Worth A Look: EMF Off! A Call to Consciousness in Our Misguidedly Microwaved World

Worth A Look

A unique blend of wisdom, humour, personal experience, hard-hitting science and quantum physics, this book presents a compelling case for a complete rethink of how we live.

Backed by an in-depth understanding of human dynamics and spiritual connectedness, it explores the biological, psychological, neurological, emotional, social and environmental impacts of our insatiable hunger for wireless connectivity.

But EMF off! is far more than an exposé of what ails our world. It reveals how human dysfunction drives all crises and how we are being pushed to address this root cause, as more and more people suffer functional impairment and serious disorders. We must become activists in our own lives, restoring healthy self-governance and the true power of the people. Rather than being victims of the governments and industries to whom we have surrendered our authority, we must reboot our species, reclaim our autonomy and safeguard our hearts, our humanity and our planetary home.

The book has five parts, following the foreword by Dr Andrew Tresidder, MBBS:

Introduction: why electro-sensitivity may be a last desperate cry for a return to a world of meaningful connection, respect, balance and healthy self-acceptance; why activism is not enough; the need for collaboration to create the world we want; and the higher calling hidden in our crises.  

1) The story of harm: a witty, poignant account of Sheean’s experience with electromagnetic radiation from WiFi, cell phones and other wireless devices; what you need to know about EMR and electro-sensitivity; hard-won wisdom; and why so many people remain unaware of the dangers.

2) Fighting for our lives: the science on electromagnetic fields (EMFs); the medical explanation of electro-sensitivity; and some of the legal and other measures for holding governments and industry accountable for their criminal negligence.

3) Uncovering the deeper truth: the underlying dynamics of our self-destructive behaviour; the reasons for our addictions and loss of autonomy; and how neural reprogramming and quantum mechanics enable us to change our minds, our bodies, our environment and our personal reality.

4) A call to consciousness: how to reclaim our autonomy, re-awaken our humanity, leverage our brains’ neuroplasticity, embrace our spiritual capacities, and use life’s challenges as springboards to greater awareness and fulfillment.

“Olga Sheean takes us on an intimate personal journey. Along the way, she challenges us to cultivate our deeper truth, reconnect and choose love. Our relationship with technology is like nothing our society has ever faced, and only we can cure our own addiction. I’m so thankful for this book.”

Theodora Scarato, MSW, Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust

See: https://www.emfoff.com/ and https://www.emfoff.com/publications/

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