Yoda: Alert Reader Summarizes X22 Update 1/20/21

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Per Alert Reader.

1/20/21 X22 Report

The DS/MSM have now completed the crime. Joe Biden was inaugurated. He took a private jet to DC. JB is now the illegitimate president of the US. The military has been monitoring the elections. They know exactly what has occurred. 11.3 is the first marker (Q 3232). The entire operation will be completed in 30 days (“done in 30”).

  • This is a sting operation – the biggest sting operation in the history of the world.
  • Arrests come at the end of the sting.
  • POTUS does NOT want civil war in this country.
  • He could not do arrests on 1/20/21 or the Invisible Enemy would break out riots & civil war all over the country.
  • Remember that we were given certain markers.
    • Marker 1 – watch set for 19th at 4:49 pm
    • Marker 2 – watch set for 27th at 3:06 pm
  • Think of General Washington. He lost more battles than he won. Think of what would have happened if his men had caved after the first tough battle & said “we’re out of here.” Where to go? There was NO WHERE to go, just like there is no where to go today !!! Patriots never give up. They continue to fight, and never give up hope.

Here’s what Dave thinks is going to happen.

  • On 1/19/21 at 4:49 pm, POTUS declassified the Crossfire Hurricane documents. Why did he wait to the last minute? He’s playing 5D chess, and he’s getting ready to play all his Trump cards.
  • POTUS went through every single avenue available to him via the Constitution and the rule of law, trying to do the right thing. He has confirmed 234 Federal Judges / one third of SC & one quarter of Federal Judiciary. Now, young, conservative, Federal Society vetted judges will serve for generations.
  • Governors didn’t listen, legislators didn’t listen, SCOTUS didn’t listen. Finally after the 1/9/21 assassination attempt he said to his advisors “that’s it.” He knew that the Military was then the only way – just as Q had predicted.
  • Optics are important. If POTUS had military move in during inauguration, the MSM would claim he did it because he lost.
  • When Joe Biden swore his oath as president (on a Bible with two upside down Satanic crosses), he completed the crime. He’s now an illegitimate president. He was voted in via election fraud. He cheated.
  • The military has been embedded in local precincts to monitor elections for years. They monitored the 11/3/20 election in real time. They’ve been monitoring these elections since 2016. They have ALL the evidence. They know a crime was committed, and that foreign actors were involved (Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Russia, Estonia & China).
  • Take your pick of any one of these countries. You only need one to kick in September 2018 EO on Foreign Interference in a US Election and trigger the 1807 Insurrection Act
  • Optics are important. POTUS needed to remain neutral. It couldn’t look like he was a sore loser, and was instructing the military to do this coup.
  • The Military has its own instructions. They’ve been following the election. They know the crime committed, and now they are waiting.
  • POTUS said “the 25th amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt JB and the Biden Administration. As the expression goes, “be careful what you wish for.” The 25th amendment will likely be used against Biden Administration because they “aren’t fit” to govern because they cheated in the election.
  • We’re following certain markers. Patriots have given us many clues. The clues from Pompeo, Flynn, POTUS were not by accident. They did not tell us the exact plan. No, it’s a secret plan, and we don’t know the inner workings, but we have been given clues.
  • We’ve now met the 1st Marker – Marker 1 watch was set for 19th at 4:49 pm.
  • The 2nd Marker – Marker 2 watch set for 27th at 3:06 pm may very well be for January 27th (one week from inauguration).
  • An Anon said that he was in shock by what happened today, but then he realized what had happened and why it had to happen this way.
  • Scare event was Q 521 “[SCARE] NECESSARY EVENT.” This about sums up how upset folks were with fake inauguration. But remember, Q told us this was going to happen.
  • Biden was sworn in knowing this information, and knowing that he took bribes from a foreign nation – China.
  • Biden took a private jet to DC yesterday. For the first time in history, the Government did not send a plane for a president-elect. The reason is that he is an illegal, illegitimate president-elect.
  • We expected POTUS to step down, to remain neutral, and have the Military take over as the “next administration.” POTUS did say that the “next administration” would take over at noon today (1/20/21).
  • Like many, we thought it was over when Biden was sworn in and became the Commander in Chief. However, because of the election fraud, because of the military monitoring, because of all the declassified information, the military has PROOF of all this criminal/treasonous behavior.
  • So, if the Military has PROOF of these crimes, they have an obligation and duty under military code 11.3 of the Department of Defense Law of War Manual to remove this false government and restore a new legal, civilian government.
  • As soon as Biden was sworn in as president, he triggered military code 11.3, and verified Marker 1. The crime was completed. He triggered the military to take control of the country.
  • Now the optics are clean. Trump is out of the picture, and the military is in control. They have sworn their oaths to the Constitution and know their duty. Trump put everything in place – Chris Miller as acting Sec of Defense and Gaynor as head of FEMA. These two gentlemen are now running the country. The military is in full control. Everything is about to change.
  • During the McCarthy era when country was fearful of communistic takeover, provisions were made for the military to protect our country should a communistic takeover be attempted.
  • These provisions allow the military to take control while they remove the “illegitimate, belligerent” illegal government and restore a legal, civilian government with the military running the elections to elect the new legal government.
  • The military was put in place as the last line of defense of the Constitution should an illegal government be installed.
  • The reason the government didn’t send a plane for Biden is because Biden was about to set in motion an illegal government and he was not a legitimate president.
  • The military is now responsible for restoring a legal, civilian government. They cannot allow foreign powers to gain control of our government.
  • POTUS wants to do things by the rule of law, by the book. He has told us that we would soon get a lesson in the Constitution. Well, this it !!!
  • “Everything is about to change.” Q told us that everything would be “done in 30” – meaning 30 days. See General Flynn’s tweet on 12/31/20 about what General Washington said to his troops in on 12/31/1776 to encourage them to re-enlist in the Army.
  • Today, on Good Morning America, the head of the DC National Guard said that the NG is “helping with the peaceful transition of military power.” Not the transition to a Biden administration.
  • Note that it is not Trump directing the military, but the military doing its own duty to the Constitution, to the Country and to the People on its own.
  • Q 26 says “Think about it logically. The only way is the military. Fully controlled. Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker). Biggest advanced drop on Pol.”
  • Note that on 1/20/21 at noon, when Biden was sworn in, 1st Marker was verified.
  • Starting today, and in the next few days, we will see things start to change.
  • Remember that Trump NEVER wanted a civil war. Civil war is what the DS wants, and Trump is doing everything in his power to counter them.
  • DS thought we were going to have a civil war and that Trump would cause it.
  • Trump has outsmarted them, and there will be no civil war.
  • The NG is stationed in DC for 30 days (per Charlie Ward, some may leave but at least 6500 will remain)
  • This operation will be “done in 30” and in time for a March 4th Inauguration of a legitimate, legal President.
  • All of this has been planned from the very beginning. These actions are about taking back our country. This is about removing the swamp, and returning the power to the people. The only way to do this was to allow these criminals to complete the crime.
  • The crime has been completed. We’ve hit the 1st Marker. The 1st Marker has been “verified.”
  • Now Trump and the Patriots will take the next step. It’s not really “them” but the military that will be carrying out this important work of taking back our country.
  • The military “knows it all,” they’ve “seen it all.” They know exactly what is going on.
  • These troops in DC are not there really to monitor an inauguration or to protect against “insurrectionist Trump supporters.” They are in DC because there is an illegitimate president put into power by the DS and foreign governments. This is treasonous to the United States of America.
  • Now, it has begun and we are going to see the plan unfold.

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