Ann Delap: BiteLabs — Take the Cannibalism Test!

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BiteLabs grows meat from celebrity tissue samples
and uses it to make artisanal salami.

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As best as I can tell,  Bitelabs is probably a clever marketing campaign with a two-fold mission – not only to see what percentage of people might be receptive to the idea, but also to identify them.  One source (see link below) has pronounced it as satire.  Bitelabs is also linked to Hello Velocity, a digital studio/incubator for young and creative talent to create thought-provoking internet experiences.  They claim to have launched Bitelabs in 2014 as a marketing campaign to test the public response to in vitro meats.  They posted an update on the campaign here in 2017.  Still, the insertion of celebrities, i.e. human meat, into the equation implies they are researching something slightly different (acceptance of cannibalism?).  The last post on the Bitelabs Facebook page was in 2018.  Also, I noticed that someone named “Kevin” from the Bitelabs team was interviewed for a article.  Interestingly, the Hello Velocity website mentions a Kevin Weisner as one of their founders.

Here’s an article about Hello Velocity and some of its projects.  The three founders are pictured as well.  They have been interviewed numerous times for their opinions on culture, graphics, imagery and mass marketing.  They are known for their “edgy” projects and use of mainstream and social media to influence opinion.


Alert Reader writes in:

It is real, I even checked with a high level intuitive friend of mine, he told me they are trying to normalize cannibalism, quite disgusting.

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