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AF 1/2 The MSM reported Biden was flying on Air Force One for the first time (from DC to Delaware – seems a pretty short distance for someone so environmentally conscious) but the plane he got on – both coming and going – looked like Air Force TWO? Am I right and is this significant?

Antidotes Are there existing technologies that can reverse the harmful effects of vaccines including autism?

Australia Do you have any thoughts on the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison or the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews? I think compromised!
Ballard Has Tim Ballard worked with your group? How much of the Cabal Network would you estimate has been taken down currently.

Barrett Are you able to elaborate on why Amy Coney Barrett, in your estimation, should resign/retire? (as you said 2/6).

Binney Is Bill Binney at NSA now?

Canada Millions struggling in Canada with our communist regime. We have elections scheduled. How do we get rid of this dictatorship government and when will Canadians be liberated from our communistic, pedophile prime minster?

China Around Jan 10, video with Charlie Ward, Simon Ward, Nichole, talked about Trump putting into effect EO 13959, prohibiting investing in Chinese companies. That this would lead to war, (at min 1:10). China putting pressure on N.Korea for nuclear. That we would use the “rods of god” on China. Can you PLEASE bring some clarity to this?

Clements Have you heard of Kim Clements’ prophecy from 2014 and if so what are your thoughts regarding the parallels of Trumps Presidency and impeachment’s and great awaking and enlightenment that is coming?

Congress Specifically, how likely would it be (and how) would such a production be possible if arrests of a majority of Congress (supposedly) have happened?

Deep Anus What do you hear from “Deep Anus” these days? And who is REALLY controlling the Democrat Party?

Election Election fraud has been proven conclusively; the Military should be cleaning this up now. How long do they expect the country to wait? The extensive wait is making it worse. All the characters have been identified. The Insurrection was signed by Trump and displayed on line. What is the problem? Why would anyone sane trust the Courts? Any Court!

Esperanto What if anything is your knowledge and opinion of Esperanto?

Flynn Gen. Flynn’s interview with Doug Billingsley posted by Simon Parkers on 2/5/21 seems to contain intentional disinformation in sharp contrast to the intel you have been reporting. Only 1 comment at the end could be regarded as encouraging. Comments, please!

Flynn General Flynn stated 05Feb that thinking the military is in control is nonsense. What? Your opinion please!

Fulford What are your thoughts on what Ben wrote: This, by the way, is what a high-level P3 Freemason source had to say about why U.S. President Trump left the White House: “They got to Trump – they killed his brother with a ”heart attack” [in August 2020]. Also his wife Melania was on a government plane that made an emergency landing due to a “malfunction”– so Trump gave up. That is why Barr, Durham, Huber did nothing–and nothing will happen. Trump was not going to sacrifice his family for all these elections and was removed because he was standing in the way of a “Star Trek future.”

Georgia What are your thoughts on President Trump being criminally investigated in Georgia? Doesn’t seem to hold much weight to me, but could this be a way for them to get to him by starting at the state level? Other states could follow.

History I agree completely with your review of Irving's tomes as being treasures. But even most truthers are guilty of expressing the false adage: “Hitler and the Nazis…all bad; Allied Forces… all good”. Why did Hitler want the Jews out of Germany? Just study the true history of World War I and the corruption of the Weimar Republic. Your thoughts?

History Do you agree with Parkes' view on Trump's and the military's concern for their history book assessment?(February 8 update)

Insurrection Many of the people we listen to believe that President Trump has invoked the Insurrection Act, but the rules of the Act require that the President “must first issue a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse within a limited time.”(10 U.S.C. {334-4) Wouldn't such a proclamation have to be public in which case all of us would know that the Act had been invoked?

IRS What do you think will happen with the IRS, if anything, assuming that Donald Trump will remain the 45th president of the USA Inc or the 19th president of the US Republic? It is my understanding that the IRS is not part of the Fed but instead is under the IMF. Answer within your legal means.

ITNJ where could I have access to the full hearing : ITNJ Judicial commission into inquiry human trafficking and child sex abuse

Juan O. Savin Do you know Juan O Savin's true identity? Do you trust him as a source? Can you vouch for his legitimacy?

Koreas I would like to know if the deep state Jesuit government led by current president Moon will soon be taken down. Moon and his goons at democratic party (and opposition party) are criminals of congressional election fraud on April, 2020 and also followers of CCP. They also framed and impeached the former president Park to rob the presidency. Korean people are sick and tired of this criminals. I was wondering if there is any good news for S. Korea?

LACP Pedo In the forward you wrote to the “Pedophilia and Empire” books you say that the LACS badge “actually had a Pedophilia symbol on its badge”. I looked it up and it shows a bear in the center of the badge – that's it – please explain.

Markets In your opinion, how do you think the equity markets will react, short term, when the arrests are announced?

Patents Patents were created to encourage people to spend money and effort to develop improvements and new products. If that was required in the 1800s why not now?

Pedo ET Much detail in book about what happened 450,000 years ago (names of characters, specific actions, etc.) Is this speculation, or is there actual source material? ET input?

Proof What proof do you have that you are indeed who you say you are (ex-CIA and ex-Marine Corps)? I need some hard proof, not just whispers on the web. I also would like to see something that lends to your own credibility (like a document or medal).

Q I would suggest transparency in all forms of reporting is more important now than ever. With our republic fading over covid lockdowns and fraudulent elections people are still convinced Q, Q-anons, and the white hats are our salvation. They haven't produced any booms (pls name me three), and none will be coming because they are all deep-state controlled. If they weren't they would be transparent, and speak directly. It’s a wrestle-mania sh*t show alright, directed by those who can get away with being oblique. Unnamed sources are always controlled opposition. Where am I wrong?

Q Movie Q stated that we are watching a movie. Where does reality end and the movie begin? The sham inauguration. Revealed. The sham (completely staged?) impeachment? To wake up the masses?

Rand Paul Rand Paul–Good guy or bad guy?

Rescues Robert – do you have any direct knowledge that confirms Parkes' revelation that children are being rescued from tunnels under the WH?
Secession Any situation where you see states begin to give real consideration to secession? How would it be done? Would they survive?

Trump There have been reports of Trump's narcissistic traits predating his presidency which raised my concerns about his motives. Was he intentionally presenting an exaggerated caricature of his personality to distract the enemy?
Trump Can you shed light on two lingering questions I have about president Trump? 1) Why did he endorse 5G roll-out knowing full well it seriously harms the health of we, The People. 2) Why did he brag about fast-tracking an untested vaccine, which we now see is literally killing and seriously injuring the health of we, The People?

USA Corp If the USA Corp is bankrupt, why should the businesses and workers send in taxes to the IRS?

USA Corp With the United States of America the Corporation being bankrupt what happens to current governmental home loans I.E. Pennymack. Will they be wiped clean will there be a rate adjustment ???

Webinar Can we share those videos that are presented on the update that we get daily??

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