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Ammunition During Obama's administration, every FEDERAL AGENCY from the Post Office to Forestry was purchasing MILLIONS of rounds of ammunition. During the following administration, President Trump said repeatedly that the MILITARY had NO AMMUNITION. Were those two things related to the same Deep State goal, i.e., why would so many federal agencies need so much ammo and why gut the military's supply to, essentially, zero?

Arrests Have Legitimate arrests been made of the Obamas, Bush, Clinton’s, Pelosi, Newsom and other meme era of Congress along with some of the Hollywood players involved in satanic pedophile and human trafficking crimes? I keep seeing posts in Telegram saying this is so, and furthermore that quite a few have been executed and what we see are clones… so do you know anything definitive and/or when we can expect to hear of their passing and removal from office or position power/authority?

Ascension Ascension – I see this brought up in conversations. Please explain what they are talking about.

BitCoin Por que los Departamentos de Sheriff no pueden comenzar a minar Bitcoins para salvarse de lo que viene?

Blood I gave blood and was asked if I had the vaccine. What I understand now is our whole blood system will be filled with vaccinated/destroyed blood. Every medical procedure requiring blood will change our blood system. What can we do?

Catholic PSYOP Matthew 5:38–39, Jesus says, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.” What did you mean that this was a manufactured idea of the Catholic church with Caesar

Censorship With the four wonderful new movies forthcoming, how do you propose to overcome the nefarious methods used to effectively censor truthful information?

CEOs Why have CEOs stepped down in mass

Chemtrails Chemtrails – Are these planes DRONES? – WHO is making the Toxins? – Where are the BASES for this craft. ? – Is all this ET Technology? – Have any bases been ‘knocked out' yet as David Wilcock once suggested. i.e. China Lake

Corporation Was the corporation of the U.S. truly dissolved by Pres. Trump and are We at present, once again a Constitutional Republic for America?
Cosby I grew up watching The Cosby Show – wholesome, at least that is what I thought. It was reported that Bill Cosby wanted to buy NBC. Any chance that Cosby was a “good guy” and he was set up as a rapist by the Deep State so as to take him out of the picture?

COVID Dispersal Can Covid 19 be disbursed via airplane as a chemtrail? If so, could this explain the so-called “outbreaks” in specific areas? Thank-you.

Eisenhower What hubris for Eisenhower to warn us about the military industrial complex of which he was a part; a lousy general who hated Germany and the German people. He led the Allied forces to a massive blood sacrifice on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day (06/06@06:00 am) in 1944; all the while being groomed to be a post war president by the deep state cabal. Your thoughts?

Election Fraud
It was reported last week that Scotus accepted three Trump cases. Only heard about the States changing rules unconstitutionally. What were the other two and what happened to them?

How do you define faith?

Field McConnell Field McConnell got jailed on trumped up charges and has since disappeared. Do you know if he is safe?

Fulford Do you concur with Ben Fulford's February 22, 2021. Massive March Campaign Planned Against Global Idiocrasy

Interviews Will you please interview both Anna Von Reitz, Russell Jay Gould & Sergeant Robert Horton together in order to help tie everything together better around the reclaimed Republic?

Israel & Taiwan Why don't Israel and Taiwan have the right to sovereignty? China is a beast to Taiwan and I agree Israelites would like peace with Pakistan, but I don't think it is reciprocal.

Italy How would you assess Mario Draghi as new PM of Italy and do you think the white hats are really in control?

Juan O. Savin (P) What is “Juan’s” background and why should we place trust in him? He seems to be a former military officer, attorney and successful entrepreneur. That’s just my gut instinct as a 25 year LEO.

Jurisdictions I live in a small town and the law enforcement says it applies to have jurisdiction in two different towns and both towns are in different counties, is that legal and how to I investigate that

Are there limited numbers of Med Beds? I'm one who is waiting impatiently for one & hope they get spread quickly to all states. Although I'm an older woman, I'm chomping at the bit to do what I can to help.

MedBeds The med beds are or will be used to help the children which is amazing. When do you think we (the public) will be able to use them ourselves (CA)? Will they have a lot or a few machines? Can we use all 3 at once? How long does it take to use one? Will they charge for us to use them? A lot?

