Yoda: Alert Reader on Japanese Machine Making Fuel From Plastic

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Alert Reader writes in:

Japanese Inventor creates machine that transforms plastic bags into fuel (inhabitat.com)

Japanese ‘Blest Machine' recycles plastic into oil at home | WIRED UK

I remember years ago seeing this Japanese man present his invention to Shark Tank, who declined to help him finance it, beholden as they are to Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Real Estate, etc.  If there is a way to contact him, it would make for a phenomenal interview.
Imagine how much clean up could be done if this was used everywhere, at sea, on the ground, around garbage dumps!  Humans have the creativity.  What they don't have are the means to exploit their inventions. Not only could we clean up Earth but by recycling oil, we could use it over and over, thereby limiting our ground destruction and the destruction of countless animal species.  That would be the end of the atrocity called “Green New Deal”.
Ito’s inspiration for the method came from the simple realization that plastic bags are created from oil, thus they should be able to be converted back to their original form. The machine heats the plastic with electricity, then traps the vapors, which it then cools and condenses into crude oil. The crude oil can be used to heat generators and some stoves, and when refined, it can be used for gasoline.
When he first created the process, Ito explained that by converting plastic into oil, we eliminate CO2 pollution and raise the awareness of plastic’s fuel potential. When plastic is burned — a common way to recover potential energy sources — it generates a large amount of toxins and CO2.
Another Alert Reader has provided a website: https://blest.co.jp/

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