Constitutional Law Group — Donations Encouraged!

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The greatness of a nation can only be measured by the virtue of its freedom and the integrity of its authority to protect that freedom.

Our vision since 1996 is to educate and assist people in protecting the rights they possess and enable them to defend themselves when they are in a corrupt court system.

Since March of 2020, Constitutional Law Group has assisted many thousands of businesses to fully open across the United States at no cost. We go by donations alone because this is a labor of love to restore our Great Republic. We are launching our March to Victory campaign to unite We the People in all cities across America to remove all corruption.

Please go to and take 5 steps to help: Donate, Volunteer, Share, Learn & Take Action. We need more people to know the Constitution! It is all about unified people taking back their freedom. If you don’t know your rights, you have no rights. United we stand, divided we fall.

Rick Martin

ROBERT STEELE: I will be interviewing Rick Martin and posting that interview very soon.  Constitutional Lawyers and Constitutional Pastors are joining with Constitutional Sheriffs to create and unbeatable county-level team able to push back on federal, state, and local encroachment.

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