Mirror: Technocracy is Godless, Fascist, Wrong, & Satanic

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Alert reader from Europe adds this:

Science (and technology) is the religion of the Jacobins. They are godless people.  They cannot imagine a Republic where the laws protect those who love God and also those who don't.

>Also notice how the Interior Minister wants people ‘to write (it) on paper' that the law of the Republic is ‘superior' (supérieure in French means not only superior it also means above). So thou shalt write in France if you are a good citizen that: ‘the law of the Republic is ABOVE the law of God'. This is classic Maoist reeducation training.  Comes directly from the old torture manuals where you make people write down something as a sign of submission to the godless state. It's been done before. Next question for the minister should be if he plans reeducation camps any time soon.

No wonder Paris is not safe.  It has been a long way down from Saint Louis.

“We cannot discuss with people who refuse to write on paper that the law of the Republic is superior to the law of God”.

French Minister of Interior says “evangelicals are a very important problem”

Evangelical churches increasingly worried about unfair attacks of the government. “They should not throw suspicion on faith groups and believers”.

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THE STEELE REPORT on Monday 8 March 2021 will address:

  • Technocracy, Evangelicals, Funadementalism, & the Cult of Lucifer

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