Robert Steele: What Percentage Is Awake Where?

Cultural Intelligence

I was asked by a subscriber to The Steele Report this past Saturday what percentage of the public I thought might be awake.

My answer: 70% in the USA, 50% in the Commonwealth countries, and 30% everywhere else.

Martin Geddes has an interesting different take.

Agree 70% USA, depending on definition of “awake”.

In the Commonwealth countries I would say under 50%  — more like 30%.

ROW is hard to say. In some places everyone knows the government is corrupt and the media lies, so are they awake or not? What is a wild “conspiracy theory' in the USA is widely understood to be ordinary history elsewhere (e.g. anomalies in the Apollo footage, 9/11 as a false flag).

I will update this as I get input from Charlie Ward Simon Parkes, and Sacha Stone.

Charlie Ward:

In some European countries the majority are still fast asleep in terms of the liberation possibilities, as they have grown up inter tyranny and do not question anything. They hate their government but still believe everything the government says and surrender to the government through fear. The police are threatening huge fines for disobedience. Totally illegal but they don’t question it. FEAR!

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