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2018 Talk You gave a talk in 2018 to Democrats, It was excellent, would love to see that shared in more directions (cannot find it again)

3 Gorges Dam Has Juan or anyone given you any intel about 3 Gorges Dam collapse by white hats? Seems like it could kill millions of people

AF 1 Not Biden There is a guy that follows all military flights around the world called Monkeywerks and he says since election Biden’s plane is not called Air force One- comments?

Amazing Polly
Will the Amazing Miss Polly be on the National Tour?

American States Assembly Your view on The American States Assembly? Is this a valid and worthwhile initiative?

ARISE USA Volunteers Besides money (donated tonight)… Anyway I can volunteer or help out with the tour? Eastern Washington State. Surrounded by the blinded – WWG1WGA

Atlanta False Flag? Do you feel the ATL Spa shooting is another setup? (i.e., OK bombing, Vegas shooting) Is it being used as a cover for CCP?

Biden EOs

County Sheriffs for Big Cities I live in NYC police force NYPD. How do we obtain a county Sheriff Association? How for all big cities?

COVID-19 Legal Findings Why is no one talking about the judgment by The Human Rights Tribunal International case # HRTI-20200427-00008 concern the hoax COVID-19 & more?

Credible Communications Please give examples of credible communications whether they exist in newspapers, social media, tv news, etc.

CSPOA Want to introduce my sheriff to CSPOA before you arrive here. Do you have info I can use, assuming he (Democrat) knows nothing?

DS Military Courts Since several courts are now about to address election related issues, is this the DS thwarting the Military from taking charge and delaying Trump?

DUMBS Are there other Countries helping us clear and bomb the Dumbs around the world.

EIN Movies How are we going to able to see the movies you are producing

Election 2020 Italy What happened to the man arrested & tried in Italy for using the Italian satellite called Galileo to throw the US elections twice?

Election Fraud Data Why not show the Space Force data? Is something not right with it? If having this proof why is the election fraud not resolved?

Epoch Times
What do you know about this paper- The Epoch Times? Is it worth subscribing to also?

Faked Deaths So rumors say that faked deaths include both Political, Royal family with JFK Jr., Princess Di- Do we have a Hollywood faked death representative

Getty Tunnels
What is your opinion on Steven Kelley and Getty tunnels which he says contain thousands of people and artifacts. Says Trump/military is ignoring on purpose?

God versus AI/ET Seems with Your trust in God Almighty and the AI invasion and planetary occupation, that there is a division on thought. Please explain how you can support both

Gowdy Is Trey Gowdy a “white hat” or is he part of the Deep State?

Hope Porn Robert – this has truly become unbearable. When will the hope porn stop? Trump isn’t coming back. Time to face reality.

Jesus Positive Have you reviewed many books that bring a positive, Spiritual claim on Chris Jesus and the redemption plan?

John Deere Love ya’, man, but please stop bashing JD. What is your problem with the finest tractor company in the world? “Runs like a Deere”!

John Deere Your comments on John Deere was an eye opener. Can you please elaborate further on John Deere? I’m considering never buying their equipment again

John Deere Last week you referenced John Deere killing American farmers. I want to know more. Can you elaborate, or point me to articles.

Juan a Fraud? Basic internet search says that Juan is a fraud. Have you looked into his background?

Juan a Fraud?
A poster on Ghost Ezra went on a rant about Juan which led me to DuckDuckGo. Con man? Biggest psyops ever? Who is Juan O Savin?? Natl tour last hope

Juan Book in Bulk
Are you selling Kid at the Side of the Road in bulk?

Juan on Anti-White Indoctrination Speaking to Juan O Savin-any talks about reversal of the indoctrination system in use nationwide to denigrate whites ultimately leading to a race war?

Kay Griggs Is Kay Griggs still alive? So brave!!

Med Beds Can the Med beds eventually be used to help the people who have taken the vaccines? Will they be available worldwide?

Med Beds
If Med Beds are real, why do the hags, Clinton, Pelosi and Feinstein Still look like hags? They have access to any and all technology.

Military Dereliction Why hasn’t the military stopped the invasion of illegal aliens into our country?

Military Dereliction of Duty the constitution was broken military should or should have taken action at the very point of the election hack AS NO INNOCENTS SHOULDHAVETO SUFFERFURTHER

Open Source Agency Would the open-source intel agency you speak of be federal or private? Do you have financial backing for this or need investors? Semper Fi.

Patriots Network Would like to meet up with other patriots in the Knoxville, TN area. Is there a platform we can join to meet up?

Q Anons Someone said that QAnons were not associated with Q. What is the difference?

Suez Stuck Ship What’s your take on the ship stuck in the Suez?

Supreme Court Why has the Supreme Court refused to hear the cases that clearly show the fraud and cheating that allowed Biden to win?

Trump Return ETs Are the delays around Trump returning due to ET forces in plan (Annunaki)?

Trump Vaccine
How does trump explain and resolve the vaccine development, distribution, and advocating the use. Is this a trap? For the makers, CDC. etc.?

Trump Zionists Is Trump free from his connection to the ultra-Zionists, Adelson having financed him, and him having appointed Kushner as advisor? Ultra-Zionist lobbies disbanded? Kushner outed?

TSR Videos Will you grant us permission to post this video on Facebook to help get the word out?

UK Justice for Blair
When can we in the UK expect to see that monster/war criminal Tony Blair be arrested and shot by firing squad for all his crimes?

VA Northam What is going on in state of VA? Northam seems to be invisible

Vaccine Antidote Is there an antidote for the vaccine? I heard Gene Decode mention something about candy I thought he was referencing to an antidote

Vaccine Delayed Mortality Robert, 3-12 months is the delayed mortality for this vax Bioweapon culling… I cannot see any proof of intervention… If so how?

Washington DC What is going on in Washington?

Washington DC I read that some of the fencing and the barbed wire topping around the Capital are being taken down. Is there any significance in this?

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