Berto Jongman: The Deep State Idiot’s Party Line on Q Anon

Cultural Intelligence

QAnon on Twitter: An Overview

Conspiracy theories pose numerous social and political problems. For example, contrary evidence cannot change followers’ minds easily, and they are resistant to anything that invalidates their beliefs. Conspiracy theorists tend to interpret new evidence in favor of confirming their beliefs (Sunstein & Vermeule, 2009). Additionally, conspiracy theories can have detrimental effects on political discourse (DiGrazia, 2017; Introne et al., 2017; Pitcavage, 2001) and even motivate violence and criminal acts (Pitcavage, 2001; Sunstein & Vermeule, 2009), as has been the case with QAnon.

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ROBERT STEELE: Fucking idiots. Anything that cites Cass Sunstein is doomed from the moment.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls people like this “intelligent idiots.” That strikes me as an oxymoron. These people are loosely educated and possibly brain-washed, more than likely on the CIA or Soros payroll, and not held accountable by their Deep State sychophantic administrators for integrity or veracity.

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