Video (3:05:45) Mirror: Gene Decode and Hyper Drive

Cultural Intelligence
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  • At ~34:10 in the linked video Gene Decode states a lot of DUMBs (deep underground military bases) are currently being taken out in Asia, mostly the Philippines.
  • Most of the cabal DUMBs are located at 3, 5, and 10km below the surface. These DUMBs are usually created by boring downward from the surface to 3, 5, at 10km depths and then setting off a neutron bomb that clears out a huge cavern. Tunnel boring machines (similar to those being pushed by Elon Musk and his new tunnel boring company) intercept the new cavern to provide roadways and infrastructure access to the new DUMB to truck in equipment to make it operational.
  • Anyway, especially in the last 4 years or so, hundreds of these DUMBs and tunnels are being taken over by the White Hat / Alliance good guys. Usually one of three things happen to the DUMBs: 1) The facility is taken over and used by the good guys; 2) it’s taken over by the good guys, but because they don’t have enough military staff to protect it, it gets recaptured by the cabal, or 3) the good guys destroy the facility with nukes and/or flood it with water or lava.
  • Gene also says because Earth Humans are now considered a part of the intergalactic space-faring community, the Agarthans (under Mt Shasta) have joined the White Hat Alliance and are helping out actively with DUMB and tunnel recapture. DUMBs as deep as 800 km below the surface were built by non-terrestrial races ages ago, and are also being cleaned out.
  • For the UK, Australia, and Iceland for the last 30 days the USGS earthquake site is not reporting any activity because the Alliance doesn’t wish to disclose their DUMB removal activity in those areas.
  • Paradise fire in California (before the Trump admin) was targeted at the ;people living there, many of whom were non-terrestrial well-intentioned people who were planning on providing disclosure. The cabal DEWs (directed energy weapons) were targeted at them to shut them up. This was a 4 trillion watt laser coming from a DARPA satellite.
  • DUMBs and tunnels under the White House area have been cleared, including children rescued from them. The Alliance is considering blowing up the DC underground facilities and / or flooding them with water from the Potomac.
  • At 49:32 Gene discloses how the Space Force has helped to clean out the Dark Fleet. An admiral did not like non-terrestrial involvement in the cabal space fleet along with the influence of the black goo. Certain ships defected to the Alliance, and this fleet has been used in part to clean out the solar system. MCC (Mars Corporate Conglomerate) on Mars is now “clean” (under Alliance control).
  • Gene speaks of how he met two people involved in the Philadelphia Exoeriment. Russians attemtpted to replicate the experiment, with worse disastrous results. Left the ship with its bow protruding from a mountainside in the Ural Mountains.
  • Inner Earth Anshar race are a parasitic race.
  • At 1:09:00 Gene states the Galactic Federation (GF) is a part of the Ashtar Command, which is an off-world race that still practices human trafficking.
  • Corey Goode (CG): The overweight greasy-looking CG is a clone. The thinner one with short hair is the original CG. Original is a prisoner in a cabal DUMB.
  • Germans were working on anti-gravity technology as early as the 1890s. Had the then-cabal been patient and waited to develop anti-gravity and other tech without draconian “assistance”, then it would have been developed without having to be compromised.
  • Trump has stepped down from the USA Corporation. The cabal, thinking they have won, are playing out and making themselves obvious.
  • 1:28:30 Gene speaks of being used to put out misinformation.
  • 1:42:15 Joe B is a clone. Gene speaks of a “vril lizard” (sp?) two to three feet in length that if placed over someone’s eyes, will kill that person and inject its consciousness into that person to take their body over and animate it. The movie “Pod People” is a disclosure of this phenomenon, except a plant-like creature was used instead of animal. Over several years the animal loses control of the brain, which is in a constant state of steady decomposition, with the human thus exhibiting symptoms similar to dementia or alzheimers.
  • Discussion of the history of the Khazarian mafia.
  • 1:51:05 The movie “Kelly’s Heroes” is a partial disclosure of how gold bullion was used to fund revolutions such as those in France and Russia.
  • 1:53:20 Timeline shift on 2/19/2021 as recorded on video.
  • 2:02:30 Discussion of the “Mandela Effect”.
  • 2:07:55 The current Bill Gates may actually be a woman, wife a man.
  • 2:18:35 Gene leads a prayer for healing of the world.
  • 2:21:35 Included in the prayer: Trump being sworn in under the new system as early as March 4, or as late as May. Covid has been gone for a long time. Summertime will bring disclosure of free energy and other technologies. Trading and interaction with non-terrestrial species soon afterwards. NESARA rolled out. China in late fall experiencing massive uprising of its people, removal of the CCP, and implementing a constitutional government.
  • 2:31:00 Gene shares pictures re DUMBs. Includes photos of boring machines, maglevs, ships, tunnels.
  • Older boring machines were nuclear powered. Newer ones use particle beams which can bore upwards of at least 60-70 miles per day.
  • 2:54:55 Gene mentions ISIS (sp?) satellite has taken photos of the new 5D Earth that exists already.

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