Sacha Stone: Lucifer & Satan & We Today

Lucifer Movie (Overview)

The Cult of Lucifer: by Sacha Stone*

Lucifer and His Cult are seeded within the emergence of the very idea of Time. Time itself demarcating the separation of souls from the eternal principle of Prior Unity.

As we bravely seek to retrieve the story of CosmoGenesis we are required to journey through the mind across a labyrinthine ocean of myth and memory. A journey which requires that we suspend all fixed notions of reality and…more than that…prepare ourselves for a radical overhaul of our conceptual framework altogether.

Lucifer…..although shrouded in conflicting and often contradictory meanings is commonly understood to represent an archetypal tour de force positioned somewhere between the Devil himself and the perennial light-bearer or morning star. The notion stems from the idea that He was the highest of the Angelics who fell from Heavens grace into the great abyss….the void….the cauldron of creation. The very pit of Sodom and Gomorrah wherein we find ourselves again in the year 2021 – still captive within a raging orchestra of chaos moving through our world….living souls converted into dead-fictions through the spells and bonds of ages….enslaved to the tyranny of invisible masters and constrained within an unimaginable apparatus of what we can only describe as evil.

Looking around ourselves… the motions and genuflections of billions of souls in our streets and our towns…the cities and enclaves of a disparate and ruptured civilisation…fractured by socio-economic divides….cultural and religious divisions…..moralistic and spiritual chasms….we emerge as a common species, defined in essence by a desperate search for relevancy….for redemption….and for salvation. The heroes journey.

This is the story of how the Beast of the Sea finally made its way onto dry shores… emerge as the Beast of the Land. Where Admiralty or maritime Law (the law of piracy) usurped the law of the land and both infiltrated and commandeered natural law…..the law of the land and Gods law.

It is the story of how we collectively breached the soul-covenant, offered ourselves up for harvest and granted permission for this infiltration every step of the way.

It is the story of you and I.

It is the story of how we arrived at the status quo and how we now choose to define a reclamation of our lives, our souls and our precious planet.

In the end…it is the story of how we find our way back home.

Thousands of years ago under the thrall of archonic influences, the Brotherhood of the Snake and the Sons of Belial – wrong-action and wickedness emerged as a rudimentary source-code to the current seeding of humankind. As Baal worship and Human Sacrifice prospers – we see the genesis of Canaanite ritualism leading through the strains of Osiris and Nimrod to the Phaorahs of Egypt and the Kings of Babylon.

Talmudism gave rise to Judeans and the Synagogue of Satan as the tryst of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar seeded within the Roman Empire a marriage between Amun Ra and the Cult of Saturn…..issuing as the birthplace of Monotheism.

The weaponisation of Christianity through the Council of Nicea takes place in 325 AD realising the genesis of a Vatican complex. Wholesale slaughter of the noble Cathars and Hermetics gives rise to the Roman Catholic Church whereupon the true cross is upturned….and the message of Yeshua inverted to create the most formidable template for planetary cult-programming ever conceived in the history of mankind. The Vatican…..a complex borne out of Sol Invictus and Hellenization emerges as the ultimate leviathan which will cleave its way throughout history for the next 1700 years…to the present day.

1066 and the onset of Doomsday demarcates the bloodied line between the living and the dead. Where all living souls and the living soil itself are systematically registered and tabulated….and converted into bonds and deeds. The Church and State were never separated…..and have always issued as the self same thing. Acting as the proxies of Cronus they began forging and consolidating Lucifer’s empire using the souls of the living, along with all tithes, penalties and taxes as the true collateral behind all global economics and finance.

The Judean lineage, in compact with the Vatican, steers its course through the Middle Ages to become the Khazarian empire. Commandeering the good Jewish faith and seeding crypto-Judaism at the same time as Vatican crusades and Roman legions gave birth to the Knights Templar, masquerading as poor knights of Christ. Papal States and the rise of Islam occur concurrent to the emergence of Kabbalah…..which begins a diabolical process of subverting Natural Law and Gods Law into Canon and Shariah Law.

The weaponisation of Christianity, Judaism and Islam is locked and loaded.

Through the Khazarian Court Jews and the Pontifical Guard of the Templars, assured through the enforcement of Shariah and Canon Law, the Black Nobility take their throne in Switzerland in the year 1291. Laying claim as the Merovingians, they begin their conquest of people and planet through Inquisitions and the rise of the Venetians. Trade and Commerce become the new weapons of hegemony and dominion, of conquest and the desecration of the living men women of the living soil.

