Ed Jewett: Does America Need a Reality Czar?

Cultural Intelligence

John Derbyshire is a GIANT!

American Anosognosia—the Capitol Hill “Insurrection,” BLM/Antifa Riots, and Our National Reality Crisis

“Disinformation researcher”? Uh-huh. Anyone who pays attention knows that the word “disinformation” has at this point been bled dry of all honest significance. It’s just a Woke word, a CultMarx word for any true facts the Ruling Class want suppressed.

And yes, we have a national crisis of reality, with tens of millions of Americans believing, like you, preposterous things that defy all reason and evidence.

And no, I’m not talking about QAnon or election validity or the source of Covid. Those are gnats.

I’m talking about the camel.

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