The Marshall Report: “Cued” or Q’d In?

Cultural Intelligence

“CUED” OR “Q’d” IN?

What if I told you that Q was a Pentagon Program? Would you believe that? What if I told you it was a sham? Would you believe that? What if I told you it was to prepare a people to be able to connect dots and do research to see what is taking place? Why would you even care?

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Phi Beta  Iota: There is absolutely no question that a Great Awakening is being orchestrated aimed at the 30% that are neither patriots nor free thinkers. It is working. The Deep State is in a frenzy of fear at precisely the same time that the Patriots are not in fear and the love frequency is spiking very high. This battle is over. The war is won but a great deal of non-violent truth & recociliation, as well as illicit wealth civil and criminal forfeiture followed by a redistribution of that wealth to the 99% who were robbed of $100 trillion over the past 15 years, is carefully managed.

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