Mongoose: Is Deep State Genociding Sheep Instead of Lions?

Cultural Intelligence

Alert Reader writes in:

The Deep State can succeed only if its depopulation blitz succeeds totally and quickly. Otherwise, it is committing self-destruction. Why?

Because a partial, clumsy genocide first eliminates those true believers
that the DS has hypnotized and dumbed down to be their core support.

As these knee jerk faithful become ill and fall, the DS loses its internal
structure, the mask wearing people urging everyone to get injected and providing public voices to the propaganda assault.

They are becoming victims of their own partial success.

Meanwhile, those who have taken the time to be informed on the genocide become stronger in their resistance. Darwin-style, they have adapted.

The herd is being culled of the ignorant and weak-minded, not reduced by over 90%. The DS sloppy mass murder campaign has also made them visible
to the masses who are beginning to hunt them down.

The global family they want to destroy down to a mere 500,000,000 is becoming stronger and more unified than ever against them. And the rot that was sapping the strength of humanity is being cut out, allowing the forces for good to come together to build a better world.


Phi Beta Iota: While we wish well for all, the sad idea that the Deep State might actually cutting the herd of the stupid first is quite charming.  All of our institutions have embedded evil and most — not all — of our elected and appointed officials — including chiefs of police but not most sheriffs — have made deals with the devil and been bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed. We are in a revolutionary state akin to the fall of the Roman Empire and its creation of the Catholic Church as a PSYOP; the difference is that this time the Internet has united the mentally fit in a way the Deep State cannot put down.

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