J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – February 2021

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American Gray Swans – February 2021

Report Card!

Around two years ago in January of 2019 I started writing articles called the American Gray Swans to warn Americans of the dangerous position we are in. In them I identified a series of events that could shut down America’s “Just in Time” delivery system (our supply chain). When shut down for longer than 2 weeks the majority of Americans would run out of food. This would lead to a series of dominoes to fall causing an engineered famine. Unfortunately most Americans were both too ignorant and arrogant to comprehend this and laughed at it. But it seems I spent 18 years dealing with the collapse of the Soviet supply chain and had better foresight. Some call that experience. And then the toilet paper wars started and America awoken. Yes, our supply chain is completely vulnerable to collapse.

A review of the Gray Swan Events can be found here – A Quick Review. Another great document to read was prepared by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) – When Trucks Stop, America Stops.

Make sure to read the summary on page 9. When the supply chain stops you better pray you have more than just toilet paper stored.

These events are not hypothetical guesses nor doomsday rhetoric but are direct threats on our American existence and way of life. They are verified by science, engineering, and economic natural laws. Many have happened before in history. Some are guaranteed to happen and are long overdue such as an EMP from the Sun, the New Madrid Earthquake, the collapse of a fiat currency. Others have an extremely high probability of happening such as a Pandemic, WW III, a Cyber attack, and a Civil War. The simple question is when! All have 1 thing in common – they collapse our “Just in Time” delivery system, our supply chain. This is America’s Achilles Heal.

To survive we must create regional micro supply chains in food production.

Let us do a quick tally after the 2 years of my writings and see what my report card is.

Just in Time (JIT) delivery System (Supply Chain) Collapse events

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology. Yup, many countries have lost their power, but most recently on the same day both Pakistan Link and the Vatican Link. Our electric grid is still not hardened nor protected (maybe we need to ask Epstein and Maxwell why?). It seems the Military Powers to Be are using EMP technology instead of bombing the crap out of an opponent. Certainly it has a much higher deniability factor.

Let us recall that in 2014 the USS Donald Cook, an Aegis Class nuclear Destroyer was electronically  “turned off” when 2 unarmed Russian Migs flew over it while patrolling in the Black Sea – Link. Also when the USS Fitzgerald got rammed by a container ship in 2017 – Link. Do you know how slow a container ship is? And the guided missile destroyer USS John S McCain was sailing east of Singapore and preparing to stop in the port when the collision with the Liberian-flagged vessel occurred – Link. What, the Navy forgot how to drive or is there something else happening?

Air Force Chief General Charles Brown tweeted on January 27, 2021, “Let me be clear, the U.S. Air Force is committed to providing Electromagnetic Spectrum [EMS] superior Air Forces to achieve victory in all domain competitions and conflict.” – Link

I remind readers that something as simple as taking out 9 key substations and the American grid is shut down for a very long time. Unfortunately that is simple to do.

Credit & Financial Payments Collapse. Yup. The Davos World Economic gnomes with Al Gore have called for a world wide financial reset to reset all assets into their pockets – Link. Klaus Schwab, author of “Covid-19: The Great Reset” is friends with the Chinese Link.  Bitcoin hit $40,000.

The American middle class has been financially wiped out by the government edict shutting down their businesses using Covid – 19 as a reason. Housing rent payments were made impossible by jobs being closed and an eviction moratorium was placed, but at some point somebody will have to take the loss (renters. landlords, or banks), as the money is gone – Link. This should set the dominoes falling in residential real-estate.

Commercial real-estate in cities is a disaster as people & businesses flee the financial death zones – Links. 420,000 or more people have left NYC Link. About 17% of American restaurants have closed because of government edict with the remaining vast majority of restaurants teetering on closure – Link. NYC is not dead yet, but maybe it is coming! Link. That boom, boom, boom, you hear are the financial dominoes beginning to fall.

Virtually all shipping & commerce in America runs on credit. When the credit market collapses, shipping will stop, and so does the food supply. Then we have 2 weeks to fix it until food runs out. Oops!

Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems). Yup. Numerous cyber attacks including Klaus Schwab Chairman of the World Economic Forum promising a Cyber Pandemic dwarfing the effects of Covid 19 bringing to a complete halt the power supply, hospital services, and our society as a whole – Link. It does not sound like Herr Schwab is practicing either Keynesian or Austrian Economics, but rather 4th Reich Economics. Vee have vays to make Voo Enjoy!

One small example – a cyber attack just poisoned the drinking water of a small Florida town – Link.

What happens when a cyber attack takes down the electric grid, banking, or God Forbid – Starbucks!

The Solarwinds attack may have global consequences. “It may turn out to be the most audacious cyberespionage campaign in history. Targeted institutions include the U.S. departments of Defense, Homeland Security, State, Energy, and the Treasury; all five branches of the U.S. military; the National Nuclear Security Administration, and 425 of the Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco, Equifax, MasterCard, and Microsoft.” Link . Wow, good thing they did not hit Starbucks!

Pandemic (Human & Animal). Yup. Although a fake Pandemic, it still caused much damage and cut the global economy in half almost shutting down key parts of the food supply, like a Beta Test. Wait till a real pandemic that the Rockefellers promised happens – Link. Governments are culling livestock in the name of Covid-19 – Link, bird flu – Link, and swine fever – Link but don’t worry, the UN recommends eating bugs – Link. Hell, with bugs who needs to worry about farming!

What animals eat bugs? Oh, Reptiles.

Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos. Yup. World food production has started to collapse and food prices are rising – Link. We have entered Solar Cycle 25 so expect an increase in CMEs and EMPs while our protective magnetic shield is weakening. Also officially the Eddy Solar Minimum Link has begun which will lead to a mini ice age. Volcanoes are erupting around the world Link, and the global weather patterns are changing dramatically creating weather anomalies not seen for 400 years – Link. All of this destroys existing food production Link but don’t worry – the UN has bugs for us to eat.

Civil War. Yup. President Trump calling for peace as about 60% to 80% of the country believes the election was stolen. And the battle over masks will turn into a provoked war between those vaccinated and those non-vaccinated forecast by the Rockefellers – Link. Also, as the Middle Class is financially destroyed – Link & Link, so a Civil War should happen about the time normal people can not afford food or if Biden tries to take the guns away – Link, or both. It looks like some entities are trying to divide us, and this we must resist. No Divide and Conquer!

Let us keep in mind we have 320 million people with more than 320 million guns, and recently there has been an increase of 8 million gun sales. What happens when there is no food?

WW III. Yup. In January 2021 3 star Lt. General Tom McInerny has stated many times here –  World War III has started!  The General summarized that WW III is a hybrid war that is a mixture of Biological (a Gray Swan), Cyber Warfare (another Gray Swan), and other means (other Gray Swans).

I am not going to second guess a 3 star General as I am merely a humble farmer, but I think he forgot to mention Financial Warfare, Pharmaceutical Warfare, illegal Drug Warfare, Energy Supply Warfare, and Electro-Magnetic Warfare, not to mention Food Warfare.

The head of US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), Vice Admiral Charles Richard,  warned that a nuclear war with Russia or China is a “real possibility” and is calling for a change in US policy that reflects this threat. Link

Two US Carriers Hold Exercises In South China Sea – Link. Nothing to see here folks, just move along, but where are the other Carrier Groups? Rumors are 3 are protecting our West Coast and 2 protecting our East Coast. Now why would that be?

Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations) Yup. Largest refinery on the East Coast burnt down and will not reopen Link. Largest refinery on the West Coast caught on fire Link as well as many in Texas Link & Link. And the largest refinery in the world was attacked by drones Link not to mention many oil tanker ships catching on fire Link. Let us keep in mind that we have not built a new refinery in the US since the 1970’s. And Biden just canceled the Keystone pipeline and put a moratorium on permits.

Crush oil and it destroys food production (besides all commerce). Looks like global oil wars to me, but I am just a simple farmer. Add in many suspicious train derailments Link, Link, Link  & Link and the AT&T telecommunication station was attacked in Tennessee. Has anybody bothered to figure out what happens if we have no gasoline or diesel, needless to say also electricity? Yup that is right, No Starbucks and then the collapse of society.

Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery). Not yet, although we now have a Space Force to protect our sitting duck satellites. And the Chinese launched their own satellite GPS system and do not need ours anymore. It looks like the war in space will be an extension of WW III, or vice versa. Either way, without GPS our ability to do banking and distribute electricity is shut down and our systems stop. That means the delivery of food stops and as it is an average of 1,500 miles away then you go hungry.

War in Space – “A future conflict may not start in space, but I am in no doubt it will transition very quickly to space, and it may even be won or lost in space,”  Britons Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston

The FDA is proposing GPS requirements on farms Link. What happens if GPS goes down?

So why are we not creating a Fail Safe by having regional Food Security?

Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity. Yup. The New Madrid Fault is rumbling Link, and it can also be triggered by our enemies. And we have the alignment of the gas giant planets coming in June 2024 which may trigger it. When it goes expect the majority of bridges and pipelines across the Mississippi River to be damaged and/or cut. For us on the East Coast the food and energy is on the other side of the river.

The Ring of Fire is lighting up – Link. When a few major volcanoes erupt we will see food production exponentially decrease in regions downwind. Overall, 28 volcanoes (which is a lot) around the globe are currently erupting right now. – Link. I am pretty sure it is not my over-sized diesel engine causing this like Al Gore claimed.

February 10th a Tsunami is confirmed in Australia after major swarm of 5 big earthquakes (M6.0, M6.1, M7.7, M6.1, M6.1) Link.

February 13 – Tokyo & Fukushima shaken hard as powerful M7.1 earthquake strikes off Japan’s east coast Link.

As stated many times in the Gray Swans, there is an exponential rise in earthquakes, volcanoes, and sinkholes. The United States Geological Society (USGS) is fudging the data by downgrading almost every quake, which implies somebody knows and expected the increases Link. So what is causing these increases? And what will the results be? I am pretty sure it will dramatically decrease world food production.

Also recall that John Moore of the Liberty Man Show has stated that the Richter Scale had been downgraded back in the 1980’s by 1 full number. If accurate that means a M7 today is historically a M8. Further the Richter Scale is logarithmic which means that by downgrading by 1 is actually a 10 times multiple reduction. This further distorts the data on what is really happening. When combining the USGS downgrading quakes by up to 0.5 with a full 1 reduction from the 1980’s equals a 1.5 reduction on a logarithmic scale. It looks like the USGS is possibly reducing the magnitude of reported quakes by up to 50x (5,000%).

East Coast Tsunami (El Hierro Volcano). Yup. The Canary Islands have started rumbling and also can be triggered by any enemy with a nuke (plausible deniability)  Link . When it collapses it is estimated to send a 100 ft to 300 ft tsunami hitting the entire East Coast  Video. What exactly happens when Portland, Boston, New London, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, and Washington DC all get taken out in 8 hours? Obviously the crime rate for the country drops but somehow I think the country also stops running.

American Farming & World Food Production Collapse. Yup. Many farms are going bankrupt Link along with an extremely high suicide rate for farmers Link. Government agencies are using Covid-19 to shut down farms and cull livestock Video. But don’t worry, when our farms are gone the UN says you can eat bugs Link.

There is a World War on Food. If you are unaware of this I suggest you start with Sun Tzu –  “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” ie – Keep the enemy ignorant so they won’t notice they are being defeated!

If you like food and want your family to eat I highly recommend you listen to this video done by Christen – The Ice  Age Farmer – Link. The Biden administration has launched a technocratic war on America’s food supply and accelerating a global collapse in food production.

Oh look, Biden put in place Tom Vilsack (nicked named Mr. Monsanto) as the head of the USDA, “Vilsack has made a career of catering to the whims of corporate agriculture giants — some of whom he has gone to work for”.

And Biden suspended the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) to American Farmers which is “a lifeline for farmers and ranchers across the country”.

Bill Gates is reported to be the largest owner of Farm Land in America Link. Maybe that is a hint that the future will be about Food Production and a monopoly on Food! Kissinger “ Control food and you control the people”. Are you ready to be controlled?

UN Official warns of “Famines of Biblical Proportions” in 2021 Link , but somehow I think paying one of the most corrupt organizations in the world billions of dollars will not solve the problem. Possibly closing it down will help and certainly booting them off US territory will help.

