Video (36:32) Simon Parkes 21 January 2021 Update

Cultural Intelligence

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Text Notes by Robert David Steele below the fold.

  • Concerns over Israeli suitcase bombs, Zionist blackmail of Team Trump?
  • Dirty bombs could wreak havoc on East and West coasts
  • Marines into underground tunnels in DC, that's why 26,000 NG in DC
  • “Something went wrong” (1 am to 2 am phone call for Simon)
  • “Satanic cabal” just crazy enough to do something this bad
  • Inauguration was partially pre-recorded
  • “Good guys are not at all downbeat.”
  • Another attempt to remove Biden before mid-April or sooner.
  • Great deal of declassification done, mostly in relation to state crimes.
  • Two states now looking to reverse results in face of declas/public demand
  • 800 senior officers from Colonel to 4 Star general standing with Trump
  • Two governments now in DC — office holder AND military government
  • Biden has been told he is not allowed to set foot into the Pentagon
  • Pentagon is blowing Biden off on all requests for information
  • Acting SecDef and FEMA boss running the show around Biden
  • Trump will be back as the 19th President, possible set up in Texas
  • Financial reset is absolutely real but needs Trump back
  • Discusses Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, gold, 9/11 they stopped reset
  • JFK was assassinated because he was going to put US on gold standard
  • All opposition to Trump related to his intent to put US on gold standard
  • Three supercomputers — good guys, bad guys, and China
  • Doomsday device — Sampson Option
  • Biden to be removed in first quarter of financial year
  • Very nice comments about Charlie Ward, totally honest gold mover
  • 34 quintrillion taken from Vatican bank by Trump people
  • QUINTRILLION: a million raised to the power of five (1030)
  • Trump controls this treasure, not Biden or USG.
  • Charlie said 12-13 airplane loads, gold and artifacts
  • US military following the US Constitution
  • World leaders are going to be embarrassed by Biden
  • Soliders lining the road turned backs on Biden
  • Biden is an unlawful office holder, his hands are tied
  • Existing money will be honored, do not worry about losing it
  • Believes TeamTrump is 5,000, Charlie thinks it is 8,000
  • Three quarters of US population voted for Trump
  • We are dealing with Satanic cabal gangsters, no code of honor
  • Not a straight-forward fight
  • Trump focused on both legal outcome, and protecting the people
  • Trump is not out of the picture
  • Frustrating sad time — we all wanted this concluded
  • We will NEVER have this golden opportunity again
  • Message: it is a set-back but there is no going back
  • Biden is not as strong as Clinton or Obama
  • Everyone at inauguration was sombre — they know it's not over
  • This was is not ending, it is going on, they  know this.
  • War will not end until Biden is out of the White House
  • Texas could be the new capitol of the USA
  • Time to destroy the Satanic layout of Washington DC
  • ” I will be back” — the fight goes on.
  • Watch for this dual government
  • Military told POTUS (Trump) go on vacation, we've got this.


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