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Adm Mike Rogers Does Mike Rogers have a role to play in the next Trump term?

Air Combat Simon Parks today said there was American-Chinese-Iranian air combat engagement ‘somewhere' between 1/1/21 & 1/? …do you know anything about this? If true ‘ZERO NEWS Coverage”???

Air in DUMBS How can people breathe in DUMBS?

Avoiding War Biden is doing much damage and it seems like war drums are beating between China and Taiwain. How will Trump avoid war when the military might want an excuse to make war?

Banks What will happen to dollars in bank accts (Savings and checking) during reset of financial system

Biden EOs Biden's executive orders are in fact showing up in the federal register–does this matter? Also, for businesses that have SBA loans prior to the reset–will they be required to pay those back or will they be forgiven.

Biden Fake I was wondering what is your opinion about Biden not being the real Biden but a fake imposter/actor.

Black Hats Counterintelligence I I'm a former Marine and former law enforcement officer. I'm a warrior and patriot. Also, I'm one of the “good guys”. That being said: Has much thought been given to the likely possibility of the “Black Hats” (bad guys) infiltrating your Inner Circle of Patriots; record vital information; share this information with TPTB thus halting an important chess move in our favor.
I'm confident you've already planned for such a scenario. But, please set my mind at ease.

Burma as Model How does a third world country like Burma get justice for their fraudulent election before America? Also do you see it happening in America within the next month?

Ceasar’s Messiah Robert during last Saturday's Spy Improv broadcast you mentioned a book “Czar's Messiah”? I have been unable to find any trace of it – cold you provide further information, such as the author, please.

Conservative Judas Is it not correct to think that mainstream “conservative” media personalities such as: Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly are all paid gatekeepers (Judas goats) whose job it is to steer their audiences away from discussing various uncomfortable facts about 9/11 or Iran/Contra since it casts an unfavorable light on the deep state regimes of Bush/Cheney/Reagan?

Covid Police What in the world does the NIH need Covid19 Police Officers for??

EU Evolution Please, how do you see the evolution of the EU further the changes being brought to the USA. – Possible forms of change – Desirable evolution – Our corrupt politicians in France especially.

Extreme Protection My neighborhood is thick with like minded people as I am, and we are thinking protection. What lengths should we go to as an extreme? I am aware of laws and limits – not so certain that's going to go out the window! We have excellent military training among seven of us! Your guidance please!

Flynn on Billings Doug Billings just interviewed General Michael Flynn. The general pretty much stated that nothing is true about him being asked by Donald Trump right now to head up anything for him politically. That the insurrection act was never signed. And the military in Washington have nothing to do with Donald Trump or the military being in control .Can you please help me to understand why everything we’ve been listening to he is shooting down.

Flynn on Billings Why did General Flynn say that there is no plan, no insurrection act was signed and the military is not in control. He also said the best thing for us to do is get involved in the election process. Getting involved doesn’t mean a damn thing if we’re going to allow them to steal the election anyway. He said volunteer at polling places…why? So we can watch it happen live?

Flynn on Billings General Flynn was interviewed by Doug Billings on Friday, 5th. He said President Trump did not sign the Insurrection Act. He said the military is not running the country. Our balloon of hopefulness has been burst! Consequently, there's no point in continuing to listen to you, or Simon Parkes, or Charlie Ward and others. Now what can we look forward to?

Gray Swans Would President Trumps return by 1 April 2021 or before mitigate grey swan event(s) as analyses by JC Cole & yourself. Or would Patriots still need to be vigilant and work on weak areas of food security. Juan O Savin says we got this having the high ground and military support?

Indicators on US Inc What indications, warnings, signs, signals should we look for if/when the US military acknowledges a shift away from US Inc?

Investments How will the reset on Wall Street affect our investments (401K) etc. Hearing chatter on precious metals to avoid loosing money or investment. But I don’t think we would loose anything, instead we would gain as we did when President Trump took over. Please share your thoughts on the above.

Israel as Enemy I like how seamlessly you laid the good vs. evil and I’ve looked at it that way every step of the way. So, pertaining to Israel being the enemy, how do I best describe Israel as actually being the bad guy to my (Christian)family and is there a good reference that you can point me to in that?

John Kerry John Kerry says there are 9 years left until climate change makes our planet unihabitable. I say if we don't get rid of the deep state in 2021 we will not have to wait for the other 8 years to transpire. Do you agree?

Kim Gouen I ran across Life Force Global. Kim is saying that she is in control of the monetary system??? And that we are to take back our world without governments. This is ALL confusing.

Media Blackout Good Morning America aired the statement of the national guardsman about transitioning to military power. Why hasn't any media reported on this? This is big news, and no one is covering it!

