Mirror: Super Soldier Talk – Michael Jaco SSP Memories

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Michael Jaco on Secret Space Program & Repressed Technologies

Alert Reader adds:

Just remember that, aside from the obvious elements of greed and criminality, most of the high level financial criminality exist in order to funnel trillions towards the sci-fi levels of gangsterism and criminality hiding in the secret space program, the real Gordian knot that needs to be fully unraveled and fully disclosed, not just drip, drip over many years, to protect the many criminals who have known about these advanced technologies for decades, and have kept them hidden from the rest of humanity, and now risk having some serious explaining to do for the hundreds of millions of people who have died unnecessarily of curable diseases, for the billions who have suffered unnecessarily, and for all the unnecessary crimes against our Mother Earth occurred during these decades, unless they find a way to blame it on someone else, after throwing them under the bus, or find a way to control the narrative that will cover their own criminal asses, so that they will manage disclosure in a way that will allow them to continue enjoying their trillions and quadrillions, instead of facing atrial for crimes against humanity, which could explain so much of the endless delays in seeing real changes happening, in my humble, or not so humble, opinion.

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