferian cabal tool for VIP ensnarement/blackmail
36. Satanic Ritual Abuse/adrenochrome harvesting on industrial scale, rituals summon demonic interdimensional entities/possession, sodomy
37. Subterranean black ops include breeding, adreno-harvesting, rape, torture, mind control, blood sacrifice in DUMBs in milabs; spec ops rescue
38. Why do elite favor Satanic pedophilia? Millenia, ET

DOC (1 Page): Four Narratives Side by Side 1.0

TUE 20210216 The donor table at the end has been updated. Today I am creating the narrative table for all four movies and editors will start pulling 30 second clips and lining them in relation to the narratives. Cynthia as my rep and someone from Sean Stone are in Las Vegas this week-end to meet with a very special combination of wealthy patriots and “clean” Hollywood types (think Mel Gibson) to discuss a massive follow on to our four movies that has been planned for years, we just beat them to the punch with our inspired “quick and dirty” endeavor done in time to support the March-April disclosures.

MON 20210215 Cynthia and Sacha are both engaging with some wealthy donors and honest (which is to say, not Satanic pedophilia practitioners) about how to take our work to the next level in terms of publicity and distribution. We are doing stuff in 30-90 days that normally takes years. Cynthia will be interviewing Patrick Byrne and Juan O. Savin (P) this week or next. We are doing transcripts for both original interviews and selected mirrors to help the four directors choose extracts to be woven into their respective narratives. I salute Alex Jones for his effort posted today, he is assured of being honored as a contributing voice across the board.

SUN 20210214 Sacha and I have discussed the concept for the Lucifer documentary that will be a conversation filmed in one go among the four directors and four guests (one for each movie), with sound bites from the raw interviews woven in to create a 60-90 minute overview movie connecting election fraud to the corrupt government to Wall Street treason & crime to Satanic pedophilia. Cynthia has hired an editor and is on a roll. Sean and I are both doing as many interviews as we can in the next two weeks. We have enough money but donors are still welcome, any surplus will go to advertising  the free movies and also be rolled over to the national tour — the RV will cost $80-90K to buy, $8K to “wrap,” gas is $100 a day.  We have done this before. This time I have in mind a Chautauqua kind of tour that does three things rooted in the credibility that these four movies will give us as we seek to get people to embrace reality:

01 Shows how election fraud, corrupt government, Wall Street treason & crime, and Satanic pedophilia are all connected — challenge the transhumanist trangender multiculturalist open borders agenda of those seeking to destroy faith, family, farms, and freedon.

02 Makes the case for local county-level autonomy and refusal to accept local, state, and  federal laws and regulations that have been secured via bribery, blackmail, or brain-washing;

03 Need for citizens to demand #UNRIG Election Reform Act as a non-negotiable condition for staying in the Union.

SAT 20210213 We are doing great.  I have started to post links to the raw pieces both new interviews and key mirrored videos, and we are doing transcripts of all interviews to help directors select 30 second sound bites. We have received $118,063.00 in earmarked donations, another $20K or so would allow me to breath easier but we can make this work.  At Cynthia insistence I inserted a clip into the below video outlining how I have earmarked the funds.

#UNRIG Video (13:11) Former Spy Comments on Dominion Lawsuit Against Sidney Powell, Election 2020 Fraud Ecology

The easiest way to do this was to disburse the funds and leave all responsibility with Sean Stone, Cynthia McKinney, and Sacha Stone who is donating his skills because the fourth movie will be a single integrated conversation among the four directors with each bringing one key witness to the conversation — eight people talking about Lucifer & his cult, Satanic pedophilia, Wall Street treason & crime, and #UNRIG election — all related.

FRI 20210212 My focus right now in support of all four movies is on beefing up the websites. The public is starting to notice the connection between election fraud, a dishonest Congress, and Wall Street crime — Satanic pedophilia is just starting to emerge as “connected” to the others. Wall Street is NERVOUS.  They “get it” when they hear “we have it all.”  I have posted my video on election reforms and people are starting to follow https://unrig.net, the next four weeks could be the most epic in modern US history. I have set aside $30K for myself to use for the Wall Street movie — Cynthia and are getting $30K to work with while Sean Stone is going to get $60K because the Satanic pedophilia movie is far and away the most complex and needs the greatest care to educate the public. Sacha Stone will lead a conversation and create the overview movie free. Any extra funds that we acquire will go toward advertising the four movies into the summer when we hope to do a national tour leading local conversations about how all of this is connected.