Military Loyalty There’s a lot of talk on the internet that President Donald Trump called for the Insurrection Act because of foreign interference in our election process. Did he do this? Also, the talk continues that the military is still investigating and making arrests and will move on this new administration soon. My question, I have always believed the military is loyal to a new President and if so, how could anything be happening when there is a new administration in the White House?

Military Trump If 800 high ranking members of the military support Trump, is that a substantial amount?

Military Vaccines Do you know what the military's role is with the role out of the C-19 vaccines? Will it be forced on the entire population at the point of a gun under the orders of the Biden administration?

Mirror On the Flinn interview it says Mirror in ( )—what does this mean?
I've noticed this on other videos as well

Money Source If our government is bankrupt how is everyone getting paid! Who is funding this Country?

Movie by Check Robert, Id like to donate to the movies but do not want to setup a paypal account. Is there another way?

Naked Shorts So, did the naked shorts set up the valid shorts? Was this the wealthiest setting up the billionaires? Did others besides Charles Payne note that more shares were shorted than exist? What is your take on this?

Naked Shorts It seems that the Game Stock activity was a result of Naked Short Selling. Is that true? If so, those naked short sellers had to buy back their own short positions.

People on Lists Saw the list of deaths, arrests, Gitmo, house arrests, etc. Why am I still seeing people on these lists making decisions about our future, still walking around and after googling names seeing that the “death lists” were hoaxes? Obama & Big Mike still alive???

Public Education Would you agree Robert as part of fighting the deep state it is essential to fill the vacuum left with genuine like minded people ? Do you have any ideas on how to move this forward avoiding pitfalls? Maybe forming central hub for this so we can support each other?

Q as Disinformation Is it possible that Q is a government disinformation campaign and that a real op is yet to be seen?

RCMP Is the RCMP of Canada deep state ???

Russell J. Gould Do you have any information on Russell J Gould and his control over the Title 4 flag

Taibbi’s Error Taibbi's otherwise excellent article on GameStop fails to emphasize your point that the SEC's criminal permission to Wall Street to access an unlimited credit line and sell the whole float plus additional counterfeit shares of competitors has gutted American enterprise for 30 years and entrenched incumbents by enabling them to steal or obliterate competitors' inventions for pennies on the dollar. How do we stop this public-private gang rape?

Troops a Threat Are these troops a threat to us?

Trump Election If Trump already has ALL the proof of fraud, as we've been told, why even bring it up at impeachment. Why not take the easiest route on merit and get in and out quickly so you can address the reset later, OR if lawyers saw all the incontrovertible proof Trump has, why wouldn't they want to present it?

Trump Family Views Does the Trump family really think these Covid vaccines are good?

Trump on Zionists I would like your comments regarding President Trump's praise of Kushner in his farewell speech as well as his pardoning Jonathan Pollard at the last minute. Doesn't sound like he would change anything regarding Israel in a second term. His support of Israel in his first term makes no sense considering all that he has done to support Israel. Maybe Trump is on the take just like all the other politicians in WDC

Trump Pedophilia Good morning and thank you for your work. I watched one of the videos on Phi Beta Iota. I see there is an interview with a woman who claims that Epstein facilitated the rape of this woman by Donald Trump. This video is about Dershowitz and the Jewish mob. She goes into great detail about the incident and Trump does have some awkward moments talking about Ivanka and dating her if she wasn’t his daughter. It isn’t inconceivable to think he and his narcissism wouldn’t be past these crimes. He has been documented and accused of touching young woman inappropriately. My questions are if Trump is so benevolent and the savior of this republic, why did he do this? Did he really? Or is this a move by the deep state to create a false narrative?(I see the interview was on the Today Show) I support Trump as a president, but if this is true then he is just as complicit as all the rest. Why support him if he himself has raped young women? Should he be in front of a military tribunal at the end of all of this? If this is all to come true?

Trump Vaccine I am a big Trump supporter but please explain how he is not taking any blame for all these vaccine issues? Did he not know about nano bots and 5G etc? Just find it odd how many do not make this connection. If he is a genius then how did this one get past him? And if that’s the case are we doomed and all our hope for his grand chess game return is just a pipe dream?

Utah Horrors With this state being 5th largest arm of “illuminati” child trafficking, having a huge “mormon mafia” presence w/satanic masons, MK Ultra kids, an alleged FEMA regional center underground, a complacent population and China friendly governors that are dictators with Covid measures, add Romney .. have you heard of any measures to be taken to irradicate this pestulence?

Vaccine Reversal Will a technology be made available to reverse the harm caused by the covid vax injections?

Wall Street Future What are implications of controlled demolition wall st . Should we sell stocks, wait for things to settle or will market go up? Also for eg assuming Bezos arrested and assets seized , how would that affect his stock?

White House Structure Do you know what the structure is in front of the WH? Even after the election, the construction continues. Plus, the WH has gone dark for 10 nights in a row. WHATUP?


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