David Lifschultz: Russia Sternly Warns Israel

Peace Intelligence


Russia has warned that a war between Syria and Iran with Israel in southern Syrian will lead to dire consequences for Israel. In such a war Iran could shut the Straits of Hormuz as it would interpret that the US ordered Israel to attack Syria as the US is doing in its recent bombing of Syria though the US was attacked in Iraq not Syria. This would bring down the entire US and world financial system almost at once, see General MacCaffrey’s analysis in footnote one explaining this. This would give us in an instant the Weimarization of the US that started in earnest with the lockdowns that will lead to changes as even now there is unrest in the US military as in Germany in 1933. According to Israel Intelligence Official Yakov Kedmi, the US cannot defeat Iran conventionally, and since Iran has nuclear missiles on its submarines which can deliver massive punishment to the US should they think of using nuclear weapons, our interpretation is that neither side will use them. Iran has also purchased hydrogen bombs from North Korea. Thus, it is checkmate for the US and Israel.

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