J. C. Cole: Gray Swans February 2021 #2 “Texas Freeze – Silver Squeeze”

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American Gray Swans – February 2021 #2

Texas Freeze – Silver Squeeze!

This is Houston, we have a problem! Holy crap, everything is frozen!

Gray Swans are a series of events that could shut down America’s “Just in Time” delivery system (our supply chain) which will lead to a famine. Oh look, Texas is shut down in a freeze.

Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos.

I and many others have been warning that a Solar Minimum has begun and is bringing a mini ice age Link. Does anybody see any evidence? And what does a Solar Minimum cause? Maybe a change in global weather patterns leading to a collapse in World Food Production? Here is a great video from the Ice Age Farmer – Link

Oh look, 45% of the US winter wheat crop was just wiped out. Let us recall that this summer weather also wiped out a large percentage of the US Corn crop which was destroyed by weather (Derecho) in August 2020 Link . The USDA had to revise its estimate of damage Link. ie they originally lied. Wow, it is a good thing our government has emergency grain reserves. Oh wait, the US Grain Reserves known as the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust have been at zero (0) since 2008. So in the infinite wisdom of the US Government our grain reserves are a spreadsheet entry. That is about as smart as using a lifeboat picture out of a catalog as a lifeboat on the Titanic.

As I write the reports on crop damage are still coming in. Up to 95% of the Rio Grande Valley vegetables are gone Link.

Here is a video showing a map at 3:00 minutes of the potential new cold region for a mini ice age Video. The Texas Freeze may become the new normal.

Add in that there is a world wide soybean shortage. Link  Link . A quick reminder, soybean is a main livestock feed so expect a dramatic rise in meat prices.

Speaking of meat, Bill Gates, the largest farmland owner in America Link is not developing the land into sustainable livestock production in harmony with the Earth but is rather promoting “Lab” grown Synthetic Beef Link (the entrée will be a “Jab” injection of toxic DNA altering chemicals). And what happens if the Beef is synthesized using human blood for the adrenochrome crowd? Crazy? Well possibly it is already happening Link Link.

But let us look at Texas and how simple it is for technology to fail. A cold snap knocked out power, water, and heat to millions Link. Grocery stores emptied in hours, but were not refilled as I have been saying because the food is 1,500 miles away as the supply chain collapses Link. Texas was minutes away from a complete disaster Link.

Petroleum refineries stopped working Link with 40% of US production going offline Link. Didn’t I mention in the last Gray Swans “Crush oil and it destroys food production (besides all commerce). Looks like global oil wars to me, but I am just a simple farmer.” What timing!

And look, an entire Fuel Tanker Convoy explodes on the Afghan-Iran border Link. Coincidence!

Oh, and another train accident again related to energy, a massive explosion in Texas as a coal train collides with an 18 wheeler  Link. So many coincidences, you would think we were at war or something. Is anybody counting?

A nuclear electric plant shuts down in Texas because they didn’t put antifreeze in the system Link. Oh that fills me with the warm and fuzzies! They are supposed to be smart nuclear scientists, what – they did not watch the weather report?

Wind turbines (the reported “green” saving grace of humanity) which account for a fifth of the Texas’ energy, froze faster than if Congress saw Nancy Pelosi without makeup Link.

In April 2020 I wrote the Gray Swan titled “Covid – 19 possibly may save America!” And it still holds true. It awoken many of the ignorant sleeping sheeple that our supply chain can very simply collapse. Notice that after a year nobody has come up with a plan (except me) to remove America’s vulnerability to the supply chain collapse. Instead the talking heads say take the vaccine like that will solve the supply chain issue. Even worse, take the vaccine every year totally ignoring that any real pandemic and the supply chain collapses (almost like it is planned).

Oh look, it is planned. The Rockefeller’s “Lock Step” Link

“3rd Phase: if the majority of people resist the vaccine, a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus will be released. A lot of people will die from this. It will be survival of the fittest. It will also be the ultimate push for everyone to be vaccinated, in order to return to normality. Those who have taken the vaccine will be at war with those who have not. It will be anarchy from all sides”

And look, fights are already starting between Masked and Unmasked Americans. Link Link & Link. What “Divide and Conquer”? What happens when it becomes a belief over a “life saving” or “deadly irreversible” injection and your access to food or work?  Merkel  Work

Do people not understand,  nobody can stop a pandemic once it is released? The lack of food caused by the collapse of the supply chain will kill more people than the pandemic. The supply chain we can do something about.

Maybe the Texas Freeze will help save America. Maybe it will awaken many of the ignorant sleeping sheeple that our entire system is a complex chain of Technology, and technology fails. When it fails and the food is a few thousand miles away you starve. The supply chain is the control mechanism.

There are some reports that the weather was manipulated to increase the damage Link. And some believe it could have been an act of war Link. Whether the Texas Freeze was a Satanic bitch slap, a Beta Test, or a warning – it vividly points out how fragile and vulnerable our systems are.