THU 20210211 Today I disbursed $30K to Cynthia McKinney and she has hired an editor.  I created a  video on election reform that will appear tomorrow. I scheduled two Wall Street interviews for next week. Am thinking about how to create an ingestion system for crowd-sourcing top 20 clips, 30 second each, for each of the three movies.  Hired three content managers to start loading content and doing tag clouds for each of the three supporting web-sites. Commissioned several more cartoons.

WED 20210110 I have disbursed $30K to Sean Stone and am about to disburse $30K to Cynthia McKinney.  I am thinking about creating a crowd-sourcing platform for 30 second clips for all four movies. Today I have been hiring and training people to do content uploads to Wall Street and Satanic sites and I did two Wall Interviews, the capstone with Wes Christian and one other off the record but helpful in focusing on Wall Street treason (collusion with China among others to undermine the US economy and US national security). Look for the RAW interview with Wes to be up tomorrow.

TUE 20210209 We finally stabilized our process for handling raw videos without making mistakes by eliminating the need to use WeVideo for preprocessing.  All raw interviews are loaded to BitChute “as is” for public exploitatation and we use an external (and easily corrected) thumbnail to link to the video which also eliminates the need to provide a separate link. I have conceptualized a process for ingesting 30 second video extracts via crowd-sourcing and will implement that for all four movie while adding a fifth SOLUTIONS movie — Pastor Brown, one of our occasional contributing editors, has said there is a need to apply this low-cost high-value movie model four other topics:

  1. Local Sustainability: Food, Power, Economy, Community
  2. Web 3.0 – Open Source Everything – site created, movie planned for April
  3. True Cost Economics: Returning Power to People: Saving 80% of current corrupt system.
  4. New Energy/Power System — actual good technology that benefits the people, not the bankers. [to this I will add water solutions]

This has caused me to accelerate my plans for the Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group, the new website is https://web3-0.org, and I will think about doing a second round of movies down the road.  I am NOT raising funds for new movies at this time, the next fund-raiser will be  related to the national tour of Dr. Cynthia McKinney and Sheriff Mack and myself and a pastor and a doctor.

MON 20210208 Yesterday was a gawd-awful mess.  We had multiple mistakes in loading our first three pedophilia movies, we should get that sorted out today.  We will continue to load raw video with no sub-titles so that anyone under Creative Commons license can mirror or extract. Dr. McKinney provided her preliminary outline for the movie she is directing, that is below:

  1. Brief Introduction to the Issue of Election Fraud as Distinct from Voter Fraud
  2. Brief Discussion of Voter Fraud, Giving Examples
  3. Explanation Of Election Fraud as Election Administration Consisting of Election Day Activities and Pre and Post Election Day Processes
  4. How’d We Get Here: Past Contentious Elections and the Mechanisms of Fraud Used Historically
  5. Florida 2000
  6. Electronic Voting Machines and Electronic Voting Fraud
  7. Campaign Finance and Reapportionment and Redistricting as Sources of Election Fraud
  8. 2020 Election
  9. Comprehensive Election (and Campaign Finance) Reform Gives 100% of the Electorate Confidence: Unity for Integrity #UNRIG

SUN 20210207 Election Fraud & Reform movie details have  been finalized, Dr. Cynthia McKinney has been given a budget of $30K with a bonus of $10K more if her team can get the movie done by 1 March, not just the interviews. Tomorrow I will post her text narrative summary and on Wednesday she will do a video with me on her vision for the project.  First three videos are up for PedoEmpire. I am hoping to do my first two videos for Wall Street Treason & Reform next week but see all the videos at Licensed to Steal website. I have been spending the last week commissioning four cartoons for each of the three themes, and then we will do several more for the Lucifer overview.  The cartoons will appear at both PBI and their respective website. We are going an extra mile and doing transcripts for all videos for all three projects, this will facilitate director and editor search for soundbites, and tag cloud entries for names mentioned in videos. I am thinking about a crowd-sourcing project, creating three emails where volunteers can send 30 second clips related to each of the three topics. I will also be posting the text narrative for each video at its respective website, anyone seeing anything missing will be able to write in as well. Donors have already been helpful with suggestions, thank you.

SAT 20210206 Sean has done three interviews for Pedophilia & Empire, the first one is posted, the other two will appear tomorrow. I have scheduled two interviews for Wall Street Treason & Crime, and we have posted several mirrored videos to the website. Cynthia McKinney and I will do a conversation about Mike Lindell’s video and our own #UNRIG Election Reform Act early next week. Donor list updated 1948 Eastern. The last time I worked this hard was when I was a spy in South America doing 80 hour weeks.

