Ben Fulford: Occupation of Israel? Military Take Down of Credit Card Companies & Big Tech?

Commercial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Massive March Campaign Planned Against Global Idiocracy

The Khazarian Mafia Cabal that controls the West and Communist China is rejecting the Gnostic Illuminati’s demand to surrender and is about to face a massive March campaign to permanently eradicate its membership, multiple agencies and secret society sources say.

The Cabal is now in panic mode after planning to institute global idiocracy featuring diminished mental capacity and population reduction through a series of vaccines.

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Robert Steele and Ben Fulford in Tokyo

ROBERT STEELE: Ben is one of just three people I pay money to subscribe to. His Monday report is always useful to me. Here are two points he makes in the private part of the report that I consider very important:

01 Discussions are underway among varied militaries with respect to the need to occupy Israel as we occupied Berlin, toward a transition to a restored Palestinian government. To this I would add a Truth & Reconciliation exit strategy that includes free passes for Zionists to the Jewish Autonomous Zones created by China and Russia for this purpose.

Robert Steele: A New Banking Era & Autonomous Zones – Reconciliation with Japan, Exit Strategy for the Zionists, Solution for the Kurds? UPDATE Mongol Manchuria

02 Increased urgency of bringing credit card companies and BigTech back under the rule of law, and ending all private sector tortious interference such as financial deplatforming that is not based on due process by government. He specifically anticipates the day when credit card companies will block specific people from buying specific goods — guns, for example — with a credit card.

This is not over, but I do agree with Ben that March could be a break-out month.

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