The FDA is proposing GPS requirements on farms which will add a stunning cost to small farms and food businesses Link. This is a prime example of Government agencies making administrative edict requirements without oversight adding costs and administrative barriers to small farmers and businesses. This is what destroyed our Food Grid and Food Security.

Understand there is a direct attack on American Food Production by the Satanic Globalist Bloodlines.

Trucking Industry Collapse. Yup. Covid 19 used by some governments to limit trucking and gasoline sales Link. Truckers refusing for safety reasons to go into cities defunding their police Link. Trucking companies shutting down Link. Rail traffic is plunging Link.

A new possible upcoming Gray Swan trigger event.

Gas Giants align in a Perfect Square. Basically Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus align in a square formation around June 2024 just 3 years away. This is reported to create a large new gravitational field while in alignment that pulls on Earth. So Earth “may” be put in a magnetic tug of war between the Sun and the Gas Giants. If accurate it will release major fault lines causing large earthquakes and tsunamis along with setting off many volcanoes. This again leads to a collapse in world food production. Link

On Solutions

Anybody who objectively looks into our present world fiat money system will see we have simply an uncountable amount of Federal Reserve Dollars created. The amount is estimated to be in the tens to hundreds of quadrillions. To those that argue this number I simply ask – show me an audit of the FED. For over 100 years the FED run by Khazarians has never been audited. Surprise surprise.

Before the country goes through a catastrophic financial reset, let somebody pump a trillion Federal Reserve Dollar debt notes into farming production, equipment, and infrastructure. The trillion FED dollars won’t even be a glitch in the big picture and won’t matter after the reset, but what will matter is when we have an EMP proof sustainable farming system creating Food Security throughout the country. Take the monopoly money now while exchangeable and turn it into food producing assets. That way us peasants will have food and won’t have to behead the entities that caused this (we know who you are), nor the leaders that failed in their fiduciary responsibility to protect the country (we know who you are also).

The Military needs to step in and take action. Create “Continuity of Country” (COC). When America has a hardened Food Grid we have the highest probability for most Americans to get through a supply chain collapse, or some catastrophe like a Chan Thomas event. Not everybody will make it but we want enough of us peasants to survive so we still have a country. It is a numbers game.

This also creates for the Military a huge amount of Pre-positioned Logistics in food resources around the country making a strong defense possible.

The solution is very clear

1) The White Hats of the military have to recognize Food Security is National Security. There will be no Continuity of Government (COG) if there is not enough people alive to govern. Create Continuity of Country (COC).

2) The Military immediately sets up a small and manageable group of 15 to 20 people. Lets simply call it the Food Security Council (FSC). It is a mixture between military and private sector. It only has a few members from the military, but one very high ranking General/Admiral as Chairman. Other members are from farming, food processing, transportation, logistics, finance, ect. Nobody is from existing organizations, big Agra, NGOs, or government departments nor agencies that caused this situation we are in but rather are the people that have direct hands on experience everyday.

3) The FSC creates 5 to 10 models to be applied to create Food Security throughout the country that

a) turn existing farms (large & small) into EMP proof sustainable farms able to run 1 year without resupply or external electricity.

b) create new farms quickly in rural and suburban areas

c) create new specialized City Farms (lack of a better title) mostly based on hydroponics/aquaponics in metropolitan areas and bankrupt shopping malls.

d) create micro food supply chains in regional areas

e) create micro regional food production management systems

f) create a minimum of 20% of food needs produced within 30 miles of population centers

4) Pump $1 trillion FED dollars into small local sustainable Food Production now

a) while the fiat FED Dollar has value and before the world fiat currencies collapse and reset

b) before the World War and Space War goes hot

c) before the Solar Minimum creates a world famine

d) before a Chad Thomas event happens

There is an old saying:

Give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.

Finance his fishing boat and he will feed his community for decades.

It is a good thing we have a massive program to create National Food Security. Oops, wrong President – sorry.

Until then it is best either to learn to farm and learn yoga. That way if you can not create your own food production at least you can bend over and kiss your posterior goodbye.

No Food = No America

J.C. Cole

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Our Heritage as Americans is our farms. Wake up!

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