FRI 20210205 Dr. Cynthia McKinney has graciously agreed to be the project manager for the Election Fraud & Reform movie, doing the interviews and overseeing the editorial harvesting of sound bites from all videos. Sean Stone will remain as executive director and creative director for all three movies, but will focus on the Satanic Pedophilia movie while I do the Wall Street Crime movie. Based on existing and projected donations I have given Sean Stone a budget of $60K, and Cynthia and I will each manage a budget of $30K.

Raw videos will start going up today with free public license to exploit — embeds will be at the video page at each of the three websites with links at the movie post at each website.

The movie will be free to the public after one week of exclusive showing at The Steele Report and 107daily.com — donors will receive a special pass that week.

I have established contact with one of President Trump’s lawyers and we are inviting the President to sit for a 30 minute interview speaking his mind on each of the three threads about which he knows a very great deal.

Donations over $120K will go toward advertising to inform the public of the free movies, and a national tour that Cynthia and I are discussing with Sheriff Richard Mack and Pastor Brown and hopefully also  Reverend Bill Owens who has not responded to our outreach yesterday. The Great Awakening includes a renewed appreciation for faith, family, and freedom enabled by Constitutional Sheriffs, pastors, doctors, and lawyers standing firm at the local level. The below statement of mine has been noticed.

THU 20210204 Mel  K has withdrawn from the project due to other commitments, I am working on finding a replacement for her.  With two unanticipated donations of $45K and $20K, I have added a fourth movie that will be produced by Sacha Stone and will be the overview — a conversation among Sacha, myself, and several others that ties together the three themes.  I have also hired a cartoonist to do 17 cartoons (17 is powerful number) — five for the overview and four for each of three themes. Below is  the overview concept pending fleshing out by Sacha, John Petersen, and a few other savants.

On the negative side:

  • The 1% over the 99% divide has existed ever since religions were created to subvert the 99%
  • Religions appear to be a form of psychological operation to divide and conquer
  • Extraterrestrials trading in human flesh and blood appear to have been with us for millenia.
  • The worship of Lucifer and the use of children as sacrifices, including blood drinking and cannibalism, are central to control both as an addiction and privilege at the higher levels, and as an entrapment and control vehicle at the lower levels.
  • The Central Banks are private and are how the Rothschilds, Vatican/Synagogue of Satan, Zionists, Queen/royalty, and Aga Khan/Assasins “manage” humanity
  • For the Central Banks to operate without challenge they needed to subvert entire governments as well as control academia, entertainment, media, and all public discourse (“hate speech” is a censorship device, nothing more)
  • Entire governments are subverted with a mixture of bribery, blackmail, and brainwashing (mind-control) as well as inter-marriage
  • Election fraud has always been a standard practice to keeping a two-party enabling control over politics disenfranchising 70% while controlling 30% and using the public treasury, and government capabilities, in service to the 1%
  • Electronic voting fraud was invented by design to make the election fraud process easier — Cynthia McKinney was one of the first to be digitally assassinated by this new means, Gade in Virginia is an investigation in waiting
  • The secret intelligence world has always been controlled by the 1%. CIA was created by Wall Street for Wall Street.

On a positive side:

  • There are many more higher stellar civilization than there are lesser (evil) ones.
    At its highest manifestation life is pure energy combined with pure love.
  • God or the Cosmos is a work in being, a constantly evolving and diversifying and expanding universe of energy at multiple dimensions
  • Humanity specifically is an experiment in imagination and good will in which each human is a god particle
  • Faith, family, and freedom — innovation and self-governance at the local level — are on the side of the angels.
  • Centralization — top down authoritarianism, censorship, mandated masks, vaccines, etcetera, are all about control, slavery, and the walking dead

WED 20210203: PedoEmpire movie plan finalized for first phase, first two interviews will be done by Sean Stone. Today I will finalize Wall Street Crime and get Mel K started with her movie plan for Election Fraud. Over ten new donors, this is going well.  Any surplus funds will be spent on quality editing first and then on advertising.  Movies will be free to the public.

TUE 20210202: Today I am finalizing the lists of interviews for all three movies, and also pressing Sean to identify an editor for each movie who can begin extracting sound-bites from existing videos, and devising the story board.  I anticipate Sean being the narrator for all three, he did so well with Thousand Pieces, I will probably narrate the trailer that ties all three together.

