Robert Steele: Q Anon versus Deep State, Patriots versus Zionists / Red Mafiya / Wall Street / Rothschilds / Satanic Pedophiles Led by Vatican and Royalty and Freemasons?

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The article below captured my attention.

The Q-Word: Weapon of Choice for Smearing Opponents

If you’re not echoing the establishment narrative, you are vulnerable to attack, writes Trevor Scott FitzGibbon. 

Exclusive to The Steele Report: On Monday I will provide extended comments on how  the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its Wall Street backers have  scaled their anti-Semitic “trick” into full court censorship using “hate speech” as an embedded tool for censoring, defaming, and deplatforming while also cyber-stalking (a federal felony) and committing both tortious interference and conspiracy (triple damages). BigTech, media, and their covert accomplices in the US and UK and Israel are facing an epic day of disclosure and reckoning. I will also discuss Q Anon and what I know about Q Anon. On Saturday (tomorrow) I will provide a preview of my comments. See also the four movies I am making.

I now have three top law firms on call thanks to multi-millionaire backers. As I have evolved I  have sought to be more nuanced and not defame anyone. I am most assuredly not threatening anyone and have always been a voice for truth & reconciliation. YouTube has received a legal letter. No one else has attempted to deplatform me, they will face very credible multi-million dollar lawsuits if they do so. I am tolerating the shadow banning by Twitter and Facebook for now.

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