ADMIN: Facebook & Twitter Censoring


Share numbers are way off. This should not come as a surprise.

We have over 50,000 views a day right now, more at BitChute, and more at PedoEmpire & StopNakedShort, thousands of shares that are not being recorded. Do share even if you have to cut and paste the link directly. See also Steele Report Table of Contents and free Questions Answered.

I now have three top law firms on call thanks to multi-millionaire backers. As I have evolved I have sought to be more nuanced and not defame anyone. I am most assuredly not threatening anyone and have always been a voice for truth & reconciliation. YouTube has received a legal letter. No one else has attempted to deplatform me, they will face very credible multi-million dollar lawsuits if they do so.

I am tolerating the shadow banning by Twitter and Facebook for now.

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