Ed Jewett: Oppression by Orgasm (Mostly Fake) . . .

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From Unz Review.

Oppression by Orgasm?

The Porn Industry as Jewish Anti-Fascist Activism & Cultural Terrorism

According to Kerl, the ludicrous “fantasy” of a Jewish conspiracy behind pornography, which is irrationally promoted by far-right hate groups, is as follows: Jews use porn to “erode the allegedly ‘natural’ order of white supremacy,” to “subvert. . . Christian sexuality,” to engineer a “porn-caused change in sexual orientation. . . [and cause a] crisis of reproduction for the ‘white race,’” to promote miscegenation and “increase the sexual lusts of men of color or Jewish males for white women,” and finally, as “a technique of psychological warfare” to tranquilize and pacify white men.[1]

Doth the lady protest too much?

The answer is yes, despite the protestations of the above articles to the contrary. All these antisemitic “fantasies” can be proven.

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