Military Approximately how long will it be until the military, etc. will reveal some more things that will show all my skeptic friends and family that I am NOT crazy!??

Military Where is our military? Proof of foreign interference, pedos, treason has been committed, crimes exposed. Not a peep from the people supposed to protect us. The military. If we drive away without paying for fast food the police are on our ass within minutes.

Military Plan B If the military does not intervene by April 2021, can you share any details about a “Contingency Plan B” that addresses what “Patriots” can do [without the military] to “Save/Restore” our Constitutional Republic? Without the military, can you estimate how long it could take & can this be accomplished after 2022 midterm elections say, in 2023, at local & state levels for “Red States?”

Military Trump If the military is answering to Trump, why are the striking Syria?

Murdoch Can you provide any information on Rupert Murdoch and our politicians (not what I would call them). I have learnt that Australia is one of the six countries deeply involved with the NWO. More than I had realized.

Obama Purge It is my understanding that Obama purged the military during his term of military leaders who opposed his agenda. I have not heard a discussion on why would we should believe that the effective control of the military actually lies with Trump supporters. I have friends who are in the National guard and were told they would be hunting down Trump supporters.
Ohio The OH Gov – Has anyone looked into DeWine and his deal with Partners in Health to funnel millions of COVID tests to them?

QFS I struggle with this ‘financial quantum system'… I work in finance. This topic NEVER comes up. A new system cannot be instituted ‘on the fly' without adequate warning. So much regulation/compliance is related to our business and no one has heard anything about this or else it would be a topic of all of our meetings. There's NOTHING. I can't imagine this new ‘system' can slide in to play without any disturbance in the normal known routine that is so regulated. I’d love your thoughts

QFS Charlie Ward claims that he is involved in the rollout of the quantum financial system & that it is already online and that people are seeing refunds…how true?

QFS How certain are you that we will be going to the quantum financial and Nesara systems. Quantum will be soon. When do you think Nesara will be in place? Do you think it will be implemented in full? i.e. no income tax, folks over 60 taken care of, etc etc…?

Redheads Are we redheads hybrids from black/white races or are we inter-galactic?

Senator Johnson Is Sen Ron Johnson white hat or black hat?

Service Paths You have talked about everyone serving the country and listed a number of areas where they could choose to serve. You seem to have left out cleaning up coastal resources, our waterways/oceans. The U.S. has miles and miles of coastline and river ways. Is there a reason these were not included in your list?

Smith-Mundt If Smith-Mundt was signed into existence during Obama reign, why didn't DJT disable it and expose it to the world – besides proclaiming “fake news” all the time?
SOTN Robert – it seems SOTN has gone the way of Fox News, declaring Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Juan Savin and others as peddlers of hope porn. Can you please respond to this hit piece?

Sound of Freedom Did you attend the private showing of the movie “Sound of Freedom” which I heard discussed by some other Patriot commentators? If so, will you give us your review? Do you consider it a useful “appetizer” for your 4 movies? Very much want to get your commentary on this topic.

Sources Your opinion if these individuals are worth listening to: Dan Bongino? Mark Levin? Ben Shapiro? Who else would you recommend? (I already follow Parkes, Ward, X22, etc.)
Supreme Court On February 19, 2021, The U.S. Supreme court agreed to hear the voter-fraud evidence but denied emergency timing. It will hear the case in October, 2021. How will this outrage be addressed and by whom?

Tests I went to Hawaii to see my first Grandbaby for the first time. Had to do it, so I did. Wondered why they had to go so far inside my head. How can I get rid of what might have been inserted?

Texas Many people/sources indicate that Biden & the CCP have opened up a frontal attack on Texas. How long will the military and Trump sit back and watch this?
Thomas & Hall I have heard you say you trust Clarence Thomas so can we assume he is a White Hat? Was the Anita Hill case against him a fabrication? If not, can we still respect him as an honorable person who stands by the truth?

Timing Why did the White Hats and their allies launch their great offensive against the Cabal at this specific moment in history? Were they waiting for the quantum computers as the ultimate weapon?

Travel Will we be able to travel internationally without having to quarantine and not be required to show proof of vaccination? And when do you think this might happen?

Weather War Can the weather really be manipulated used as weapon? Asking from Texas


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