J. C. Cole: Video Summarized, Everything Wrong with the Fake Capital Shooting

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Everything Wrong with the Capitol Shooting

Text summary of key points below the fold.

  1. The video maker breaks down the available footage of the “Shooting Incident” showing it is a staged event. The where all actors.
  2. The line of the projectile from the gun would not have hit her (the victim) in the neck.
  3. When the shot is fired, nobody ducks for cover nor runs away.
  4. There was no wound blood for 20 seconds, then blood 4 seconds later.
  5. They never exposed the wound, never took off the neck bandana which is the first thing you do.
  6. They pronounced her dead after a very short time, which only a Coroner can do.
  7. The SWAT team is a joke, never takes control of the situation and waves their ARs around.
  8. With a two man carry, they carried her down stairs without a stretcher when she should have never been moved if she had a neck injury.
  9. They carried her down stairs with her head & wound downhill. Always elevate the wound and when possible do not have the victim upside down.
  10. There should have been massive blood on the stairs, there wasn't.
  11. One woman actually said “It is all acting, they are actors”
  12. Another woman “I am convinced it was rehearsed and orchestrated, from what I saw”
  13. Basically, this video is proof that what Pelosi used to Impeach Trump was staged.

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