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Bubbe wrote after a first exchange:

I understand. Maybe when this shit show is behind us in a few months or in the Fall, you could do a brief show on it. I – and I’m sure other Jews – would want to sort all this out.


Robert Steele replied:

Now that is a very good suggestion.

There are two ways you could make a difference:

01 Give me a list of seven questions to answer that any faithful Jew would want answered in relation to the Holocaust

Here are all links at my site with Holocaust in the title, note that some holocausts are real.  I am VERY interested in your suggestion.

Holocaust @ Phi Beta Iota

02 An expansion of the above would be for you and several of your friends to join me in a Zoom to have this discussion, after you all agree on questions that should be asked.  I can be ready and do screen share.

I do not claim to be an authority on this very important point, only to believe that the UK and the Zionists  — not the Jews — collaborated to create the holocaust myth.  For example, US Army elements “owned” by the Zionists and the UK stacked naked German Army bodies — dead of typhus and starvation — for many of the photos.  Auschwitz claim of 6M is now at 1.5M and  the gas ovens have been completely discounted.  Most Hollywood films including Schindlers' List (which I own and love and watch many times) are perpetuating a myth.

It is time for this question to be openly discussed among normal Jews.  I am very interested in doing something about this.

It may interest you to know that the US Muslim population is growing increasingly hostile to Saudi Arabia and to the idea of Sharia Law, just as every patriotic Jew in the USA must be hostile to the idea of Noahide laws or to the rabbis and the Ashekenazis and Chabad being above the law which is what Jared Kushner and his felon father think.  Too many Zionist criminals consider goyim law to not apply to them, and believe that all gentiles are shiksas, the equivalent of whores who can be debased with impunity.  This is not a good place to be if you want to be a fully embraced part of a multi-religious community of faith respecting the Constitutional separation of faith and state.

It also merits comment that eleven million Germans were put to death AFTER D-Day.

Apart from the matter of the holocaust myth, there is the matter of Israel as an invented, criminal (Red Mafiya — dominated by Russian criminals) apartheid state that is also genociding the Palestinians while it censors and digitally assassinates patriots in the USA through its use of sayonim — including 12 Zionists traitors who are US citizens and appear to have funding Zionist nuclear smuggling, Zionist trafficking in children and pedophilia blackmail of judges, governors, legislators, and others, and Zionist industrial espionage using computer software and hardware designed to steal and installed with the complicity of Zionist sayonim across US federal, state, and local governments as well as across universities, corporiations, and non-profits.

Below offers some documented books and other facts on this matter.

Robert Steele: On the Zionist Parasite — America First Demands An End to Israel First (Treason) UPDATE on Zionist Funding & Control of Black Lives Matters, Pieczenik Video (7:13)

All of this demands a Special Prosecutor and due process of law, but it must be a lawful system that has not been compromised. In the USA today election fraud is used to install controlled corrupt officials who then enable Wall Street treason & crime, and all of that is controlled by Satanic pedophilia in which the Zionists play a huge part, witness Jeffrey Epstein  and Ghislaine Maxwell.

I am huge on the concepts of Truth & Reconciliation and also on the possibilities of the Day of Atonement when it is not interpreted as a free pass  against screwing all the goyim with impunity. Ethics — and respect for God — must be non-partisan and trans-denominational. Any religion — including the Catholics and the Mormons — that seeks to be above the law of the land must be brought into line or expelled.

I will gladly put together a small group of myself and two others and invite you to put together a group of three, and we can have  a zoom discussion that is recorded — I am particularly interested in knowing what a decent faithful patriotic Jew would demand in the way of substantive information so as to begin to question the Zionist narrative.  You have a right to be persuaded with facts, not lies.


Bubbe responded:

I am always open to learning and certainly do not believe all Jews are angels. Trust me when I say decent Jews are horrified that fellow Jews like Epstein, Weinstein, Madoff, Soros (For God's Sake – evil incarnate) etc. are allowed to walk the planet. Along with being mortifying for us, people like that fuel the ever-growing, unending fires of anti-Semitism. Anything we can do to sort all of that would be wonderful. Could Mel K join us? I love her!

Robert Answered:

You are absolutely correct in all respects. Not only do the Zionists and the criminals give Jews a bad name, but they then add injury to insult by using “anti-Semitism” as a “trick” to censor people who object to their crimes and genocidal actions.

Our shared goal, I believe, is protection and respect for Jews combined with the eradication of Zionist Red Mafiyi treason and criminality that makes all Jews targets for those who do not understand that Judaism and Zionism are not the same thing.

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