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Robert, RDS


Good morning, everyone. I want to do two things with this short alert video. The first is announced that unrig.net is exploding- 1000 people signed up yesterday for free daily digest updates. We have hired someone to do full time loading. I will just show you what the what the website looks like right now. And I'm very pleased with this. We now have this has an updated but we have tags now. And we have popular last seven days popular all time. And we are starting to load some pretty pretty important information.


So I hope that you will find that this is absolutely worth your while. The URL is unrig dotnet. And Dr. Cynthia McKinney has received $30,000 to make the movie hashtag on rigged elections that will complement the movies being made by Sean stone on satanic pedophilia, by Sasha stone, our discussion of Lucifer and his cult, and the movie that I am personally directing on Wall Street treason and crime and the crime includes naked short selling and money laundering from trading women and children and other horrible horrible things.


Let me also add, since I mentioned that Cynthia has been allocated $30,000. I've also allocated 60,000, of which 30,000 has been advanced to Shawn stone, I've reserved 30,000 for myself, that's $120,000 right there, which is a little bit more than we've collected. But I think we'll we'll get the rest. If we end up getting an extra 10 to 20 or $30,000, it will go to advertise. And so that's kind of my financial report not only to the donors, but to you the public.


Now, Sidney Powell has been sued by dominion and I think one other company and today I have posted some comments and I just want you to know where those comments can be easily accessed. So at Phi Beta, Iota dotnet, which you can also sign for sign up for for free daily email. That's the movie page. This is the headline right here to the power served and billion dollar loss. So I just chose to focus on the one now there's a memorable URL that you can tell others, Powell dash lb dash sign dash one. Sydney's not gonna roll over and play dead on this. But what I want to do now is give you my personal observations as a professional intelligence officer on where this, this lawsuit is going to go. First, let me say that I got to know Sidney Powell, when I wrote a rave review of her book license to lie, which was about our compromised judicial system.


No lawsuits such as this can be evaluated without carefully considering the possibility that the Department of Justice is a Rico organization, and that the judges and prosecutors or the judges and attorneys for the plaintiffs might themselves be severely compromised by blackmail, bribery or brainwashing. I consider this a frivolous lawsuit. But it must be heard on its merits. And what I am doing in this post is discussing this first. electronic voting machines were designed for fraud. They have been used for fraud from day one between fractional voting and the adjudication function that is manipulable. It is a simple matter to determine the winner before the first vote is cast, and to manipulate the outcome with deleted manufactured and switch votes over the course of the run. This can be proven in court.


Second, the role of the CIA in using various forms of electronic intervention, including the results being manipulated from voting machines through the internet from foreign server farms, ie the collusion of foreign countries. This is treason, this can also be proven in court. Third, and finally, and this is the fun part. And if I were dominion, this is the case that I would be making. It has not been established whether Dominion itself was manipulating the selection or whether it was CIA and local officials and not dominion. However, I do have a punchline. I believe that most state and local officials as well as the federal officials, responsible for oversight and including explicitly, the Republican Party People allegedly serving as observers, all staff President Trump in the back, they after due process after proper investigation, I believe all of them were indicted for election fraud, which carries a mandatory sentence of multiple years.


For each count, every single one of these people could go to jail for the rest of their life. Um, this is all very, very interesting. And I also have to say that the context of election fraud has to be looked at not just as electronic fraud, but the manufacturer of fake ballots in China. And I think all China did was manufactured massive printing stuff that didn't actually manipulate the election that was the United Kingdom and Israel and, and the two political parties trying to get rid of President Trump. But you also had local and state officials violating all of their own laws about changing dates, retrospective postmarks, throwing things away, and, and so forth.


Now, I did mention the court system. There are two larger contexts. One is the court system. It's also a known fact that juries can be rigged. There are some very, very sophisticated means of studying every single juror and then manipulating the results so that you end up with a stacked jury. And the matter of jurisdiction also remains to be determined. Now second, is very much in Sydney palms favor. I was a party to getting Mike Flynn exonerated, I introduced her to Bill Binney, who introduced Dennis Montgomery, who gave her the exculpatory evidence that NSA had pulled out of the ether.


