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Two thousand years ago, Rome had conquered the entire Mediterranean area and established itself as an empire.  However, there were revolts everywhere, particularly in the Middle East.  This was the time of the Flavian emperors, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian and Nero. Rome insisted that their conquered territories worship Caesar as God, but they refused. This led to movements against Roman rule by the Gnostics who were led by “Messiahs” (which translates as Christ).

The Gnostic religion was based on Egyptian astrotheology which idolized beings from other worlds such as Ishtar, Osiris and Anu who had intervened to save humanity thousands of years earlier.  They believed that these beings were returning to save humanity again.  This was a threat to Roman rule. The Dead Sea Scrolls are a historical narrative of the struggle against Rome by the Gnostics in Egypt and Palestine.

Vespasian and his son Titus were generals in service to Nero. They were tasked with suppressing the Palestinian revolt and were eventually successful.  In Galilee, Vespasian captured a rebel, a.k.a. “Messiah”, by the name of Flavius Josephus.  The Flavians agreed to spare his life if he would write a history of the war that was flattering to Titus and the Romans.  The works of Josephus became the foundation of Christianity with the character of Jesus written around the military exploits of Titus.  (Note:  The original Latin meaning of “evangelium” was good news of military victories) For example, the story of Jesus telling his followers that he would make them “fishers of men” was based on Titus telling his soldiers that, if they would follow him, he would make them “fishers of men”.  The Romans proceeded to kill the fishermen of the area, fishing them out of the water with their spears.  This darker version of events was suppressed.

The Romans decided to replace all the Judaic religions that were based on Gnostic concepts with their own version of a Messiah and historical events.  They destroyed all documents relating to the old belief systems (including the Druids in England and Ireland).  They created the gospels with admonitions such as “Rend unto Caesar what is Caesars” to justify the taxation of the people.  This accomplished the goal of controlling the population without the use of military power.

By 69 A.D., two currents of religious beliefs had emerged – Christianity and Judaism.  Christianity became the state religion, and Judaism became the religion of the various tribes of Galilee and Palestine who refused to accept the new Roman religion.  Judaism was based on earlier Old Testament writings which are a history of Atlantis. Judaism was also embraced by the Hebrews who were monotheistic followers of Nefertiti and Akhenaten.  The Romans took advantage of this split by creating the narrative that Jesus was killed by the Jews, thus blaming their old enemies for the martyrdom of Christ and further dividing the people.  This was the root of antisemitism.

Eventually, Caesar became the Pope.  The Roman Empire did not fall – it simply morphed into the Roman Catholic Church and retreated to the Vatican.  Over the years, the history of Christianity was embellished with new stories of Jesus and fabricated “proofs” of his existence.  Books were added and removed from the Bible.  The Jesuits and the Masons perpetuated the myth of Jesus through a small group led by the Black Pope or Jesuits Superior General.  This group is represented by the “G” in Freemason symbolism and is the control system behind Christianity to this day.

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Swaruu maintains that Jesus of Nazareth never existed.  Her research has uncovered many Messiahs from that period in history, but none meet the description of Jesus.  Most of the proof for his existence comes from other characters in the New Testament who may also have been fabricated.

The Romans initially placed the birth of Jesus before the reign of the Flavians.  This was done to obscure the facts surrounding his birth and deflect any scrutiny of the Flavian emperors in the creation of the myth.  The date eventually had to be revised to match the fact that Bethlehem did not exist until 70 A.D.  The authors of the scriptures adjusted the narrative over the centuries, sometimes leaving clues as to their identity.

The Roman Caesars were the predecessors to the Cabal, the Illuminati and the Jesuits.  They exploited the human need for unconditional love to enslave humanity.  Humans are conditioned to depend on external sources for validation.  They rely first on their parents, then look to other authority figures and religious leaders for acceptance.  Many embrace the unconditional love of Jesus as a survival mechanism.  They do not want to know the truth. The Romans created Jesus as a symbol of goodness and absolute submission who encouraged his followers to turn the other cheek.  By promoting this new religion, they were able to control the people and turn them into obedient slaves.

All of the major world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are tools of the Illuminati to control the population.  Catholicism, in particular, is one of the biggest pillars of the matrix. This is why Catholicism denies the existence of interstellar life, as it is in conflict with higher consciousness. The Cabal uses religion to promote wars and divisions.  Religion is spirituality that has been weaponized against the people.

There are some New Age channels who say the Cabal is behind a conspiracy to deny the existence of Jesus.  This is a diversion as it only serves to reinforce religion in the minds of believers.

Gosia concludes this episode with an interview of her mother, who is a devout Catholic.  She is typical of many who feel spiritually uplifted by their faith.  The Taygeteans acknowledge that religion has been a positive force in the lives of many, but on the whole, they believe it has caused more harm than good.

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According to Swaruu, Christianity is a continuation of paganism under a different name.  It is a compilation of ancient pagan myths of death and rebirth, such as that of Osiris and Lazarus.  The Egyptians marked their calendar with the birth and death of the sun and celebrated the renewal of life and agriculture with the flooding of the Nile.  Egyptian astrotheology is based on the zodiac with the new year beginning in Virgo when the Nile ascends and ending in Leo.  This is why the Sphynx, the symbol of Egypt, has the head of a woman (virgin goddess) and the body of a lion.

