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#UNRIG Caps. I need the cone head style #unrig hats!  I can’t wear the 3″ and I look far and wide for the tall ones!

Antarctica. Why was the cabal so interested in Antarctica a few years ago and will that become relevant in the near future? (disclosure, secret weapons, etc)

CBO. What do you think will happen to organizations like the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) after the implemention of Nesara?

ChildFund International. Is ChildFund International a worthy organization? I purchase products from a Wilmington, NC company, Green Compass, and they’ve partnered with ChildFund Inter’l.

China. While being anti Chiang Kai-Shek, aren’t you also very much against the world’s greatest mass murder and human rights-abuser, China’s Mao Zedong?

CIA. Will CIA finally be turned into a million pieces and stop the harassment of good honest people destroyed by microwave radiation harassment? Targeted Individuals

Confederate Descration. Liberals are now destroying Confederate soldier headstones in VA – How do we stop this?

Constitution / Tour. How can we help to restore the original Constitutional Republic? May I volunteer for your tour?

Corey Goode. What is your take on the Corey Goode story (off-planet)? I totally believe– and are you and Juan looking for an apprentice orhow2?

Deep State. Is there any tangible evidence that the DS criminals, after all the new revelations, are even concerned about their future ?

Economy. So if the US is really bankrupt – how have we been operating and sending out monies – payroll/stimulus/EO/ etc. – whether domestic and/or overseas?

Election Fraud. For JOS:Harris County utilized 24 hour drive-thru voting which is against Texas law. Does the Trump team have incontrovertible evidence of fraud in Harris County?

Election Reversal. Is there any truth to the rumor of a Military Sting??  Any chance the election will be reversed?

End the Drama. Any sign of this Wretlemania shit show being over soon?  What does the near death experience need to entail?

FBI Class Action. Why is there no class-action lawsuit by conservatives for FBI entrapment of peaceful protestors in the Capitol while Antifa thugs go free?

FBI. With your contacts who would I turn to to sue FB!? Permanently deleted for organizing people to take up Scott Bennett’s plan

FDA. Will the FDA be dismantled too and when?

Firing Squads. Your thoughts on firing squad for traitors brainwashing our military recruits, running our universities and damaging our planet , Big Pharma and GMOs & communists.

Flynn. I notice your tour is in Dallas the same week-end that Flynn and Powell are speaking at the God & Country Patriot Roundup. Will you be speaking there? Are you and Flynn on the same page?

Insurance. Is it true that those that die from vaccines will have their life ins policies denied b/c it hasn’t been certified which renders it experimental?

Juan Dinner Update. Hi Robert, Please provide an update from your most recent dinner with Juan. What has shifted from previous conversations?

Juan ET Views. What does Juan O Savin say about the dragon families and whether they actually are reptilians or some other hybrid race?

Juan on 1 April. Does Juan still say that Trump will be president by April 1?

Military. Even with awakening. Do you really feel that the citizens of the USA can handle military control when this all starts to happen?

Military. how would military explain election was stolen after 2+ months of doing nothing ? no sign of military action. Gov courts corrupt what now ?

Military. I may have missed this in earlier questions. If so please direct me to the answer. Why isn’t Military standing up to protection our Constitution?

Military. If military is in control, aren’t they allowing us to be attacked with Moderna, Pfizer vaccines?

MSM. The MSM has always been deceitful…witness the crocodile tears shed on air by CFR agent/icon “Uncle Walter” Cronkite on 11/22/1963 and 7/20/1969. Your take?

Near Death Experience. take the people to near-death? they respond they find out you took them when knowingly had been able to stop it prior what do you think happens then?

ODNI Report. What is your confidence level that the recently released ODNI report on election interference is accurate and free from bias?

Pantheism. Why do you promote pan•the•ism? – Ascension – Call it what it is: pan•the•ism păn′thē-ĭz″əm► A doctrine identifying the Deity with the universe and its phenomena. Belief in and worship of all gods.

PedoEmpire. Hello I was wondering why there’s videos regarding DJT and underage girl accusations on the other website pedoempire if you are in favor of him?

Q Failure. 98%+ Q predictions have failed. Dates just pushed back. Any prediction that came true?

Sheriffs. Pointers on how to approach our sheriff, questions to ask to vet him as a constitutional hopeful? Warning signs, indicators we should vote him out?

Stop the Steal Scam. Do you support the Stop The Steal Movement Returning?  I received an email this week asking for donations to get them going again

Taiwan. Do you not support Taiwan seeking independence from China (as the US did from the British Empire) regardless of how Taiwan was originally established?

Tour Meetings. Will we have an opportunity to meet you, perhaps shake your hand, and thank you personally for providing your valuable research material? I’m in a-RED-DOT-STOP

Trump at CPAC. During Trump’s CPAC speech, why did he enthusiastically take credit for fast-tracking a COVID vaccine, which we know is kick-starting a public health crisis?

Trump Return. Where exactly is Trump returning to, and in what capacity

Trump Vaccinations. Why is Donald Trump promoting vaccinations on Fox News today 3/17/2021 as a great benefit and recommending them to every American?

Unlearning / Healing. We are going to have to unlearn almost every single thing we have ever been taught. Healing will take decades IMO. What are your thoughts?

Zim Note. Are you aware or associated with the people regarding the funding of the zim note? I would like to know how credible they are?


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