And she was able to take that to Bill Barr and and get the Department of Justice to admit that it had done wrong. Um, similar things are likely to happen with respect to CIA manipulation of electronic voting machines. That's not to say that dominion is culpable. The machines were designed for fraud and wait for my punchline, but the court must determine who in fact, actually did the manipulation. Just like you can't hold a gun manufacturer, you should not be able to hold a gun manufacturer liable for shooting someone, neither should you be able to hold the minion liable for actively manipulating the vote if in fact, they've simply provided the gun to the local officials, and they have pulled the trigger.


And that's an area where I think Sydney could usefully clarify. However, this is really important. A lot of this manipulation was too complex for local officials to do on their own. Therefore, dominion and others probably subject to investigation, indictment, conviction and the conclusion of a jury. dominion and others probably provided local technical representatives who manipulated the machines on command of local officials. And that's going to be the big reveal as we go forward. This is also conspiracy which is triple damages. So if Sydney countersuit and again, this is going to take years, this is not something that's going to be settled this year.


But if Sydney countersuit I expect anticipate that she could reasonably ask for $5 billion because this is conspiracy, and I think she can win that one. This was foreign collusion by the United Kingdom and Israel with Canada, France, Germany and Spain. CIA was a very, very active player, and the Republican Party led by with mitt romney and his relative is I believe culpable of treason, subject to proper investigation, indictment, conviction and so forth on the financial interest, so the second party so country's foreign country's financial interests led by the Rothschilds with the UK public, George Soros.


Now, George Soros, his big win against the Bank of England appears to have actually been contrived by the United Kingdom. In order to make Soto's their most expensive agent in the world. He actually flew into London was met by the governor of the Bank of England, they went to their office, they made the deal then Soto's bet against the Bank of England and got this multibillion dollar windfall that he has been using to subvert governments worldwide, ever since. as best I can tell from open source of sources of information. And remember, on the pope for Open Source Intelligence, I started this fight in 1988. The third party to all of this election fraud or state and local officials desiring means of committing fraud, they actually went out and bought the gun. Now, many of them appear to have been bribed by people like George Soros, to alter their system to make late acquisitions of these machines to do contracts that allowed for fraud to do contracts for printing.


In China, that created fake ballots that were not properly watermark and so forth. So the third party is state local officials. The fourth party is the DNC and GOP officials who are one bird two wings, same crap. Okay. Both parties need to be eradicated. And the vision that Dr. Cynthia McKinney and I have for the future is a congress in which libertarians greens independence, Sandinistas, I love the populist


left just as much as I love the populist right, they should all have proportional representation to the point that no chamber in Congress can be dominated by one party, it must do a coalition and decisions must be made on the basis of evidence in the public interest. And at that point, it doesn't matter who the President is. So that's our 2022 goal. And Cynthia and I are talking about a tour with Sheriff Mack a pastor, I would love to have pastor bill on and, and a doctor who can speak to the fake pandemic and the crimes against humanity by Fauci and gates and others.


Now, Sydney has more important things to do between now and for April, I was amused to see that she has been avoiding service and they finally got her. Ah, but Sydney's a pit bull, she does everything for a reason. And I'm quite sure that this will now be stretched out over the next six to 10 months. And if Donald Trump comes back into power, it's game over. Even if Donald Trump comes back into power. I don't think these people can survive the leaked NSA emails and stuff. Now remember, President Trump declassified a great deal of information on the 19th of January that information has not yet been made public. I speculate that that information will be made public in February and March. And it will probably put a stake in the heart of CIA and the electronic fraud or the electronic voting companies and the foreign countries including particularly the United Kingdom and Israel, and EMI six and the Mossad that were active participants in treason, and an act of war against the United States of America. This is all very serious, serious stuff.


Um, I and my, my thing, and I'll show you this on a screenshot in a second by saying that on D day, General de Gaulle finally consented to call on the French people to aid the Allied invasion with the opening with the words the final battle has begun. This battle that Dominion has chosen to wage is in many ways the final battle between evil the hijacking of all systems in favor of the 1% and good as represented by here to Fort lone warriors for truth and justice, such as Donald Trump, Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, Cynthia McKinney, and a handful of others among whom I am proud to be in their company. Members of the jury, I offer you Exhibit A. This is a bodacious clip. Now it's third party. He is paraphrasing the Dominion official. But I will absolutely guarantee you that NSA has that conversation in its database, and it probably was declassified by President Trump on the 19th of January. Folks, enjoy the theater. Enjoy the WrestleMania drama. America is on its way back. God bless Sidney Powell. God bless all of you. God bless America, and God bless the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump.

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