Review (Guest): Open Your Mind by Martin Geddes Q Anon Plus

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You have Q the original source and then you have the QAnons who study Q’s posts and interpret what they mean. Then you have those who translate the posts outside the QAnon group into the more general environment with books like Revolution Q by Neon Revolt or videos on the Internet like Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and Robert Steele.

For those like me who have come to the Q ideas later, one of the best short explanations of Q is contained in the short book Open Your Mind by the British telecommunications consultant Martin Geddes. One can check out his web page at and get a sense of the high end sophistication of his telecommunications expertise. Geddes offers that rare combination of one who can communicate with words and also knows the technology of the greatest communication technology in the world today: telecommunications.

Right after I read the massive Q Revolt by Neon Revolt, making a lot of notes, I went directly to reading Geddes’ Open Your Mind to Change: A Guidebook to the Great Awakening by Martin Geddes. Have many thoughts on Q Revolt and will discuss these later. A revolutionary book, though, is all I want to say right now. From the frontlines of translating things out from a QAnon very close to Q. Like a war correspondent in the field of battle. We’re provided the continuing clues of Q that Neon Revolt translates for an increasing following. A failed screenwriter for Hollywood. Thank God. We would have never heard his incredible story if he had made it onto the Hollywood Blacklist.

* * *

After the emotional book by Neon Revolt of putting us on the frontlines of battle in the QAnon phenomenon today, similar to a modern Hunter Thompson in many ways, the short book by Martin Geddes takes more of a philosophical perspective on the phenomenal movement. It has a Forward by Robert Steele (a member of what I define as the Trio which includes Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes). I download it on Amazon’s Kindle (which I highly recommend) and have been going through it a little each day because each chapter offers so much to ponder.

If Neon Revolt was written about Q from the frontlines of the battlefront, Geddes provides more of a perspective on the philosophy of Q. Like Neon Revolt, Geddes also has a way with words and is able to express the idea of Q from a high altitude, above all the propaganda and party politics attached to the letter “Q” and the word QAnon. I’m including a PDF of a powerful chapter of the book so that readers can judge for themselves what they think about the writing and ideas of Martin Geddes. In my opiniion, his word is a short introduction to the overall philosophy of Q. Anyone who thinks it is about Trump is way off target.

The real power of Q comes from the fact that Q goes beyond the labels of party politics. Liberals will fight anyone even thinking this. Yet consider a few facts about Q brought out in the chapter below by Geddes. First of all, Q concerns global forces and not national forces. Second, it extends itself in time away from the party politics of the present. Q suggests a historic, global battle rather than an American political one. It suggests a veil has been over Western eyes in their perception of reality. (Is more of an Eastern symbol suggested by Q? Or is the East tainted like the West in the battle of Good versus Evil?)

Anyway, reading the chapter below from the Geddes book should be an interesting experience and should introduce you to the main Villains and Evil in the world of Q. I wonder how many others see the same villains as Geddes suggests. The view of Geddes is a larger view, outside American politics, because Geddes is outside American politics as a Britt. It is also informed by the experiences of someone who grew up in and escaped a cult. (The same experience defines the early life of Charlie Ward).

But for my money, it is a pretty good cast of villains in the world right now. At least the way I see things. A perspective (a belief) I have right now about life. Formed much from a number of Britts. Perhaps they have that same outside perspective on America that Marshall McLuhan had. For one thing, Neon Revolt is from New Jersey and Martin Geddes is from England.


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