Betty Boop: Weak Signals Shit Is Happening in DC

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US Capitol locked down and Biden presidential inauguration rehearsal evacuated over security threat-

Videos-South Capitol put on lockdown over ‘exterior security threat’ after fire erupts in nearby area outside complex-January 18, 2021

Smoke Billows Near Capitol As Emergency Message Sends People Running – External Security Threat Declared-January 18, 2021

Videos-Smoke Pouring Out of Empty White House Lawn in Multiple Places, Allegedly In-Session US Congress/

Supreme Court Buildings and Supposedly No-Vacancy Trump Marriott DC Hotel Deserted. DC Remains a Ghost Town Just Before Long-Predicted Big Day of March 4, 2021-March 3, 2021

White House: Smoke Still Billowing As Snipers Return-March 4, 2021

Why is There a Hidden Network of Tunnels Underneath of Washington DC ?

What Are All The Black Flags At The US Capitol and Why So Many Buses Around Congress?

Gene Decode Interview-DC Smoke/DUMBs/Quantum Computers/NESARA (Part One)-March 1, 2021

Military Fights Underground War Worldwide-February 26, 2021

Iceland Witnessed Rare Cluster Of More Than 10,000 “Earthquakes” In A Week; May Indicate Possible Destruction of Deep Underground Military Bases There | GreatGameIndia-March 3, 2021

Financial Liberty at Risk-728x90