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Creating the world we want

We have the potential to create a culture of conscious evolution, enlightened leadership, self-responsibility and bio-friendly tech/telecom/industry—a world in which we reclaim our autonomy, freedom and health by reconnecting with the nature of reality, human nature and the power of nature itself. We thereby activate our higher faculties, finding passion, purpose and fulfillment, while leveraging universal intelligence to experience our multi-dimensional creatorship.

To achieve this, we must do three key things, from which all else will flow:

We must understand that human dysfunction, caused by negative subconscious programming, drives all personal and planetary crises. Addressing this core issue breaks the cycle of crisis, reactivity, disease, harm and hopelessness. When we understand the power of the subconscious mind to generate our circumstances, and how to transform our negative programming (reclaiming what has been distorted, denatured and suppressed), we can restore the natural order of things, inside and out.[1]

Generations of religious indoctrination have profoundly perverted the collective psyche, leaving us subconsciously programmed to self-reject and self-destruct. This programming is now so deeply engrained, its reach so pervasive, and its impact so catastrophic that we fail to see the bigger picture—or how we are promoting our own demise. We think disease is normal; political corruption is inevitable; environmental destruction will be cancelled out by job creation and a booming economy; and the irradiation of all life on earth is necessary for global advancement. This has led to a soulless tech takeover and the robotizing of humanity—the goal of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, which is the culmination of a de-humanization process that began in the early 300s. Yet, no matter how bad things get, our subconscious programming will always override logic, science and even the most compelling arguments for saving our planet …unless we consciously change it. We must reclaim our true selves, spiritual prowess, higher creative faculties, rightful autonomy, healthy self-acceptance and start living that, to steer ourselves back onto a healthy evolutionary course.

We must understand how our minds and bodies work so we can take full ownership of our lives. We cannot be autonomous without mastering body and mind in order to create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Depending on others to fix us ensures we will never be free. Understanding the nature of reality, human nature and the power of nature itself enables us to potentiate—and leverage the interconnectedness of—all aspects of life.

We must put the planet back at the top of the chain of life, where it belongs. Planet first, people second is the only way we can ever truly thrive. Creating a healthy, prosperous world depends on one single criterion, summed up in one simple question: Is this good for the planet? If all personal and political decisions were made according to this criterion, the natural order would be progressively restored, with industry, telecom and technology serving the higher purpose of planetary well-being and evolution through bio-friendly innovation and excellence.

The chain of life is currently upside down, with the economy placed at the top, as if it were the driver of all else. Along with industry and technology, it is self-serving, exploitative and destructive, considered to be a worthy end in itself and the primary driver of everything, yet a life-leach that gives nothing back. In reality, it belongs at least five links down the chain, if it belongs there at all. The top of the chain upon which all else depends is the planet, composed of natural resources, consciousness, oxygen, oceans and waterways, and the land itself, as well as all forms of life—wildlife, fauna, flora, trees and insects. The next link down the chain is humanity—not a pivotal link or even a net contributor, but one that depends on planetary life for its survival, yet is designed to co-evolve with the cosmos, when properly activated.

Since the current paradigm places the economy at the top of the chain, with the weightiest link of all—the planet—at the very bottom, it puts more and more pressure on the system, while progressively weakening its own life-support structure and our viability as a species.

We must change our minds about what’s possible, about what it means to be human, about how reality works, about how we work, and about what’s missing in us that has generated a world of diminishing returns, lacking in humanity, fulfillment and an awareness of our super-human blueprint. All the clues to our recovery are in the crises. We just need to know how to use them to create the world we want.


[1] See The Split for an explanation of how early indoctrination derailed our evolution, causing us to fear and defer to external authority, lose faith in ourselves, disconnect from our multi-dimensional super-humanness, and self-reject, self-sabotage and engage in destructive behaviour towards self, others and the planet.

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