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Adams Why has your opinion of Mike Adams recently changed?

April What are the chances the presidential fraud is resolved by April like Juan mentioned and we force feed these sheeple the truth via EBS?

BLM Resistance Are they anticipating any significant fight from those who are on the side of the Biden administration, besides BLM, etc?

Bohemian Grove Saw a documentary about Bohemian Grove in which Clarence Thomas was in attendance along with Bush, Clinton, etc. Thoughts?

Cassidy – Juan
Since you’ve posted Kerry Cassidy’s scathing article yet are friends with Juan, it would be valuable to hear Juan’s response and your take as well

Charlie Ward Charlie Ward isn’t a Doctor, associates with Jack Kidd affiliated with CP, and promotes adults to look at his kid on tiktok. Comments and reactions?

China – Taiwan Under what circumstances and terms do you see a China-Taiwan reunification happening? Type of gov’t?

Concern How concerned are you and Juan O Savin that the military does not reinstate President Trump…are we headed this way? What about April 1?

CSPOA I joined CSPOA. Suggestions for us to organize at our county level. I’d hand out literature to introduce Pastors and others.

DC Can you confirm or deny Washington DC is shut down? Fulford says there is no president in DC, NY stock exchange, treasury, etc all vacant

Disclosure Why does Juan etc. think we aren’t ready for disclosure especially around Child/Human Trafficking. I agree with you & Bud. We are sophisticated enough

Elders Can you explain Chinese Elders I have heard you briefly mention them.

EOs and Fraud Given the fraudulent election (presidential and congress), will the current Executive Orders and Congressional legislation be overturned once they are removed or military steps in?

Flynn Is Gen Flynn part of the plan? From hearing him talk & looking at his Parler, I get the impression there is no plan

Germans Please direct me to a source that describes how we murdered 11 million germans after WW2. This genocide is shocking.

Gould What is your opinion of Russell Jay Gould? Is he part of Trump team?

Great Reset Is the Great Reset new feathers on the old bird – same shit? One set of masters for as new set of Masters?

Horton Please substantiate your claim that K. Horton is MI-5/6, or does NSA really not have it all and Bill B. married a spy and didn’t know it.

Insurance Any truth to Taking the vaccine voids life insurance payout if you die within one year of taking vaccine? Charlie Ward has referenced several times

Laws & Fraud If Biden is not the “real” President, how can the COVID Relief Act, authorizing stimulus payments be signed into law?

Medical Tyranny What do you know about any white hat plans of neutralizing pharma’s medical tyranny stance including timing and priority on hit list.

Military How many Generals are against Trump regaining office now despite the proved use of Hammer and Scorecard?

Military What is up with the “Military Stand Down” seeking to purge insurrectionists?

Motocycles Consider BACA motorcycle group to help. They have representation all over the Country. Their cause is to help victims of child abuse. Members strictly vetted.

NESARA What are Nesara Gesara? Disclosure alone will not suffice, we must do our inner work

Next Candidate
O.W. L. appeared in some of the Q posts. In his CPAC speech, Donald Trump said, :WHO,WHO, WHO, will be next candidate.”

Nuremberg Airlines and venues limiting to vaccinated only, unconstitutional? Why no lawsuits yet? Nuremburg says cannot do experiments on people, vaccines are experimental with little trials

Oath Enforcers Can you please promote Boots on the ground to activate patriots and organize them by State.

Option B How could option B, permit fraud/treason stand to be an option? Perhaps we the People are under estimated. Time for full disclosure.

Options Deep State is so entrenched we have two options: military or Patriots. Is there any help for California or are we to do it ourselves?

Pedo-Proof Even if you have all the pedo-proof how will you present it? Or will it be like having all of the election fraud proof and nobody to show it to

Pope So the Pope is Iran when it was reported he was on house arrest at his villa… wtf? That is some house arrest

Russell Have you read or reviewed any of Walter Russell’s writing? Watched Penny Keely interview. Very similiar observations.

Satanic Empire Just reading Chapter 27 of Pedophilia Empire. How can we totally remove the head of the hydra (the Rothschild cabal) if they control Israel’s nukes?

Schneider RE the Paul Schneider video – This interview was 25 years ago, he talked about malevolent aliens in tunnels, are they under control, have the good guys taken over mostly?

Soros Why did Trump not make Soros “most wanted #1” and why is nothing currently being mentioned about directly arresting his ass?

State Assemblies What are your thoughts on the American State Assemblies:Do you think this is a good way to resolve the US government issues?

Switzerland I saw photos of Trump in Switzerland this week getting off Air Force One and later Marine Force One. TRUE?? Meetings on Quantum

Talmud Is it only the Zionists who are brought up on the Talmud which is an evil document comprised of hate speech and promoting pedophilia?

Timing why are Savin, peterson etc appear to be extending the schedule for resolution beyond what is has been assumed. No resolution of election/fraud etc?

Trump With Trump telling people to take the vaccine, he is supporting genocide. The loss of lives and suffering to come is unacceptable

Truth Misinformation. Disinformation. The more I research the dumber I feel. I’m not alone in wishing disclosure happens soon. What is real at this point

Truth What is the most truthful news go to place for weather ect. other than political?

Will the public ever be told about the tunnels and what was done with children? Can they handle that?

UK UK – Do you know if there are people in UK or elsewhere working to remove our MPs and Cabinet?

Vaccine Why the FUCK is Trump and the military allowing people like the matriarch of my family to be injected with a killing machine???

Violence Will the 2nd Amendment Assault cause the Patriots to go kinetic ( I think so) or would this trigger the military to step in and end this farce?

White House Is there any significance of the White House lights being turned off?

Zion In your extensive reading have you run across “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed? Great insight?


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