The Papal Bulls and Doctrine of Discovery are promulgated by European monarchies in order to legitimise the illicit colonisation of all the lands of the world. This takes place between the mid-fifteenth and twentieth centuries, allowing the Imperial hegemony of the Crowns of Europe to seize the lands and massacre billions of our black skin, brown skin, yellow skin and redskin brothers and sisters in what is assuredly the gravest abomination in human history. A mass sacrifice of innocence and desecration of the songs of ancestry, which will echo through the end of Time.

The Society of Jesus through the Jesuitical order at the Council of Trent in 1534 perverts Christianity into the atom-seed of what will become the modern Deep State. The assassins are born. The inverted message of Yeshua has become a clarion call for a planetary orchestration of bloodsports, subversion, infiltration, deception and sacrifice of innocence. The Bank of England and Dutch East India interests thus forge their way through trade and commerce, usury and exploitation ….to the emergence of the Masons in 1717 with the formation of a United Grand Lodge which is the true birth of Luciferianism in the temporal domain.

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 seeds the formation of the United Kingdom and the Rothschild dynasty, both empowered through the Jesuitical Suppressions in concert with Scottish Rite Freemasonry to catalyse the formation of a Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 under the leadership of Adam Weishaupt: a damnable soul who can indeed lay claim as the patron Saint of the modern Bilderbergs. This very same year saw the birth of Masonic Atlantis…..the United States of America. Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages) Glorified and immortalised on the Great Seal of the United States.

The Napoleonic Wars between 1803 and 1815 paved the way for a consolidation of the Vatican City and City of London in 1871 giving spark to a culminating element of a trifecta of evil-empire….Washington District of Columbia in 1871. With this spark emerges the flame of worldwide destructivity that is the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, a fateful day on which the soul of humanity was put to the pyre of Moloch. The prime target became the living soul of that great human experiment – America, and by extension all peoples of the world. Forced into usury, debt, scarcity economics and systemic corruptibility of all governments and their institutions and agencies.

Every government on earth is thus owned by and indentured to their national reserve banks which are in turn owned by and indentured to the central banking cartel, consolidated through the Bank of International Settlements in Basle Switzerland and the IMF, IFC, World Bank, BoE and ultimately Vatican Bank. This Molochite Sabbatean cabal which exists as a transnational, transcultural and Satanic construct is answerable not to God of Men but to their own Dark Lord. To whom penance, tribute and tithe must be constantly and consistently made on the altar of life through blood sacraments, sex-magic, pedophilia and the inversion of kundalini or life-force………and ultimately through systemic stealth sacrifice of innocence.

Our religious, political, academic, military, corporate and media leadership are cast adrift within the thrall and compromise of these dynastic Sabbatean, Satanic and Luciferian elements and their G-dless agendas. A faustian pact is offered to all comers and invariably taken before the sin is realised. Sexual blackmail is rife. Bribery and blackmail are standard practise. Global depopulation becomes a needful and perfunctory necessity toward realising transhumanization of the mortal realm. That is because the grand enterprise of Luciferic-Satanism has been to prepare our species for full-spectrum intervention and take-over at the oversoul level. Universal Law determines that this can only occur where permissions are granted by the subject. The Adamites, the Sons and Daughters of God. Which is where election rigging, racketeering and financial hegemony become integral to the great Crime of Ages every bit as much as the spells and bonds of witchery and mind control are necessary to trick humanity into abnegating conscience, reason and thereby the very fabric of our souls.

This is the great reckoning. The Mark of the Beast has arrived, ushered into the daylight by Davos and the Sons of Lucifer. It offers us our greatest gift – which is the perfect reflection of all the unresolved aspects of ourselves at the collective and individuated soul level.

Do we take the mark or do we not. Do we obey or do we not. Do we acquiesce or do we not. Do we permit the surgical steel of a needle point to breach the sovereign skin of our noble Adamite flesh….or do we not.

By the Grace of G-d, we get to decide.

Arise homosapiens!

Sacha Stone

  • ROBERT STEELE: Movie title likely to change, Sacha is exploring the differences between Lucifer and Satan and will set the stage for understanding how the rigged system is dependent on child trafficking, pedophilia blackmail, child torture, cannibalism, adrenochrome, and more.  By 1 June there will be no doubt in anyone's mind as to the tight connection between election fraud, complicit federal, state and local governments in a state of treason; Wall Street treason & crime; and Satanic pedophilia s the glue that holds this vast network of traitors and criminals in line forthe 1% against the 99%.

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