Robert Steele: Sidney Powell Served in Billion Dollar Lawsuit from Electronic Voting Companies Accused of Conspiracy to Steal 2020 Elections — My View

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Sidney Powell has been served in the 1.3B Dominion Voting lawsuit.

Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell served in Biltmore Forest with $1.3B Dominion Voting lawsuit

Because the entire US legal system is compromised, absent some additional defenses it is entirely possible she could be framed and convicted  the way General Michael Flynn was framed and convicted, with the Department of Justice and Covington & Burling being parties to the false arrest, conviction, and punishment of General Flynn.  My views are below.

First, electronic voting machines were designed for fraud and have been used for fraud from day one. Between fractional voting and the adjudication function that is manipulable, it is a simple matter to determine the winner before the first vote is cast, and to manipulate the outcome with deleted, manufactured, and switched votes over the course of the run. This can be proven in court.

Second, the role of the CIA in using various forms of electronic intervention including the manipulation of voting machines and their results from foreign server farms is also beyond dispute. This can be proven in court.

Third and finally — and this is the fun part — the degree to which local officials have chosen to utilize the electronic voting machines to commit fraud — a major aspect of why they contracted for the machines in the first place — is subject to formal investigation. The degree to which they were bribed by George Soros or other parties to buy in to machines designed for fraud is also in need of rigorous investigation.  Separately are all of the means outside of electronic voting manipulations, including the fabrication of ballots, the changing of time stamps, the exploitation of the elderly, prisoners, and even the dead, that provide a context for showing conspiracy to commit fraud within which the electronic voting fraud is a major but not exclusive aspect.

There are two larger contexts withiin which this case will proceed. Sidney Powell having told them to “pound sand” which I believe to be a just response.

First, the court system is compromised. The matter of jurisdiction, the probity of the assigned judge, and the manner in which juries can be methodically rigged to achieve an outcome regardless of the merits or lack of merits of the case, are all despicably, reprehensibly, questionable.

Second, and very much in Sidney Powell's favor, is the degree to which the President may have declassified a great deal of material on 19 January, and the degree to which NSA, a military agency, might yet in the future declassify a great deal of material including emails, texts, gamechats, and banking transaactions, all of which are likely to document a conspiracy to commit electronic fraud among the following parties:

1. UK and Israel  with Canada, France, Germany, and Spain — I judge China to have been nothing more than a provider of low-cost ballots; the others are in some way in league with CIA and its global election-rigging server farms that were turned against the USA in an act of treason second only to 9/11 (enabled by Dick Cheney and Mitt Romeny) and the Russian witchhunt (John Brennan et al along with Rosenstein and Comey and Clapper particularly). Those pointing at China as the new new culprit for everything are in my view senile or compromised. The UK, not China, is our main enemy, along with the Zionist parasite that has taken over both the UK and the USA as a host for its tri-fecta of treason, financial crime, and human trafficking.

2. Financial interests led by the Rothschilds with UK puppet Soros as the key funder via many fronts of bribes at the state and local level augmented by blackmail and extortion from elements of CIA, MI-6, and the Mossad;

3. State and local officials desiring means of committing fraud — the electronic voting machine companies provided the gun but did not pull the trigger can reasonably be advanced as a proposition — or being bribed or extorted into enabling fraud to be committed by CIA, MI-6, the Mossad, and others;

4. DNC and GOP party officials at the federal, state, and local levels, all of them committed to defeating President Donald J. Trump by any means possible.

Sidney has more important things to do between now and 4 April, which is why she was avoiding service, to push that clock out. This case will take years to settle, even with a crooked judge and compromised jury. My personal bet, as someone who knows Sidney Powell based on my reading of her book Licensed to Lie and subsequent dealing in support of President Trump, is that she will win this one. It may be that all those who support #UNRIG ELECTIONS — the website and the movie — can lend a hand and that this lawsuit could in fact be the stake in the heart of the rigged elections system, ultimately sentencing to death all electronic voting machines designed from day one to commit fraud.

On D-Day, General DeGaul finally consented to call on the French people to aid the allied invasion, opening with the words “the final battle has begun. This battle that Dominion has chosen to wage is in many ways  the final battle between evil — the hijacking of all systems in favor of the 1% — and good as represented by here-to-fore lone warriors for truth and justice such as Donald Trump, Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, Cynthia McKinney, and a handful of others.

Members of the jury, I offer you Exhibit A:

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