Now 1 year after Covid-19 Americans and the world are awakening to the fact that Satanic Bloodlines are using Covid-19 to control us, to control our food, and for us to take a deadly DNA altering toxic injection. Look, London (Satanic Central) is trying to make it a requirement to take the “Jab” in order to buy food or go to the pub Link. Oh look, Israel is requiring the jab to get a “green pass” to enter public areas Link. 43 percent of Israeli citizens have been inoculated (injected with the toxic mix) with at least one shot, and the FDA calls it “Experimental”. Those Jews have such a short memory – taking untested experimental injections given by an authority. It is a Satanic Blitzkrieg.

Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)

100 million Americans where affected by the deep freeze with tens of millions losing power last week Link & Link, and that was just 1 storm. Walmart closed 500 stores Link. It is quite simple to see that if a combination of Gray Swans hit at the same time then the entire country can shut down, and help is not coming. Add to this, some government morons are pushing going to a “cashless” society. How exactly are you going to buy anything if the electricity is out?

And look at what happened to the price of electricity in Texas Link, as mind boggling electric bills arrive Link.

In China, the 3 Gorges Dam is 1.4 miles long and is showing cracks Link while at it’s all time highest water level and as the Monsoon rains are just beginning. What could possibly go wrong?

If the 3 Gorges Dam breaks in China about 400 million people will be directly affected Link. That is only 5% of the world population that will be instantly in trouble. Additionally the dam burst will wipe out an estimated 70% of China’s food production leaving 1 billion people without food. Do you think possibly this will affect the global price of food when 15% of the world’s population just lost their supply?

And this is another example of how “Economics of Scale” threatens humanity. Instead of building  hundreds of smaller dams spreading the risk throughout the country, build 1 massive dam so that if it fails it is a global game changer.

Credit & Financial Payments Collapse.

The Silver Squeeze. A few weeks ago the Reddit group started to focus on going after the silver shorts. While this is a relatively small amount of people to effect a global market, the issue looks to be quite large. It is not the little guys, but the big guys to watch. At this present time there are open interest silver contracts at the Comex for approximately 240 million ounces of silver. They have only 1 day left till February 24th to roll the contracts over or decide to take possession of the silver. It may take a month or so for all this to play out.

Many silver bugs don’t believe there is that much silver available Link. ie – the banks lied. I know this is a stunning revelation for the sheeple – that banks lie. No, tell me it isn’t so.

When the silver monopoly breaks, then it is game on for the collapse of the fiat currencies. And then very simply, the value of all assets go into a chaotic reset. Been there, done that! That prized Austin Martin will be worth less than a donkey. If you don’t know why, you don’t know farming. All assets in the former Soviet Union got revalued when it collapsed.

We can get through a controlled reset as long as the credit markets continue to function. We need the credit system because our food is thousands of miles away, and credit guarantees payment. If it collapses, so does our delivery system. For the first time in the history of the world our food is 1,500 miles away. What Einstein allowed this to happen?

Has anybody done an analysis on what happens to farms, food production, and trucking when a financial and currency collapse happens? I think 98% of the population will, but a bit too late.

Speaking of short squeezes, JPMorgan predicts that the Biggest Short Squeeze may soon be coming to commodities in general and oil in particular Link. Oh crap, that oil thing again. I sure am glad we created Food Security in America because could you imagine what would happen to NYC and Long Island if the supply chain broke? Death Zones! It would be like the John Carpenter movie “Escape from New York”. That is when NYC became a giant prison, gee kind of like what it is today with De Blasio and Cuomo. Maybe better if we don’t discuss Carpenter’s films, like “They Live”.

Our farms are our lifeboats, and they are across the board in dangerous condition for an emergency. The whole concept of the Gray Swans is to get people to wake up and invest in the only thing that can save us – a massive amount of local small EMP proof sustainable farms.

A review of the Gray Swan Events can be found here – A Quick Review. Another great document to read was prepared by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) – When Trucks Stop, America Stops.

Make sure to read the summary on page 9.

“It is the Supply Chain Stupid”

It is pretty clear, nobody is fixing the issue. Our supply chain is guaranteed to collapse, it is simply a question of time. So you are YOYO. “you are on your own”. I suggest you prepare. First, buy the book “When Technology Fails” by Matt Stein and/or “Dare to Prepare” by Holly Deyo.

Take a read of this short document I put together for close friends. Beginning Important Preps. It may get you and your family through an event like the Texas Freeze or a Gray Swan.

Some say we are in a Shadow War, a Silent War. Even one guy wearing cowboy boots and anonymously going by a stage name Juan says we are in WW IV, that may shortly go kinetic. He does wear a white Cowboy hat. Can all those White Hats out there realize that possibly Food is important in the war and Silently we have been set up for a collapse of our Supply Chain? Maybe do something about it! If we are at war, why are we not preparing the private sector? We can’t fight without food.  Why does it feel like the private sector is being throne under the bus?

Understand there is a direct attack on American Food Production by the Satanic Globalist Bloodlines.

No Food = No America

J.C. Cole

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Our Heritage as Americans is our farms. Wake up!

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