MON 20210201: Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, has been hired as the executive producer and director of all three movies. Mel K has been hired to do interviews on election fraud. Sara Carter has been invited to join the team. Sean is hiring deputies to start extracting sound bites and designing the narrative for each of the three short documentary films. A trailer for all  three is planned for 1 March 2021.

I need $120K to get this right. I have  obligated $25K from prior donors and existing subscribers to get the work started. The plan is to interview one person a day for each of the three movies, loading those interviews on the same day, and then working toward extracts and editing and narration for publication of at least 1 movie by 1 March and ideally all three.

As I write this I have such a strong feeling of calm and confidence. God wins.

$1229,946.40  raised as of 20210207. I encourage donors to treat this as a service to give PayPal their fee rather than as a donation that is free of fees. The odd number represents PayPal getting 3%. Their service is worth that.

$30K disbursed to Satanic Empire director Sean Stone with an additional $30K committed — the Satanic Empire movie will be the hardest to make.  $30K disbursed to #UNRIG Elections director Cynthia McKinney; $30K earmarked forWall Street Treason & Crime director Robert Steele. Sacha Stone will do the Lucifer conversation and editing as a gift to all of us.

Sponsors listed below, updated 20210224 (always 1 day behind PayPal)

Anonymous for now
Anonymous from VA
Coleman, Ronnette
Curley, Christopher
Dimitrijevic, Boris
Ghost Dawg Productions LLC
Hallahan, Sean
La, Megan
Mertz, Brian Christopher
Punksthetic Art
Radtke, Lori
Seik, Robert
Simon, Julie
Sonderman, Darren & Caryn
Texas Caregiver Support Services
Woods, Harvey
Wright, Shannon

107Daily.com – Juan O. Savin (P)
Anonymous for now
Anonymous from FL
Anonymous from VA
Brundrett, Linda
Churgay, Lisa
Coleman, Ronnette
Curley, Christopher
Delap, Ann
Dimitrijevic, Boris
Dunbar, Susan
Falatakis-Muller, Claudette
FixAll, Chma
Ghost Dawg Productions LLC
Greene, Charity
Hallahan, Sean
Jesse, Kathryn
Jones, Lisa
La, Megan
Mertz, Brian Christopher
Miller, Connie
Punksthetic Art
Radtke, Lori
Ring, Joseph
Seik, Robert
Simon, Julie
Sonderman, Darren & Caryn
Texas Caregiver Support Services
Windhorn Productions LLC
Woods, Harvey
Wright, Shannon


Anonymous for now
Anonymous from VA
Chrischilles, LeAnne
Coleman, Ronnette
Curley, Christopher
Dimitrijevic, Boris
Entelman, Ezequiel
Ghost Dawg Productions LLC
Hallahan, Sean
La, Megan
Månsson, Tobias
McCormick, Dennis
Mertz, Brian Christopher
Patriots Against Naked Short Selling
Punksthetic Art
Radtke, Lori
Seik, Robert
Simon, Julie
Sonderman, Darren & Caryn
Texas Caregiver Support Services
tobias månsson
Woods, Harvey
Wright, Shannon


Anonymous for now
Anonymous from VA
Coleman, Ronnette
Collings, Yvonne
Corrales, Anna-Lisa
Curley, Christopher
Dimitrijevic, Boris
Gamgeem, Samwise
Ghost Dawg Productions LLC
Gilbert, Jacqueline
Hallahan, Sean
Hansen, Tracy
Horn, Brian
Idoni, Joseph
La, Megan
Mattson, Lissa
Merton, Ann
Mertz, Brian Christopher
Petrik, Edward & Nicole
Punksthetic Art
Radtke, Lori
Rayne, Petra
Redd, Rebecca
Regini, Teri
Schuttler, Lance
Seik, Robert
Simon, Julie
Sonderman, Darren & Caryn
Stoops, Carol
Texas Caregiver Support Services
Woods, Harvey
Wright, Shannon
Wrubleski, Beau
Zappa, Megan & Dweezil


Am trying to get two emails for check donors before scheduling Directors’ webinars for #UNRIG ELECTIONS and Wall Street Crime & Treason.  The other two webinars may be in March.

Opt in for free daily update from this free blog. Separately The Steele Report ($11/mo) offers weekly text report and live webinar exclusive to paid subscribers, who can also ask questions of Robert. Or donate to ask questions directly of Robert.