Tom Atlee: Intercentricity – the web of reciprocal aliveness (Part 1) A Web 3.0 conceptual narrative

Collective Intelligence
Tom Atlee

Intercentricity – the web of reciprocal aliveness (Part 1)

Back in August 1991 – at the dawn of my co-intelligence work – I wrote an essay exploring the implications of seeing the world made up of source points of engagement and the webs of relationships that from – and fed into – those engagements. I called this worldview “intercentricity”. I shared it with some friends but never published it (although I did mention “intercentricity” in my 2014 post “Exploring Wholeness in more detail – to support our highest aspirations”). As I witness today’ fracturing of civilization in so many ways at so many levels, it seems timely to bring intercentricity out into the world for broader distribution, discussion and exploration I’ve updated and revised the 30-year old essay for easier reading and fit for our current era. I’m now posting it in two parts. This post, Part 1, is an introduction to the basic principles of intercentricity. Part 2 will explore some of the implications and applications of this intriguing perspective. – Tom

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