The Egyptians also worshiped the goddess Isis, who produced a son named Horus.  Isis is believed to be the prototype for the Virgin Mary with Horus as Jesus Christ. Moses of the Old Testament is said to have been Akhenaten.  Nearly all biblical characters are based on real people, but with embellished narratives.

If Christianity is based on a solar cult and you replace the word “son” with “sun” in the Bible, the verses are more clearly understood.  For example, “a son is born to a virgin” could be construed as the sun rising in Virgo.  There are 12 signs of the zodiac, and Jesus had 12 apostles.  Jesus is said to have reached maturity at the age of 12. The word “amen” is from Amen-Ra, an ancient Egyptian prayer.

Although the worship of astrology by the masses has been discouraged, it has been used for centuries by the Illuminati and other secret societies.  Kings, political leaders and wealthy individuals continue to consult the stars for guidance. There are many symbols and references to astrotheology, such as the 33 degrees of Freemasonry (Jesus died at the age of 33), that endure to this day.

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This episode delves into the history of Egypt at the time of the Roman conquest of the Mediterranean. Ptolemy XII, who had established an alliance with Rome against the wishes of the Egyptian people, passed away leaving the throne to his oldest son Ptolemy XIII who was only 11 years old at the time.  Cleopatra, his oldest daughter, married her brother as was customary and became the de facto ruler of Egypt at the age of 18.

There were two factions vying for power in Egypt – one who favored annexation by Rome and another who wanted Egypt to remain sovereign.  The Romans had already established a base in Alexandria.  Egypt was negotiating a surrender, but there were still pockets of resistance.  Cleopatra favored Rome, but her brother and younger sister Arsinoe did not want to become part of the Roman empire.  Eventually, Cleopatra was expelled from the royal palace by her siblings.

One evening, Cleopatra managed to sneak back into the palace to the room where Julius Caesar was staying as a guest.  After seducing him, she pleaded her case to him, stating that Arsinoe and her brother had deprived her of her birthright as ruler of Egypt.  Young Ptolemy XIII discovered her with Caesar, accused her of betraying Egypt and stormed out.  This led to a bloody battle in which the Romans stormed the palace, set fire to the Egyptian navy and arrested Arsinoe and her brother.  The Romans then set fire to the city and captured the famous lighthouse of Alexandria.

Both Arsinoe and her brother managed to escape by swimming the Nile, but young Ptolemy XIII drowned.  Arsinoe made her way to the other side where the Egyptian army was assembled.  The generals declared Arsinoe their queen and launched a counter offensive against the Romans.  Led by Arsinoe who was only 16 at the time, the Egyptian military defeated the Romans and reclaimed the lighthouse of Alexandria.

Caesar brought in reinforcements and eventually regained control of Alexandria.  He gave the Egyptian throne to Cleopatra and arrested Arsinoe.  Once again, Arsinoe escaped and made her way to Palestine to the small town of Magdala.

The resistance continued to follow Arsinoe and seek her military advice.  She began to teach about consciousness and spirituality and gained popularity in the area.  As women were not allowed to address large crowds in those days, Arsinoe had a male comrade deliver her teachings to the people.  This relationship became the basis for the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Eventually, Arsinoe was betrayed by a follower and arrested.  Once again, she escaped, first to the island of Malta and then to the south of France. Her goal was to reach Ireland or Scotland where she would be under the protection of the Druids. (Note:  According to Swaruu, the royal lines of Egypt were originally from Ireland and off planet). Her caravan was intercepted by the Romans in France.  She was arrested and taken to Rome.

Julius Caesar decided to make a spectacle out of Arsinoe, the young woman who had defeated him at Alexandria, by having her paraded around the Coliseum and eaten by beasts.  On the day of the event, she was made up like a queen, stripped naked and placed in a cage drawn by horses around the arena for spectators to make fun of.  The crowd did not want Arsinoe killed and booed Caesar.  Claudius Vespus stepped up and offered to pay gold for Arsinoe so he could have her for a slave.  Caesar relented and allowed Claudius to take custody of Arsinoe.

Although Claudius initially took good care of Arsinoe, this did not last for long.  When she refused to sleep with him, he gave her to the guards to be raped and whipped.  She was exiled to Ephesus where she lived under the supervision of the priests.  When Cleopatra learned that her sister was still alive, she had her lover Marc Anthony order his men to kill her.  They dragged her from the temple and stabbed her to death with their swords.

Both Cleopatra and Arsinoe claimed to be the reincarnation of Ishtar.  This has resulted in two Ishtar myths with Cleopatra as the black Ishtar and Arsinoe as the white Ishtar.  Because the victors write history, Cleopatra is considered to be the “good” Ishtar because she gave Egypt to the Romans.  Arsinoe is portrayed as a prostitute and the “bad” Ishtar because of her role as a rebel.  Ishtar is also associated with the Virgin Mary.

Christianity is a mix of astrotheology, local paganism and the campaigns of the Roman emperor Titus.  Just as the character of Jesus is a composite of the Messiahs of the day, Mary Magdalene is based on the historical character of Arsinoe.

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