Robert Steele: Open Letter to the Editor, Concord Monitor

Cultural Intelligence

With reference to Jonathan P. Baird: Down the rabbit hole with three conspiracy theories, Concord Monitor, 2/21/2021

You recently published a village idiot seeking to disparage and defame what he called “conspiracy theorists.” As a former CIA spy I can assure you that the term was devised by the CIA to diminish and defame those who sought to question the official narrative about the JFK assassination.

I ran a false flag for the CIA. They are very real, and only a village idiot would not understand that deception is a major aspect of every part of our false democracy. Your readers can learn from my primary on the topic at

The village idiot you published also sought to argue with respect to the theft of the election. I published Election 2000: Lipstick on the Pig and went on to found, with black female former Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney, #UNRIG Election Reform Act, a campaign now gaining traction across the country. Your readers can learn more at

Then we come to the matter of Satanic pedophilia. As a spy I have dealt with great darkness, and as the top non-fiction reviewer, with over 2,000 reviews published, I have learned from others. I am also the Chief Counsel for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, and the publisher of the website as well as the sponsor of the book series — each book in the top 500 in the world within a week of publishing, on Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State.

Your village idiot neglected to focus on Wall Street treason & crime. Wall Street has stolen $100 trillion in the past 20 years from widows & orphans, from cops, firemen, nurses, teachers and Main Street small businesses, with counterfeit shares. Wall Street has also laundered $100 trillion in the past 20 years, dirty money from trafficking in children, drugs, and other illicit goods. Details are at the website and in my Memorandum for the President at

Everything is connected.  Election fraud enables a corrupt and controlled Congress that in turn enables Wall Street treason and crime, and all of this is held together by Satanic pedophilia, pedophilia entrapment, and pedophilia blackmail — ask Lin Wood about Chief Justice Roberts as a case study.

Please, stop publishing bullshit from village idiots.  You disgrace yourselves and your readers.  There is vastly more intelligent life out here than you seem to realize.

Robert David Steele

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